It was kind of exhilarating the buzz Sam was receiving. They were at a party, and not just any party. It was a 'just for the fun of it' party thrown by Joshua Hill, known for his zany behavior and wacky raven hair. He was known best though, for throwing awesome parties. Sam and Carly had wanted to let loose tonight. Well, Sam did. Carly was forced into wanting to be a party animal that particular frosty Tuesday night. Sam's mother wasn't too bothered that Sam would be attending a crazy party, so long as she slept at Carly's that night, so that was the plan.

But, it's not as if Carly would have been easily allowed out that night, as her brother had refused to let her go. He made various comments on how he had thought Carly was still 11 years old and he couldn't remember her having a birthday. But that's where Sam's lock picking skills came in, and here they were at Josh's party, surrounded by other sixteen year olds grinding and drinking.

Sam had forced Carly to go and therefore, there would need to be a designated driver. A valid reason as to why Sam had to wait until Mrs. Benson had gone to work the nightshift at the nursery, then stormed into the apartment and dragged Freddie by the collar. As soon as they'd entered the party, Sam had headed for the food and drink table, wolfing down ham finger sandwiches and musing over the choice of alcohol that was consumed by the other under-aged delinquents. Carly had gone to make awkward conversation with a cute guy she had spotted and Freddie, well, Freddie sort of stood by the entrance, leant against the door with a bottle of J20 in his hand and just watched over everyone.

That is, until a stumbling Sam had took him by the wrist and pulled him to the drinks table. Slurring, she'd said, "Ease, man. Drink it up, techy." He hadn't really understood much of what she was saying, I'm sure she really hadn't understood herself, but as soon as she'd mentioned drink, he'd shook his head and tried to walk away. To Freddie, it seemed like everybody else at the party was completely and recklessly smashed and he knew if his mother was there, she'd for sure be screaming, and giving the "infected" kids, some kind of shots. And not the kind they'd drink.

But after Sam began repeatedly hitting him upside the head, he gave in and thought to himself that just one shot of tequila wouldn't hurt. And one became two, and two became three. And so on, before he knew it, he had the infuriating blonde headed cause to his alcoholic intake grinding up against him and in his intoxicated brain, it seemed like the most fun he'd had in…well, ever.

And that's where we are now. Yeah, it's kind of exhilarating the buzz Sam was receiving. She was dancing, no pressure on her shoulders from her mum, her teachers, Carly. Just dancing. Movement and swaying to the beat, and nothing could stop her. She knew Freddie was near, but she knew she was dancing with him when his hands rested on her swaying hips. And for some out of the ordinary reason, (she was rather drunk) she really couldn't have given a shit. She was just dancing. "Not bah forruh nub, ay?" She said. Or something close to that. "Thanks, Sammy," he had slurred back to her.

During, Carly Shay had drunk two and a half bottles of Whizz and was macking on Joshua Hill, the star of the party. His hands were tangled up in her raven locks and one of her hands were cupping his cheek the other in his back pocket. There was a battle of dominance occurring in Josh's mouth which Josh finally won and in a blur, they were falling onto a sofa and tangled up in each other even more so. She really hadn't drunk much, but then again she was a cheap date, and she knew it.

"Ay, where's Carlotta?" Sam grumbled as she did a 180, Freddie's hands readjusting themselves on Sam's hips, and her arms snaking around his neck, rubbing patterns into the nape of his neck. She felt the sudden need to kiss him, so she did. "I du-ungh," and he was interrupted by Sam's lips smashing into his. Freddie's lips were hot, and his mouth tasted like tequila and orange juice. Freddie didn't even hesitate on kissing back as he pulled her body closer to his. One of his hands rested on her lower back whilst the other one stayed on her hip, his thumb tracing circles on her lower stomach.

Sam had caught his lips in mid sentence and obviously used this to her advantage, shoving her tongue down his throat. Freddie gave up the battle as soon as it had begun and let her explore his mouth. Abruptly, Sam pulled away and shoved him off of her. "What am I doing?" She slurred again, then just as abruptly as she let go, she took Freddie quickly with her arms and kissed him again, before pulling away. "Mmm. Good," she said licking her own lips in anticipation before forgetting why she'd even pulled away at all and resuming straight back where they left off.

The night had gone on until it was morning and more people began to leave through the back doors, (when I say leave, I mean stagger, stumble or any other kind of walk that usually occurs under the influence of alcohol.) Until it was 2am and the only people left in sight were Sam and Freddie, passed out on Josh's couch. Sam's eyes flickered open slowly. "Ungh," she said then sat up, looking and Freddie then walking over to the drink table. It was empty. She walked into Josh's kitchen and mused through the drawers until she found a bottle of vodka and some red bull. She mixed it up in two glasses and carelessly left the alcohol on the counter before staggering back over to Freddie and nudging him with her foot and handing him the drink. Music was still blasting as Sam and Freddie drank.

They finished their drinks and set them on the floor. Sam scooted closer to him and he took her by the shoulders and pushed her back onto the couch, laying butterfly kissing up her exposed shoulder. She grabbed his hair and pulled his lips to hers. After pulling away, she rolled onto the floor and began making angels. Freddie joined her before he asked, "Where's Carls?" He gurgled.

"By the noises I 'ear updearz, I'm finkin' aar Carlotta gohh lucky," she yelled. Freddie chuckled and grabbed Sam's hand, pulling her up and walking out of Josh's house. "Where we off tuh?" He shut her up with a grab of her curly blonde hair and a forceful kiss before waiting for the bus. "What about yuhh ride, man?" She asked over-dramatically waving her arms drunkenly. He shrugged and as the night bus pulled up, they stumbled up the stairs with a disapproving look from the driver as Freddie showed his bus pass and so did Sam. They were the only ones on the bus and they crawled to the back. Sam began prodding Freddie's cheek and then she leant in to kiss it but he turned to her, chuckling low as he caught her by surprise.

Soon, they pulled up to their stop and got out, jumping back into the bitter cold air. "Don feel like S-summer," Sam shivered as her and Freddie ran for the entrance of Bushwell. He thought about giving her his jacket but that just wasn't the kind of thing Sam ate up and he was cold himself so he answered her with a shrug. They feigned sober as they nonchalantly walked passed a screaming Lewbert and took the elevator up to Freddie's floor.

Sam looked at Carly's door, then up at Freddie's face. His pupils were large and his lips looked shiny and inviting. She shrugged then grabbed Freddie's collar and pushed open his apartment door. That's where things changed. Sam could feel it in the intensity of the air but she chose to ignore it.

Freddie could feel it too. But he couldn't decide whether it was good, or whether it was bad so he decided to find out. He led Sam into his room by her cold hand and pushed her lightly onto his bed. She sat, unbuttoning her jeans and throwing them on the floor. He crawled sluggishly and attempted alluringly up his bed but to Sam it looked like she was about to deflower some sort of an Adonis as she willingly kissed him. And as her hands travelled southwards, she knew this night would not be as innocent as she had made out to Carly that it would be.

She was so fucking dead.