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Watch Me, Brother Zetsu-sensei!!

Walking down the hallway that morning, young Tobi Uchiha had no idea what awaited him. The young teen, around fourteen, with messy black hair and wide brown eyes was in an extremely good mood that morning. Heck, he was in a good mood every morning! It seemed that Tobi's innocent outlook on life was what made everyone here adore him so much. Where was here you ask? Here was The Dawn Institution of Higher Learning for Young Males. Tobi had been so excited when he got accepted here about five months ago. The fellow students were so nice and the teachers were as well. Hm... Something just occurred to the small teenager. This school, it had a very small group of students. But the innocent young boy simply shook it off as being a selective program. Also, his mind persisted; the teachers (who were also small in number, six of them) always seemed so interested in how he was doing every morning. Tobi smiled and beamed, "Tobi's so lucky to go to a school where everyone cares so much!" He had just been thinking about visiting his favorite teacher when he heard something from around the corner. "Huh?" He quickly turned the corner, his curiosity growing and saw the door to the school greenhouse. "Maybe Sensei's here!" However, when he took a step closer to the door, he heard a muffled noise. It sounded a lot like... a moan. "But... This is Sensei's place." He whispered, "Who would be in here?" Without so much as thinking twice, Tobi looked around and opened the door.

In the greenhouse, the air was slightly warmer than the rest of the school thanks to all the plants. There were the chirpings and buzzing of random insects as expected in an area with so much foliage. However, what wasn't expected was that moaning sound that rang out throughout the room again. "Who..?" Tobi whispered, "Who could that be?" He took a few steps closer to where he thought the sound was originating from. Something inside of himself told him to go through the tree branches in front of him, so he did. When he did, those brown eyes widened even further and a gasp of shock tore itself from Tobi's throat. There, leaning on the railing of the balcony in the room, was Tobi's elder cousin, Itachi Uchiha. But that wasn't that weird. Behind the pale-skinned, long-haired teen was a much taller, elder man with piercing black eyes, ocean-blue hair and gill-like birth-marks on his face that made him seem all too shark-like. It was Brother Kisame-sensei, and Tobi had long gotten used to the man's unusual appearance. In fact, despite his looks, Kisame-sensei usually had a heart of gold, seeing him wasn't that strange. No, what shocked Tobi breathless was the fact that both Kisame and Itachi had their pants down, Itachi's cast away somewhere. Kisame-sensei had a disturbing hazy look in his eyes and a line of drool was actually escaping from his mouth while he looked down at Itachi. The brunette was clutching furiously at the rail, his face stained rose and his body sweating profusely. Kisame-sensei smirked right before he gave a thrust of his hips, which caused a loud moan to erupt from Itachi's throat.

"God, yes! Harder sensei, please!!" The weasel gasped. Kisame-sensei kissed the back of Itachi's neck before pulling back a bit. It was here that Tobi's eyes caught a glance at Kisame-sensei's huge, cock right before he plunged back into Itachi's reddening hole, the brunette screaming in ecstasy.

"But... But that's, that's Brother Kisame-sensei! And cousin Itachi!" Tobi could do nothing but watch the spectacle for a few more minutes until he heard Kisame-sensei grunt something to Itachi. The boy listened closely as the shark-like man grunted out,

"Oh... Itachi-kun... I'm about to..." Itachi's eyes snapped open and he did his best to turn around and protest,

"No!! Please, I need more, Kisame-sensei!" Kisame shook his head, catching Itachi's lips in a quick kiss before he stated,

"I can't. We both have regulations to live up to... you know?" Kisame-sensei then seemed to glance behind them for a second ad he chuckled breathily, "You can sense it too, right? That someone's watching us?" After a few more shaky thrusts, Kisame released deep into Itachi's willing body. The feeling of Kisame-sensei's hot seed coating his insides caused Itachi to release all over the railing with a long shout, staining the rails with sticky off-white liquid. They both waited for a second to catch their breaths before Kisame-sensei began to pull away from the slim brunette. Itachi shrieked back,

"NO! Don't take it out! Don't take it out!" Kisame pulled out and the sperm dripped out and over Itachi's legs and the floor; the sensation causing Itachi to collapse to the floor in an over-pleasured heap. Tobi had watched all of this in shocked silence but when Itachi looked over and stared Tobi straight in the eyes with a pleasured expression on his face, Tobi shrieked,

"EEWW!!", and ran out of the room.

When he was outside, Tobi had begun crying. He was so confused at what he saw. 'What was that just now?!' He screamed in his mind, 'What was Brother Kisame-sensei doing to cousin Itachi?!' The frightened little teen was running down the hallway but didn't notice that someone was actually there. In fact, he didn't notice that little fact until he had collided into someone. When fell on the ground, right on his bottom, Tobi sniffled, "Tobi's sorry. Tobi didn't see where he was..." A voice spoke up, causing Tobi to look up with watery-eyes. There, dusting himself off was another tall man with green hair, yellow eyes, and his skin was split in two halves: one white, one black.

"Tobi? Why are you so panicked?" Tobi looked at the caring face of the man that he knew so well and cried,

"Brother Zetsu-sensei!!!", then jumped into the man's arms and cried some more.


Later, in Zetsu-sensei's quarters, Tobi had just about wrapped up telling what he had seen. If he had been paying closer attention, the boy would have noticed the breathlessness in the man's voice as he spoke, "That's... That's unbelievable. Obscene, in fact!" Tobi shook his head and replied,

"But that's what Tobi saw! And Tobi's sure that it was Brother Kisame-sensei and Itachi!" Zetsu-sensei sighed and turned towards the window. He looked at the small teen in the corner of his yellow eyes, a slight blush raising as he did, and stated,

"You probably just had a nightmare of some strange sort. Come, I'll make you some hot chocolate and get you to your room for some rest. We'll..." The sound of feet planting themselves onto the floor caused Zetsu-sensei to jerk. "Tobi?" He asked. The black-haired boy shook his head but he began softly,

"Ever since Tobi came to the Dawn Institute he sensed something going on here." His thoughts went to others at the school and he said, "There must be something going on that Tobi doesn't know about. It happens to Brother Kisame-sensei and Itachi..." He flashed back to a moment where the two were enjoying tea sitting on the couch in the main hall, very close to each other. "Brother Sasori-sensei and Deidara..." He thought about when the red-haired teacher would give private art lessons to the long-haired blonde. "Sasuke-kun and Naruto." Tobi thought about his other cousin who seemed to have to do everything with the cute blonde at his side. "And even Brother Kakashi-sensei and Brother Iruka-sensei!" The silver-haired teacher would often be seen going into the brown-haired man's office and not coming out till hours later. Tobi looked at Zetsu-sensei and whined, "Even you too, Brother Zetsu-sensei. Also, Brother Kakuzu-sensei. Also..." Tobi sniffled. "You all get to drink that beautiful smelling tea!" Zetsu-sensei gulped deep in his throat. It was true; everyone who had been at this school drank the delicious tea that the school was known for. But when Tobi asked to try some, the others would change the subject or Zetsu-sensei would make the boy some hot chocolate. The green-haired man was put into even more distress when Tobi turned to him with tears in his eyes and pleaded, "Why can't Tobi drink tea like everyone else?"

"Tobi please, it's not what you..." Zetsu-sensei gasped when he felt Tobi's body against his own.

"Is..." Tobi choked out, "Is Tobi... not suitable enough for the Dawn Institute?"


"And I know that I have sinned way less than you, Brother Zetsu-sensei. And..."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!!" Zetsu-sensei's voice rang out through the room before the man viciously slapped the young teen. Tobi stood there, rubbing his stinging cheek. Zetsu's yellow eyes flared at the teen, his body trembling, as he tried his best to calmly address the boy. "How dare you insult a brother by reminding him of his sins?! You may be cute Tobi, but it doesn't give you the right to be selfish!" Tobi snapped out of his shock and he saw Zetsu fiddling with his black and white hands.


"I want to... protect you from this place, Tobi." Tobi's eyes widened in confusion. "Because I... I have grown attached... No, that's not it at all..."

"Zetsu-sensei?" It was a blur; Tobi didn't even know what had happened until he found himself connected to Zetsu by the lips. Taki's eyes glazed over in a sensation that he had no inkling about. His face warmed up, the blush that appeared created an adorable dusting of rose. When the small boy felt a wet muscle probe and then ruthlessly pass through his lips, he let out a small moan. The sound seemed to encourage Zetsu, his tongue exploring every inch of Tobi's mouth; wanting to taste everything he could before he pushed the boy to the floor yet the man still held onto the teen's arm. Tobi panted heavily, taking in sweet, necessary oxygen. 'Wha..? What just happened? It felt...' The small brunette was still in a daze so he didn't hear the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Tobi blinked out of his daze when he suddenly felt something very warm near his face. He gasped and stared as he realized that Zetsu had pulled his pants down, the teacher's stiff manhood twitching in front of his widened eyes.

"I can't..!" Zetsu-sensei gasped, "I can't hide it anymore! My feelings for you have reached their peak and I can't hold back!" Tobi was still too shocked to reply, his eyes were still locked onto that throbbing piece of flesh. And when the penis brushed against his hair, a clear sticky substance trailing its path, he gasped,

"Sensei..? What is this?" Zetsu had to hold back a moan from the sensations of the soft inky locks against his heated flesh. After a minute of this, Zetsu began,

"A long time ago, our founding headmaster found himself completely over-taken by lust. So, he summoned a succubic demon to satisfy his urges. As is their trade and their life-purpose, the succubus more than satisfied the headmaster. But when it came down to the succubus receiving payment, the headmaster refused. After a vicious bout of arguing over who was right, the headmaster banished the succubus back to hell. But, before she was sent back to the flaming brimstone, she cursed the tea-leaves, the roots, and even the soil around this institution. Yet, the worst thing is... the headmaster had the power to stop all of this but no, he killed himself when he found out. Thus, the curse stayed on, infecting everyone who partakes in the tea." Tobi felt Zetsu's hand fisting itself in his hair. Then, Zetsu-sensei was rubbing the tip of his erection against the boy's lips, spreading glossy pre-cum over the lush lips.

"Wait, what does that..?" Tobi wanted to ask about the 'curse' that Zetsu-sensei was speaking of but he was cut off by Zetsu shoving his cock into the boy's mouth. "Unmm!!" Tobi moaned around the shaft that was so unceremoniously stuck into his mouth. Zetsu begin panting heavily, his eyes taking on the hazy-look that Tobi had seen earlier in Kisame-sensei's eyes.

"Ahn, Tobi..." Zetsu began with a moan, "Unhh... This lust is the curse that comes with the first sip of the tea." He thrusted his hips again before stilling slightly. "When that tea enters one's mouth, they can't get rid of this burning desire..." His words trailed off with a breathy moan. "The reason that... that me and the others had been so secretive towards you, Tobi, is that we wanted to protect you from the curse. And I always had reason to fear... that..." Zetsu's movements were becoming jerky; he began to rub his hand over the part of his erection that he couldn't get into Tobi's mouth. "That if I felt the desire around you, my urges would force me to act on my feelings for you, Tobi." Tobi had given up on trying to protest against his elder. In fact, some strange part of his body welcomed the violation of his body. So when an adventurous Tobi let his tongue slip into the slit of Zetsu's erection, that was all it took. With a loud moan, Zetsu pulled out of Tobi's mouth and released his load all over Tobi's face. Once he was done, Zetsu blinked the lust from his eyes and actually looked at Tobi: the poor boy kneeling on the ground, his face dripping with his hot, sticky cum. Zetsu shoved his face into his hands and screamed, carefully watching Tobi through his fingers, "OH DEAR GOD!! What have I done?!! I've stained Tobi's innocence!!!" Tobi, meanwhile, looked at his hand and the cum that dripped from his face and onto it. The boy, curious, licked one of his fingers. And smiled. Tobi thought with a smile,

'Tobi can't believe that Zetsu-sensei shot so much...' Without so much as a warning, Tobi kneeled to the same level as Zetsu's penis and began to lick and suck the tip. Zetsu gasped,

"Tobi?! What are you doing?!" Tobi gave his bravest smile and stated,

"It's okay, Zetsu-sensei. Stain Tobi as much as you like." Lick. "If it's you Sensei, I don't really mind." Kiss. Zetsu's eyes widened, the yellow in his eyes shining. A gleeful smile grew on his face and he asked,

"R-Really?" Tobi nodded. And with that, Zetsu pushed Tobi to the floor and ruthlessly began ripping off the boy's clothes. He panted like a man possessed, saying, "Tobi's 'private-place'! Tobi's 'private-place'! I have to see it!!!" When the boy was completely nude, Zetsu ran his hands over that cute, palish frame. His black and white hands tweaked his nipples, causing Tobi to whine pleasurably. The man moved his hands to Tobi's waist and lifted the boy up. Zetsu licked his lips and ran his tongue up between Tobi's soft, fleshy cheeks.

"Zetsu-sensei..!" Tobi screamed. That feeling was way too foreign for Tobi's liking. Afterwards, he then cooed, almost in awe,

"Amazing... This place. This is the place that I've been fantasizing about touching." Zetsu spread the cheeks some, revealing Tobi's rosebud entrance. "I have dreamt so long about ramming my cock into your ass, Tobi!" With that, Zetsu wasted no time in laving his tongue around the small hole, trying to coax it into loosening up.

"Zetsu... Zetsu-sensei..." Tobi's protests... wait, were they protests? His voice was only being released in the form of whispers and pants of the name of the man above him. When he felt Zetsu's tongue pass through, however, he keened in the back of his throat. Whether he heard the noise or not, Zetsu kept on working his mouth on the small teen until he felt something with his tongue. His eyes narrowed and he pressed against it. "Zetsu!!" Tobi screamed, his hips bucking almost on their own accord. With that, Zetsu pulled away, a triumphant smirk on his face.

"It seems as though we can go on. Right Tobi?" Tobi looked up at this man. His teacher. His favorite sensei with hooded eyes. In a small voice, Tobi replied,

"Tobi's... Tobi's really nervous about this." Zetsu's smirk faltered a bit.

'Wait! This is Tobi! What am I doing?!'


"Hm?" Zetsu looked down at the boy, who now held a brave smile on his face.

"If Zetsu-sensei knows what he's doing, then Tobi's fine with whatever Zetsu-sensei wants to do." It was as quick as someone turning off a light, but after Tobi said those words, Zetsu's resolve broke damned near completely. Laying Tobi back down on the floor, Zetsu sat back on his heels and undressed himself completely. Tobi had but a second to look at the man's body. He was definantly stronger than Tobi but his body was lean rather than muscular. His height and the size of his manhood were the only things revealing about his age. Once Zetsu tossed his pants somewhere in the room, he turned back to Tobi and positioned himself between the boy's legs. A lecherous smirk appeared on Zetsu's face and he cooed,

"Your body looks so wanton, Tobi. You must really want this, huh?" Tobi opened eyes he hadn't been aware of closing and saw the look in Zetsu's eyes: a hazy yellow. Still a bit confused, he nodded. Zetsu chuckled, "I'm glad. You're so wet, Tobi-chan... Here..." He pressed his thumb into the tip of Tobi's arousal, receiving a heavy moan. "Here..." Moving down to Tobi's slickened entrance, Zetsu shoved two fingers inside and felt around a bit.

"Zetsu-sensei... That hurt..." Zetsu immediately pulled out his fingers, his voice portraying some worry.

"Sorry about that. But best of all, you're wet..." The man moved up and up and up until he was face to face with Tobi.

"Zetsu-sensei." Tobi whispered before raising his head slightly and connecting their lips in a kiss. During the sweet action, Zetsu decided to take action and line up his member with Tobi's entrance.

'Tobi...' He thought before gently easing the head of his erection inside the boy's body.

"Mrm..!" Tobi whimpered. Zetsu, in his lust-filled state, decided to just get on with it and shoved his whole cock into Tobi. "Zetsu!!" The boy screamed, arching off the floor. There were many sensations that Tobi's mind was racing with. It burned, slightly. It was harder than he thought it would be. He felt full, in every sense of the word. But most of all, Zetsu's moan of pleasure nearly overwhelmed his own. It was beautiful, Tobi thought. After a moment, Zetsu began thrusting in and out, at a pace that could be called almost feverish but it had at least a bit of control, lest the green-haired man hurt the little brunette. "Ah! Z-Zetsu! Ah!" Tobi moaned at certain time when Zetsu's thrusts hit that certain place inside of him.

"Tobi... God, you wouldn't believe how good you feel on the inside..." Zetsu groaned out. "You're hot like magma yet smooth like velvet..." Another thrust. "So tight..." Getting closer to Tobi's flushed and panting face, Zetsu whispered, "Ever since I first saw you Tobi, I've wanted to do this with you and only you."

"Zetsu-sensei!" Tobi yelped as another thrust hit him in that certain place.

"It was because you are so cute..." Another thrust. "Because you're so innocent..."

"Zetsu... Something's happening..." Tobi moaned as he felt a churning heat rise beneath his stomach.

"Because I care deeply for you, Tobi!" Zetsu groaned out with another thrust. Tobi grasped onto Zetsu's shoulders, tight, as he screamed out,

"ZETSU!!!", creamy spurts of cum rushing onto their stomachs. Tobi's body tightened up and spasmed so wonderfully around Zetsu's erection that he came right then and there, filling the youth with his seed.

"Tobi!" He called out as he emptied himself into the boy. When he was done, Zetsu pulled out his now-spent member and lay besides the boy. He let his eyes run over Tobi's body and they rested on Tobi's legs. He smirked and chuckled, "My semen's flowing out of Tobi. No one else's, just mine..." Before following Tobi's example and falling asleep.


Later on in the day, in Brother Zetsu-sensei's quarters, the man was huddled up in a corner of his room. He hadn't even managed to get dressed or clean himself up. He was sobbing painfully and rocking back and forth, even pulling at his hair in his fury. The reason? He sobbed out, "... I'm so sorry...! Tobi..! I'm so sorry... I.. I stained your innocence!!!" As the man was lamenting over the fact that he had tarnished a beautiful spirit such as the young teen, the door opened. "Who..?" Zetsu asked but trailed off in a gasp when he saw who was entering his room.

"Hi Brother Zetsu-sensei!" Tobi chimed as he walked in carrying a tray that held a pot of tea and two tea-cups. Zetsu's eyes widened as he asked,

"Tobi? What? I thought that..." Tobi sat next to Zetsu and began to pour out the contents of the tea-pot.

"Oh no, Zetsu-sensei! That was amazing! It was the first time that I've felt glad to be a students here!" Zetsu was shaking slightly at the revelation until he looked at what was in the cup. It was a deep, almost blood-red liquid. And the smell that came into the room was heaven-like.

"Tobi... It's the..."

"Mm-hm!" Tobi cheered. Brother Iruka-sensei finally gave me some. It's the Dawn Institute's Special Tea!" Tobi then drank from his own cup. Zestu watched on, completely baffled. But, that was much too tiresome to consider. Besides, the aroma of the tea was beckoning to him. So he drank his own glass, sighing from bliss at the taste. When they were finished, Tobi asked, a hazy look in his eyes, "So...Brother Zetsu-sensei?" He unbuttoned a few of the buttons on his own shirt. "Can we... play some more?"


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