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Four months later…

It was a sunny afternoon. The birds were singing outside beautifully and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. In The Dawn Institution of Higher Learning for Young Males it was also a good day. Everyone was in a good mood (probably because everyone had had a good night, eh? *nudge nudge, wink wink*) Everything was well and at peace.

Okay, not everything.


"Oh…" Tobi Uchiha sighed. The usually peppy and excited young boy was currently sitting at a table in the cafeteria of the Institute. He wasn't alone however, a man with deep red hair and copper eyes sat across from him, trying to cheer the boy up.

"Come now, Tobi-chan. You'll give yourself the most awful wrinkles." Brother Sasori-sensei cooed, not really knowing what else to say. Tobi just sighed again,

"Thanks for caring, Brother Sasori-sensei…" Just then, a warm, calm-natured voice called over,

"Tea-time!" The two at the table looked over and saw a man with chocolate-colored hair, caramel-toned skin and the most caring eyes that you would ever be lucky enough to come across. The man set a tray containing a tea-pot, two glasses, and a plate of lady-finger cookies. "You two enjoy, now." Tobi nodded and replied,

"Thanks Brother Iruka-sensei!"

"Anytime! Now, if you two will excuse me…" Iruka finished off his own cup of tea before calling into the hallway sweetly, "Kakashi? Where are you, love?" Seconds later, the silver-haired man rushed into the room, grabbed Iruka and ran off to the nearest confidential space, which just happened to be a hallway closet. Sasori chuckled as he drank his tea; the liquid running down his throat like velvet,

"I remember…" He began but stopped to swallow. "When Iruka first came to this school. Kakashi was so excited, like a child at Christmas." He stopped to eat one of the cookies on the plate. "Could hardly blame him though, Iruka has one fine body. I wouldn't mind staying after class for a little… private tutoring." The red-head ended with a purr. Tobi drank some tea before sighing, blushing slightly,

"Should you really be saying such things so loud, Brother Sasori-sensei?" Sasori chuckled and patted the boy's head.

"Sorry if I made you uneasy. It's just that of course we senseis talk about our gorgeous students and co-workers. If we're lucky enough, sometimes the semes feel generous and… well." Sasori looked at the small brunette and smirked, a hazy look growing in his eyes. "You can't just go one drinking one type of tea your whole life, can you?" Tobi gasped, his eyes growing wide.

"So…" He stopped, repressing a tear, "Brother Zetsu-sensei's… been with others?" Sasori flinched after he realized what he had just said. Clearing his throat, the man began,

"So Tobi, just what were you sighing about earlier?" Tobi was quiet for a moment, glancing down into his lap. "Well?"

"Tobi's just… Tobi really doesn't know what he's doing when Brother Zetsu-sensei wants to be intimate! I just lay back and let him do all the work but… What if he's getting bored with Tobi?!" Sasori blinked at the boy's worry. Then, subtly, he began to chuckle.

"Tobi. Is that what's been worrying you?" Tobi nodded,

"Of course! When two people are intimate, they both take part in it, right?" The brunette suddenly had a thought. "Brother Sasori-sensei?"


"When you and Deidara do it, who takes charge?" Sasori let that smirk grow on his face again, cooing,

"Tobi-chan… I didn't realize that you were such a voyeur. That's quite attractive, you know." Tobi blushed but continued,

"No… That's not what I meant. I mean, Deidara's taller than you so he's on top, right?" Sasori deadpanned at Tobi's statement, causing Tobi to worry. "Um… Brother Sasori-sensei? Did Tobi say something wrong?" Sasori sighed,

"No Tobi. It's your first time asking, so I'll let it slide. You see…" Sasori pushed his chair away from the table and opened his legs. "People have always gone by height with me. Always saying that I must still be in school, that I'm the uke, but let me tell you Tobi-chan…" He unzipped his pants and at that moment Tobi realized that a rumor that had been going around which stated that Sasori didn't wear anything underneath his pants was true. Sasori's thick cock sprung out as soon as the man released the zipper. "..If Dei-chan's little 'paintbrush' were as big as mine, maybe he could take the lead once in a while!" Tobi stared at Sasori's 'hidden surprise' for a long moment. That was, until there was a sniffling noise at the door. "Hm?" There in the door way was a very sad, tearful-looking long-haired blonde with cerulean eyes and a girlish figure. "Oh! Dei-chan, good morning, I..." Deidara interrupted, tears flowing from his eyes,

"Brother Sasori-sensei... Are you? Are you ch-cheating on me with Tobi-kun, un?" Sasori bit his lip, replying,

"Dei-chan, it isn't like tha..." Too late. Deidara ran out of the cafeteria hallway, crying his eyes out. "Damn it!" Sasori hissed, jumping up from the table and going towards the door. Abruptly, something grasped his arm. Looking down, the red-head saw that it was Tobi looking up at him with wide brown eyes.

"Tobi's so sorry, Brother Sasori-sensei..." Sasori shook his head,

"What the hell are you apologizing for? It's the one who ran off, Dei-chan, who's at fault here!!" When he got to the doorway, his fly still open, he yelled, "Honestly, he acts like I'm the Holy Ghost sometimes!", before running off after the blonde teen.

"I hope that Brother Sasori-sensei will be okay..." Tobi mused.

"Oh, he'll be just fine, Tobi-chan." A deep voice rumbled as the door opened. Tobi shivered in his seat. That voice: so deep and baritoned that it seemed nearly unnatural only belonged to one person. That man, a tall, broad-shouldered man with dark skin and a stitch that ran from his cheeks to his lips, coarse-looking, medium-length brown hair and emerald green eyes, walked in with Brother Kisame-sensei and Itachi. Tobi gulped before bowing slightly in his seat,

"Brother Kakuzu-sensei." Kisame chuckled and smiled,

"Honestly, Kakuzu, you need to stop being so scary! Look at poor Tobi-chan, huh?" Kakuzu simply scoffed, replying,

"I'm not scary, just intimidating." Tobi smiled nervously until he saw that in Kakuzu's hand was something that looked like a...

"Is that... a leash?" Kakuzu blinked a little, then he smiled, his green eyes growing hazy.

"Why, yes it is!" Kisame interjected,

"You guys have a new classmate today!", while Kakuzu tugged on the leash that disappeared behind the wall. Another tug and you could see what, nay, who was on the other end. It was a teenager with pale skin, magenta eyes, and slicked-back white hair. The student walked into the room, seemingly having trouble, with a scowl on his face. Itachi was the one who said,

"Tobi-kun, say hello to Hidan-kun!" Tobi stood up and chimed,

"Welcome to the school, Hidan-san!" The albino promptly answered,

"Fuck you!" Itachi and Tobi flinched. Kisame sighed, his eyes growing hazy,

"Sounds like this little kitty needs some proper training, Kakuzu." Kakuzu nodded and purred,

"You see, Itachi, Tobi, we had to hide a lot of things in order for Hidan to be admitted here. If you want proof..." Without a second's breath, Kakuzu tore Hidan's pants down to reveal an already dripping erection.

"Damn you..." Hidan growled, his face turning absolutely scarlet. Kakuzu pecked Hidan's cheek, growling back,

"Quiet now." Then Kakuzu lowered a hand to Hidan's ass, spreading the boy's legs with one of his own. "Look you two," Kakuzu started. Itachi and Tobi looked where Kakuzu was gesuring and saw what was gooing on. Tobi positively blushed at the sight of Kakuzu's fingers circling a round, white ball on Hidan's entrance. "He's so naughty, hiding these in here." Kakuzu rumbled before pulling the ball.

"AH! Stop it, you bastard!" Hidan yelled, biting his lips and clenching his fists at air. Kakuzu, of course, did no such thing and instead pulled until one black ball came out. Then another. "Oh Jashin! Make him stop!!" Then another. After the third, Hidan screamed out loud, not holding anything back (No one noticed that someone else had walked into the room). He came hard, his release staining the floor in sticky, white streams. After, he sank to the floor in a panting heap, trying to ignore the fact that there were others in the room. When Hidan dared to open his magenta eyes, he gasped. His cum had landed on the formerly shiny black dress-shoes of one, "Brother Zetsu-sensei!" Zetsu looked down at the teen, hazy yellow eyes shining in fury.

"Kakuzu." He began. "Your... Kitten, has gotten my shoes dirty." Kakuzu shook his head, saying,

"Hidan, Hidan, Hidan. Look what you've done! Might as well clean up the mess." With that, Kakuzu jerked the leash so that Hidan fell in front of Zetsu's feet. The albino teen winced at the pain but immediately began likcing his cum off of the brother's shoes. "By the way..." Kakuzu asked his brothers, "Does this room smell strange to you two?" Hidan looked up, wided-eyed and cum on his lips,

"I'm so sorry! Brother Zetsu-sensei! Brother Kisame-sensei! Brother Kakuzu-sensei!" The brunette teacher chuckled, bringing the used sex-toy to his mouth.

"It's more than alright, Hi-chan, I'm growing to adore your smell..." He licked at the toy. "And your taste. Well, I guess that I should take my Kitten to the restroom and show him how to use it properly. Good-bye brothers." The two teachers said their farewells to the two before Kisame wrapped his arms around Itachi's waist and growled.

"I fear that I may be in quite the predicament, Itachi-kun." The elder man rolled his hips against Itachi's backside. Upon feeling the hardening erection that was surely growing there, Itachi moaned out,

"I'm sure that... I could asisst you, sensei." Kisame chuckled before calling back,

"We will see you two later.", then the two were gone.

Once alone, Tobi sighed, a bit in awe at what had just happened, "Brother Kakuzu-sensei's so intense!" Zetsu nodded, slowly making his way over behind the brunette. Stealthily, he moved a hand up into the boy's shirt, making sure that he brushed against Tobi's nipples. "Zetsu-sensei?" Tobi whimpered, his eyes getting hazy. Zetsu leaned close to Tobi's ear and whispered,

"I heard from Sasori, you know? That you've been worried about me..." He pinched one of the hardening nipples, gaining a heavy moan from Tobi. "About us." Zetsu licked the shell of Tobi's ear before asking, "Am I asking too much of you Tobi? Is that it?" Tobi shook his head.

"No, that's not it in the least!"

"Then what?" Tobi sniffled.

"Tobi's just... Tobi's afraid that Zetsu isn't getting what he needs from Tobi and that maybe he wants more. BUt Tobi oesn't know about this type of thing, so..." Tobi trailed off, crying softly. Zetsu frowned.

"Tobi-chan." Tobi turned around and cried,

"Tobi just wants to make Zetsu-sensei feel good too!" Then, Zetsu-smiled.

"Is that what the problem is?" Tobi nodded. "Well then, I'm just going to have to teach you about that then." At that the older man kissed Tobi's lips.


The teacher and his student had made their way to Tobi's room. Once their, they wasted no time at all removing their clothing and locking their lips together in a passionate kiss. After a few minutes though, Tobi realized something. Zetsu wasn't kissing him with the same ferocity the green-haired man usually did. Tobi pulled away, brething out, "Sensei? What is it?" Zetsu simply smirked before laying down on the bed and stating,

"Tobi, you want to make sure that I feel good, right?" Tobi nodded slowly. "Then kiss me. You take control right now." Tobi gasped. Never in his time at the Institute, nay, anywhere had someone sked Tobi to take control of anything. Right then, it was like some strange force took over the small boy because his hazy eyes narrowed and he whispered seductively.

"Anything you say... Sensei..." Zetsu flinched at the change in voice, he rose his head and asked,

"Tobi?.." Before he was shoved back down. Zetsu looked up with wide yellow eyes before he found his lips covered by soft, pale ones. Tobi tried to remember what Zetsu had done to him in the form of kisses and used it on Zetsu, adding his own twists. Quite literally when he moved his tongue around his elders; sucking, tasting. "Mmm..." Zetsu moened deep in his throat. He was liking this side of Tobi so far, whatever it was. They still were attached by the lips when Zetsu felt something in between his legs. His whole body jerked when he felt Tobi's hand began to slowly stroke his hard member; fondling his balls, rubbing the shaft, tortuously slow before pressing a finger into the weeping sllit on the head. "Tobi! So good..." Zetsu gasped, ripping away from the pleasurable lip-lock. Tobi giggled at this but did not stop his actions on Zetsu's cock. He began to pump faster, rubbing the top everytime he reached. "Tobi..!" Zetsu groaned, bucking his hips up into his cherub's, no, his little imp's hand.

"Are you gonna cum, Sensei?" Tobi mewled before he lowered his head down to one of The green-haired man's nipples and exhaling softly. The rush of cool air and the attentions to his erection were getting to him. All he could do was release a deep moan. Tobi cocked his head, "What was that? I didn't quite get it.", before sucking on Zetsu's right nipple. Zetsu barked out,

"YES!", still rolling his hips into Tobi's hand.

"Yes what?" Tobi asked, then bit the bit of pebbled skin.

"GOING TO CUM!!!" Zetsu screamed out as he came, coating Tobi's hands in his sticky white fluids. Tobi stared with mock curiousity at his dripping hand. He groaned out,

"Tobi still can't believe how much cum you can shoot out, sensei.", then licked at some of it. Zetsu was catching his breath still. 'God,' he thought, 'I've had handjobs before but Tobi was just... Oh my...' In the little time that he had his thought, Tobi had turned himself around and was using one of his hands to spread his butt-cheeks so that Zetsu could see it. Zetsu gulped; seeing Tobi in such a position was arousing enough but watching on as Tobi's other hand, the cum-slickened one, circled fingers around the twitching hole... It was enough to get Zetsu hard again. "Sensei..." Tobi breathed out, pressing one finger in. "Mm... Sensei, do you want this?" He moaned out, thrusting the finger in and out before adding a second. Zetsu groaned,

"More than you'll ever know, Tobi-chan..." Tobi simply kept thrusting in his fingers, trying to find that spot that Zetsu would that always made him feel good. A bit more pushing and...

"Zetsu!" He cried, he had finally found it. Moaning and panting Tobi began to fuck himself on his fingers, always in the view of the green-haired teacher. Zetsu couldn't look away if he wanted to, his hazy yellow eyes were locked onto the show that was being so beautifully presented to him. Tobi had to slow down his actions, much to his displeasure, when the pleasure was threatening to undo him. He gulped down gasps of air before he finally turned and pleaded, eyes hooded and hazy. "Please Zetsu... Sensei... Fuck Tobi." Zetsu was undone by that look alone. In a fury of lust, Zetsu pulled Tobi around to face him, almost growling. When Tobi faced him, Zetsu locked lips with this imp, this cherub, his weakness, his sin. When they broke apart, both panting and their breaths mingling together.

"Tobi..." Zetsu growled out, "Sit on your sensei's dick. Now!" Tobi nodded and positioned himselfover Zetsu's dripping cock. Making sure to hold his hands to Zetsu's shoulder, Tobi began the descent down. "A-ah..." Zetsu groaned, slowly helping Tobi down. "So good, Tobi..." Tobi himself was moaning as he felt Zetsu's erection reaching deeper than usual due to the new position. The boy asked, the question coming out as a moan.

"Does this..." He keened from his throat when he was seated in Zetsu's lap finally. "Does this make you feel good, sensei?" Zetsu nodded and kissed Tobi's neck, murmuring,

"Nothing makes me feel better! Now," Zetsu groaned as he sat back against the headboard of the bed, "If you would please, get to riding your sensei, Tobi." Tobi nodded with a pleasured smile on his face. Then Tobi lifted himself up and then lowered his waist back down. They both moaned at this way of pleasure. Sometimes Tobi would keep up his original steady rhythm, other times He would twist to the side a bit to add a bit of surprise. And, of course, He reached beneath him to rub and fondle Zetsu's testucles as he rode the man. "Tobi-chan..." Zetsu groaned out, bucking back into the boy's heat, "I have to let you ride me more often, Tobi-chan." Tobi panted, looking at his sensei's obviously pleasured face. The pale boy smiled and replied,

"Tobi would like that sensei." There were a few more minutes of Tobi riding Zetsu's erection before the man pushed them both onto the bed and began thrusting in missionary-style. Tobi moaned out at the sudden position-change but Zetsu answered, biting the boy's neck as he did,

"Sorry Tobi. But I'm just too used to seeing you like this when you cum. Your adorable baby face contorted in pleasure as your body tries to handle the pleasure it's getting. Just so cute..." Those words and the strong thrusts into his small frame made Tobi yell out when his prostate was struck.

"Zetsu! T-Tobi's close!" Zetsu himself was close to releasing, so he wrapped a hand around Tobi's sobbing erection and began pumping. "Ah-ah! Zetsu! Ah! Ah!" Tobi cried out as the heat grew in his stomach and after a few more seconds of blissful torture and and cry of "ZETSU!" Tobi came on their stomachs and on Zetsu's hands.

"Fuck yes!" Zetsu growled, his thrusts becoming jerky as his release was rushing up. With the clenching of Tobi's muscles around his member, Zetsu came hard into Tobi's body. When he was done, he immediately pulled out, his seed dripping from the boy's hole. He rested himself on the boy's small chest and whispered, "Tobi, I..." He took a deep breath before stating, "I love you, Tobi." Tobi flinched a little before asking,


"I loved you ever since you first came into these walls and it wasn't just because of the tea. You are truly like an angel sent down from heaven to grace the halls of this building and the caverns of my heart. I do love you Tobi, I just have been too stupid to let you know it." Tobi's eyes were watering but, it was strange. He wasn't sad but his heart felt really full and it made him have to cry.

"Brother Zetsu-sensei..." He sniffled. "T-Tobi loves you too!" Tobi wrapped his thin arms around Zetsu's shoulders in a big hug.

The two stayed like that for quite a while, simply enjoying the closeness that came with being in love so deeply and so truly.


A month later...

When one visits The Dawn Institution of Higher Learning for Young Males, one will see that it is... different from other schools.

The scene scrolls to a beautifully decorated blue bathroom. In the center of it was a huge spa-like bathtub and in it Itachi was currently sitting on top of Kisame's lap, trying in vain to grab onto something while his ass was being plundered so harshly. At one particular thrust, Itachi screamed out and grasped onto Kisame's biceps. Calming down, Itachi glanced back at the blue-haired man and they both had the same thought. 'I wouldn't have it any other way.'

There are always happy voices to welcome you and to say 'Good Day'.

"Danna!" Deidara scremed as he was currently being fucked against Sasori's desk. The red-headed male simply chuckled and said,

"I told you I would get you back for that whole cafeteria incident, Dei-chan..." He pulled out a bit before thrusting back in. "I."





"So good!"

"Word." Sasori accenuated each thrust with a word. As he saw the blonde student currently in pure delirium beneath him, Sasori chuckled softly, "I wouldn't have it any other way."

The students are extremely polite. The strict education programs do have their results.

In his quarters, Brother Kakuzu-sensei was currently punishing his unruly albino student (who had earlier cursed out the brunette). So, here they were, Kakuzu as bare as the day of his birth, rock-hard cock standing at attention, and Hidan, equally naked but chained to the wall in front of the elder man. Kakuzu held in his hand a beautifully-crafted leather whip. The brunette sighed and, rubbing his erection, he asked, "So Hi-chan, do you apologize for you little outburst earlier this morning?" However, the brunette smirked; he knew what the answer would be. Sure enough, Hidan looked back a bit before smiling.

"Fuck no." Kakuzu was pleased, inwardly of course. Outwardly he shook his head,

"No Hidan, that's not it...", before he snapped his wrist and the whip snapped against Hidan's back, leaving a bloody mark and a moaning Hidan. Kakuzu let himself go at that moment, thinking between each impact, 'Wouldn't have it any other way.'

The teachers are kind too. Helping their students and fellow colleagues with whatever problem might come up.

Sasuke was running down the hallway, looking for the room of a certain chocolate-haired teacher. 'Come on, come on! Where is it?' Abruptly, he heard a deep moan and he smirked. Sasuke went to the door closest to him and swung it open. There, on his knees between the legs of Brother Kakashi-sensei, the elder's shaft in his mouth, was the very man that the navy-blunette was looking for. Kakashi glanced up and smiled, stating,

"Oh Sasuke-kun. What is it?" Sasuke had to tear his eyes from Iruka's work (especially since Sasuke and Naruto had been doing that same activity not too long ago and his cock was beginning to get hard again.) Sasuke shook his head to cleasr his thoughts. He stated,

"I came to ask Brother Iruka-sensei if he had any spare lube but he seems... occupied." Kakashi looked down at the brunette dolphin who was obviously enjoying himself, and smiled.

"Yes he is. Wouldn't have it any other way. But..." The silver-haired man turned slightly and picked up one of the bottles from the table by him and then tossed it over, chuckling, "Don't be too hard on him, Sasuke-kun!" Sasuke nodded and quickly ran back to the blonde that he had abandoned in a very arousing state. He was going to fuck the blonde's brains out and he wouldn't want things any other way.

And, yes, it is true that all the members of the Dawn Institute have the faces and personas of angels...

Tobi walked into Zetsu's quarters. "Zetsu-sensei?" The green-haired man was at his desk, working on some lesson plan when he heard his angel's voice.

"Yes Tobi-chan?" He turned with a smile. Tobi giggled and bounded over to the man and jumped onto his shoulders, cheering,

"Tobi loves you so much, Zetsu!" Zetsu laughed and turned slightly to kiss Tobi's cheek.

"I love you too, Tobi. So," Zetsu looked to Tobi, eyes gaining that hazy appearance. "Is there something that... you needed to do? We needed to do?" Tobi kissed Zetsu's lips for a moment befor ehe looked back and whispered,

"Maybe there is something..." Zetsu smirked and stated,

"I wouldn't have it any other way."

...Deep inside, their lusts and wildness truly shows.


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