Parasite Eve, Day After: Chapter One

Zander was a little confused to why he and his older partner Dalais were the ones stuck here cleaning up the human remains from when Eve and Aya fought at the Statue of Liberty. Why was he a dashing young man who basically had the body of a supermodel and pretty blue eyes with his sexy blond hair and his overly wise old partner the ones trapped here when they would be doing more good trying to restore order to the city. After all Zander Chase was a pretty boy type, and all this crusty human goo was getting on his new shoes. Wasn't it bad enough that his girlfriend of five years had left him...with their two year old son? of course not his life had to get worse by the day.

Not only was he cleaning up something that smelt a lot like rotting flesh but he was also afraid that Eve would emerge and set them both on fire before they had a chance. Knowing his luck she would be waiting for him to get closer and maybe trick or take over his mind and use him like some sort of...well he had to stop thinking now before his sad little mind when to a not so noble place.

Sweeping away the orange slim with a large street broom he complained to his Partner Dalais, "So why do we get the shit job and everyone else gets to run about town. Aya should be cleaning this, she made the mess."

"Sure, but Aya also saved the human race sooo...I think she earned the not cleaning it up part."

Zander shrugged going back to work and thinking of other things to complain about. Honestly there was no reason they were here other then the chief didn't like him for sleeping with his daughter. He could not help that girls were so attracted to him; maybe they should all just...stay away. Glancing over the surface of the goop he stepped forward getting closer to the statues head where it had fallen and where Eve had fallen.

He glanced back at his partner and then back at the statue jumping back as he saw something move. At first all he saw was a shoulder blade move and with one fast motion he held up the broom like a gun, slipped back on the melted human bodies and managed to scream in a girly tone, "Kill i..." His voice was cut short as he fell on his back into the smelly, sticky, human remains. "Oh my GOD, what the hell...seriously...what the hell...why me?"

He sat up feeling the slim all over his body and made a rather distasful look on his face. Slowly a woman's form lifted itself weakly out of the slim and then fell back down. The only thing Zander could manage to say was, "Holly shit she's naked....sweet"

Pulling off his jacket he could hear her choking and ran over not even thinking about the fact that this woman might still be controlled by Eve. Lifting her up he put the jacket on her shoulders and looked down at her normal brown eyes that separated her from Eve. With a smile on his face he stepped into hero mode and said to her, "No worries Miss. Pearce, your safe now."

She struggled to get up as if she had no energy left to live, her legs shaking as Zander helped her stand. As soon as she was on her feet again she stumbled forward falling back into the mess. At this point Zander didn't give a damn about being covered in the sick sticky crap so long as he could help her out. Gently he bent down sliding his arms under her legs and lifting up off the ground. As soon as she was in his arms her head fell back and she blacked out leaving Zander confused. His blue eyes trying not to focus just on her being naked and rather good looking, nasty and sticky but pretty damned cute.

His partner Dalais a man in his mid forties came running up behind him with gun drawn and aimed at Melissa's head. He was one of those cops who for his age was in pretty good shape, his chestnut hair graying along the sides, his honey brown eyes constant and stern like that good old fashioned father type of guy. His arms were tense as he kept his eyes on her his finger tempted to pull the trigger. After all that and she wasn't dead, that really seemed to piss him off a good amount. His sister had been one of her victims of the past days and nothing would have made him happier then to put a bullet in her head.

Zander asked him not quite sure how to react about the whole situation, "What do we do with her? Should we kill her or should we take her back to the station?"

Dalais put his gun away and brushed back some of her wet sticky locks away from her pale face, "So looks pretty worn out, good she has been through more hell then the rest of us, put her in the squad car lets take her to the station and have Aya decide what to do with her. I don't want to be the one to pull the trigger on her, we don't even know if she is a danger to us."

Zander looked back down at her serene face and shrugged lightly, "Sure as hell does not look dangerous."

Putting a hand on his shoulder he shook his head lightly and smiled a little, "Poor kid you're just young, she's a pretty young girl, they are always dangerous. Didn't Lily teach you that already?"

"To hell with Lily let's get her to the station."