Authors note prior to the actual chapters. When I posted this up at forums, things seemed a little confusing, so I'm going to give the same back-info at the start here that I did after I had posted the first chapter there.

I'm pretty much taking the origins of the Travelers, the true nature of Halla and the Territory's and changing them as needed for the story. The true origin and such didn't really seem as satisfactory to me, though they were certainly unique.

A little additional info is that the Travelers never once won a turning point. They always failed. Saint Dane had Nevva Winter working with him from the start to upset the balance even further. Otherwise most of the events still took place, they just botched the victory in the end, and Nevvas presence wasn't known until Quillan.

The other Travelers died off along the way until it was just Bobby at the end. This story picks up where Raven Rises massive flume consumes the helicopter with Bobby, Saint Dane, and Nevva.