Sam was stood in the first hallway of the eighth floor of Bushwell Plaza, her eyes switching between two different doors. Should she knock on 8D and determine with Freddie whether or not they were an item or not or should she go and confess the bottled up secrets of the night of the party to her best friend. Or both. Yeah, both. She wanted to put off the first one, so she chose to complete the latter first of all.

She knocked on Carly's apartment door, planning to let it out. Spencer answered. "Me and Freddie ha--" Sam stopped abruptly, seeing that it was Spencer and forced down the growing blush. "I mean, uh, is Carly here?" Spencer looked at Sam suspiciously and she watched the gears turning in his head as he tried to decipher what exactly Sam was going to say. Spencer hated not knowing things.

"Yeah." Sam walked past Spencer and he went back into his bedroom after shutting the door.

"Carls! Carly! Carlotta!" Sam called up the stairs as she headed straight for the fridge. Mmm. A bucket of chicken to calm her nerves. She pulled it out and began chewing on the chicken until she heard footsteps, looked up at the stairs, and saw Carly coming down quickly. Her nerves returned. "There you are," Sam concluded."

"Here I are," Carly joked and joined Sam on the kitchen stools. "What up?"

"I know you know that me and Freddie know something you don't." Sam waited as Carly tried to decipher the sentence and when she did, she looked up and nodded casually. "And I know you want to know."

Carly nodded. "That I do." Sam was about to continue. "If you murdered someone and Freddie helped hide the body, I don't want to know details. The less I know, the better." Well that concluded to Sam the Carly watches way too much CSI. She was about to answer. "And if you raped somebody, I also don't want to know." Sam laughed on that last one. Her best friend was crazy.

"No, but I am ready to tell you."

"Ha. I knew you couldn't keep it from me." Sam informed Carly that she might want to hold onto to the counter. "Is it really that bad?" Sam nodded, then looked contemplative, shrugged, shook her head, thought, then nodded again. "Is that a yes or a no," Carly asked slightly confused.

"I don't know. Y-you know how you and Josh…did the deed at his party." Carly defended herself with the excuse that she was quite drunk. "You're telling me you don't like him?" Carly chewed on her lip. "I never said that," Carly replied shyly. Sam chuckled. Carly demanded her to continue. "Man, you can be so controlling," Sam exclaimed humourously.

"Well, uh." Sam took in a shaky breath. "I-I also…"

"You had sex with Josh?" Carly yelled angrily, pointing her finger.

"No. No. No. No."

This was it. Even though she'd convinced herself she couldn't do it, she was."I had sex with," Sam began chewing nervously on the chicken out of the bucket. "Fr-" Carly choked on her own breath before Sam could even finish speaking. Cary began coughing uncontrollably and she slid out of her seat, hunched over as she half-choked. Sam jumped off the stool and began patting Carly on the back. She grabbed a glass from the cupboard and hastily filled it with water and handed it to Carly who sipped at it. She was reminded of why she was coughing in the first place and spat the water back out over Sam's new Penny Tee. Sam groaned.

"Y-you and Freddie?" Carly yelled croakily. "And you didn't tell me the moment after, WHY?" Carly asked, still catching her breath. Sam looked away guiltily, scrunching her eyes closed. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea if this is how Carly was going to react. She grabbed a towel from Carly's kitchen draw and began scrubbing at her shirt with it.

"Well. First, you were really fucking hung-over." Carly blushed. "A-and I knew you would react like this."

"Were you sober?"

"No," Sam said calmly.

"And did you enjoy it?" Carly asked after a moment of shocked silence. She believed it more now that Sam had mentioned they were off their heads on alcohol because two enemies would not just sleep with each other in a spur of the moment kind of thing when sober. Wait.

"From what I remember, k-kinda. I guess." Sam was itching to go talk to Freddie and confirm the feelings she had for him and she hoped Carly was right in saying he returned those feelings. She felt like running into his apartment and kissing him, but Carly continued with the conversation.

"So, now what?" Carly began biting her nails, nervous for her friends. "You and Freddie. I know he likes you. I'm pretty sure you've had a massive change of heart over the past week and you like him back. What happens now? Or are you keeping something else from me?"

"Only the fact that I'm desperate to go talk to him right now."

Carly nodded feverishly. "Go. Go now." Sam put on a faux insulted face and then laughed, jumping out of the seat and walking across Carly's living room. She grabbed her scarf from hanging over the back of Carly's couch and put it on as she was too lazy to hold it and walked out, knocking on Freddie's door. She backed up a bit and whispered through Carly's door. "Stop looking through the peephole, Shay."

Sam stepped forward again, smiling as she heard Carly chuckle. Sam waited. She was about to knock again when the door opened and Mrs Benson walked out in her work uniform. "Hello Samantha, did you need something? I was just going to work."

"I just need to talk to Freddie. Do you mind?"

"Because I'm having a good day, and I really need to get to work right now, okay. But don't stay for too long," Mrs Benson wheeled her first aid kit into the main elevator and once she heard the doors close she pushed Freddie's door open further and closed it behind her. His bedroom was downstairs so she didn't have to make the effort of walking up the stairs. She crossed his living room to the first door on the left which read 'Fredward' and she could tell Mrs Benson must have gotten that done.

Sam knocked on the door. "Freddie," Sam said through the door. She heard a ten second period of just shuffling in the room before the door opened. Freddie stood their with bed-hair and his room fairly tidy behind him. Sam smiled and walked past Freddie and sat down on his bed.

"I'm here because I want to know if you like me."

Freddie was not too surprised about her bluntness and sat down next to her. "Would I have kissed you back if I didn't?" Sam chuckled lightly, chewing on the inside of her cheek as she looked at him. "You like me." Sam smiled as he spoke. "Right?" Sam nodded. "Good," Freddie sighed with relief.

"Would I have kissed you in the first place if I didn't?"

"Well, you said you kissed me to thank me, so I didn't think it meant anything but then you kissed me after the first bell and made me confused. And happy – don't get me wrong I was happy." Sam's hands were in her lap and Freddie had both hands on the bed. One to his right side and the left one behind Sam. Sam became conscious of this and looked up from her hands.

"Well, I do like you."

"And you want to be my girlfriend?" Freddie grinned.

"Maybe," Sam bit down on her lip, chewing it nervously. She felt her stomach flipping around maniacly. "Won't a few people be confused why we suddenly go from fighting to kissing?" Freddie's stomach fluttered at the thought of kissing Sam.

"Speaking of, did you talk to Wendy?" Freddie asked nervously, putting air quotes around 'talk.'

"Don't worry, I didn't threaten her. I told her we were drunk and asked politely if she could keep it between me and her. And you obviously. I guilted her into not telling – told her she was a great friend of mine and that I knew I could trust her. I did the sad smile thing I always do on Carly. Freddie nodded in understanding.

"So. Back to your proposition. I would enjoy possibly being your…girlfriend."

"You would, now?" Freddie asked faux suspiciously. "Cause I don't quite know whether I want to be your boyfriend." Freddie tried to contain his laughter but Sam could see right through him. She decided to toy with him. She raised her hand and placed it on his jaw, running her pointer finger under his chin and lifting his head, moving closer.

Freddie instantly let out a shaky breath. "You sure," Sam asked,

"Neehh, I think I do," Freddie said, connecting his lips to Sam's. She took his top lip between hers and was lowered back so her head was resting on his pillow. He had Galaxy Wars bed sheets but Sam was more concentrated on something else other than his choice of bed sheets. She was attacking his lips, and they were manoeuvring themselves, switching head positions to get the best angles. Freddie had an arm under Sam's back and the other holding her cheek.

Sam felt Freddie's tongue dart out quickly, wetting her bottom lip. She hastily parted her lips, letting Freddie explore her mouth. She sunk back into the pillow, dethatching their lips to catch her breath. Her breathing was erratic and her chest rose and fell quickly as she caught her breath back. "When does your mum work until?" Sam asked.

"Until the evening," Freddie replied. Sam grabbed her phone out of her pocket and left Freddie hanging whilst she texted Carly. Freddie and I are now in a relationship. I'm going to stay at his for today, okay? Sam chucked her phone onto Freddie bedside table and pulled him back down towards her.

It wasn't long until Freddie was shirtless and they were entering familiar territory. "Are we actually doing this, Sam?" Freddie asked once his shirt was discarded on the floor and he's somehow been flipped and straddled by his new girlfriend. Sam nodded. "This isn't even legal."

"Rules were made to be broken, and it isn't the first time." Sam stopped him talking with kisses to his shoulder and neck. Who was he to deny? He's been wanting this to happen again since the morning after. He pulled at the hem of her Penny Tee.

Sam's phone buzzed and she quickly read the new text.

Be careful, and keep the noise down.

Sam chuckled, but read the first part again. Ah. Now for the awkward question. "Do you have condoms?" Sam asked faux confidently and Freddie blushed slightly. "In my drawer. You asked me that last time," Freddie smiled cheekily. Sam reached into his drawer.

Freddie smiled softly up at Sam.

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