Summary: AU Season 2. Over the summer it comes out that Veronica is in fact Jake Kane's biological daughter. Unhappy, she files for emancipation, transfers to Pan High School and is living with Keith Mars. She is reluctantly tested and agrees to donate the bone marrow Jake needs. After the surgery she has difficulty breathing and before she passes out calls to Lilly. Veronica after getting out of the hospital is quiet and depressed. She moves in with Jake Kane and keeps busy with a lot of activities. Duncan asks her to talk to him about whatever is bothering her. Veronica meets with Logan and Duncan and tells them about seeing Lilly when she was unconscious in the hospital. She tells Logan she wants to be his friend but can't right now because she still loves him. Veronica at the father/daughter banquet reveals to everyone that she and Connor Larkin have been dating. It is apparent that they are close. Logan attends the performance of Veronica's play. At the after party, they talk and decide to be friends. Diana, Logan's girlfriend is unhappy as Logan and Veronica become closer. Veronica and Connor break up. Veronica dates Casey and meets his parents. Veronica tells Jake Kane she is going to the bachelor's charity auction. She buys Dick which shocked everyone. Veronica takes Dick on a day long date upsetting Madison. Diana upset that Logan has asked Veronica to be on the board of directors of the foundation he is planning on starting, tells Veronica to stay away from Logan. Meg overhears and tells Duncan who tells Logan...... Now on with the story....

Dick Cassablancas sits on his surfboard resting. It is a beautiful day. They have been surfing for a few hours. The rest of the guys are busy surfing. Dick looks over at his friend Logan who is sitting on his board a few feet away. Logan has been very quiet this morning. He goes surfing when he is upset and today even surfing has not brought out the usual smiles. Dick comments, "Great waves today."

Logan answers quietly, "Yeah."

Not knowing how to bring up the conversation he wants to, Dick starts with, "We should have invited Veronica."

Logan looks at Dick questioningly, "Why?"

Veronica is the only girl in the group who surfs but she is rarely invited. Today her half brother Duncan is not there either.

Dick shrugs and says, "Lots of reasons."

Frowning Logan asks, "Like what?"

Dick looks over to see Cassidy riding a wave all the way in. He says slowly, "Well she needs the practice…"

Logan smiles a little and agrees, "True."

Dick a little encouraged by Logan's half smile continues, "She's easy to look at."

Logan nods again but doesn't make a comment.

Dick goes on and adds a little tentatively, "She's fun to be with."

Logan nods slowly but his face is blank.

Both teenagers look around them at the waves going towards the shore, the sunbathers and families on the shore enjoying the warm day. Dick thinks about how angry Logan has been the last few days. He knows Madison has been blaming Veronica for Logan's breakup with Diana. She loudly accused Veronica of wanting Logan back now she the other rich guys dumped her.

Dick had made the mistake of telling Madison that Logan wasn't cheating. Madison had loudly told Dick that Veronica must be great in bed because now he was defending her.

Unfortunately Logan had been sitting at lunch and overheard her comment. He had very angrily told Madison that most every 09er guy had fucked her probably while she was supposed to be dating Dick. He had narrowed his gaze at her and warned her not to talk about Veronica again. There had been a stunned silence in the quad after Logan's pronouncement.

Madison and Diana had left the table in anger and Logan had drifted back into his own world obviously not caring whether Madison or Diana were upset with him or not. Dick had not gone after Madison. He was really thinking about breaking it off with her. She was hot and the queen of the 09ers. She could please a man in bed as well. But lately Dick had been growing tired of how she was always bitchy and only talked about herself.

Dick looked back over at Logan. Dick thinks about how unhappy Logan is. He takes a deep breath and says, "We should have invited Veronica today because you should be with her because you love her".

Logan starts and looks at Dick in surprise. He had not been expecting Dick to say that. Logan looks away at the ocean.

In for a penny, in for pound, Dick goes on, "You're both free now."

Logan frowns and says "Leave it alone Dick."

Dick continues, "Dude, you're not going to ever get over her."

Logan turns angry eyes to Dick and firmly, "Drop it!"

Dick puts up his hands in defense. He says mildly, "OK man. I've got to go anyways." He pauses and then with his voice full of reluctance says, "I have to pick Madison up for supper."

Logan looks back at the ocean without any further comment.

Dick tells Logan goodbye and picks a wave to ride in. Dick walks out of the water and heads to the spot where the guys have left their coolers and chairs. He packs up his things and carries it all to his truck. Dick efficiently puts his things in the back of the truck. Before he gets in the truck, he looks back at the ocean.

Logan is still sitting on the beach where he left him. Dick thinks for a few seconds and then he pulls out his phone and depresses a button. When the phone is answered he says, "Hey Man. I think Logan needs you." There is a pause and he adds, "Yeah. He's at our usual spot on the beach. Bye…"


Duncan walks up to Logan who is sitting on the sand looking at the ocean. He sees Logan is alone. He says, "I've been looking for you man."

Logan continues to look out at the ocean. He says quietly, "Well here I am."

Duncan sits down beside Logan and looks out at the ocean. The two best friends sit in silence.

Duncan finally asks, "How was the surfing?"

Logan continues to look at the waves. "Good."

Logan reaches over and opens his cooler. He pulls out another beer for himself and one for Duncan. He hands the beer to Duncan who accepts it. They both open their beers and take a drink.

Duncan glances sideways at Logan. He says, "So you and Diana are through?"

Logan looks down at his feet. He dangles his beer between his raised knees. He quietly answers, "Yeah."

Duncan continues to watch Logan. He comments, "Soooo you're not going to be groomed to be the next President of Neptune Motors?"

Logan snorts at Duncan's mention of Diana's plan for him to work with her father.

Duncan quietly says, "I'm sorry you guys broke up."

Logan looks at his best friend and comments bitterly, "It's OK. I guess having a girlfriend who trusts you is a myth or something."

Shaking his head Duncan immediately answers, "No. Meg's cool."

"Yeah. She was so nice to Veronica when you broke up with her." Logan comments sarcastically.

Duncan frowns a little and says, "That wasn't a good time for any of us."

Logan nods and says, "I know but even Princess Meg can get jealous at times."

Duncan is quiet while he thinks for a few seconds. He finally comments, "It's hard to trust." He adds, "Mom didn't trust Dad. It turns out she had a good reason though."

Agreeing Logan adds, "I know my Mom didn't trust Aaron and she had plenty of reasons not to."

Both young men sip their beer and look out at the ocean. Logan sighs and observes, "I guess I am just not the kind of person who anyone can trust."

Duncan thinks for a few seconds and says, "Maybe no one is. Dad knows what he did was wrong. He just couldn't stop himself."

Logan takes a large swallow of his beer and says, "I can't wait to leave Neptune."

Duncan looks over at Logan and sees how discouraged he is. Duncan says, "Our lives are so much better than last year Logan."

Logan looks disbelieving at his friend and says sarcastically, "Yeah so much better!"

Duncan lists off on his fingers as he talks, "Well this time last year my parents thought I killed Lilly; you just lost your Mom; your dad was still beating you; you and I weren't really friends anymore; Veronica was putting herself in danger all the time and she was up all night photographing cheating spouses to help her dad and everyone was treating her like….. well you know."

Agreeing Logan says, "Yeah."

"This year Lilly's killer is behind bars; Meg and I are dating; you and I are best friends again." Duncan points out.

Logan with obvious sincerity says, "It's been good having you back man."

Duncan continues, "Veronica is my sister and we are getting closer; my Dad is healthier; and Mom, Dad and Veronica are getting along better."

"That's been good for you." Logan agrees.

Turning to face his friend, Duncan says, "We are graduating high school now Logan. We lost Lilly but you, Veronica and I can move on together now. We made it through."

Logan briefly meets his friend's gaze. He sees his sincerity. Logan looks back out at the ocean and says quietly, "I don't know about that DK."

Duncan waits but Logan doesn't elaborate on his thoughts. Duncan observes, "I thought you and Veronica had become good friends again?"

Logan shrugs and says, "I guess not. She dropped our friendship just when I really needed her."

Duncan can see his friend is in pain. He sighs. This whole situation is so messed up. Both his sister and his best friend are really hurting. They are both scared and worried about testifying at the trial. They have both been through so much the last few years and he knows they are both desperately waiting to leave Neptune and get away from all the problems they have had here. He takes a sip of his beer and thinks about what he should say.

He finally decides to confront Logan. He starts, "Did you ever think that she put you first?"

Logan turns puzzled eyes to Duncan, "What do you mean?"

Duncan explains, "Veronica knows this trial is going to be hard for you. It is going to be hard to testify about …."

Duncan stops obviously uncomfortable. He looks at Logan and then continues, "Veronica was willing to back off like Diana told her so you could have Diana's support during the trial. SHe didn't want her friendship with you to jeopardize your relationship with Diana."

At Logan's frown, Duncan continues, "You've dated Diana a long time. It stands to reason that you might need Diana's support more than hers."

Logan eyes are dark and angry. He bites out, "Friends don't let anything come between them."

Logan looks back out at the ocean.

Duncan's voice is a little exasperated. Logan doesn't seem to understand what Veronica is going through. He says, "Don't you get it?"

Logan looks over at Duncan in surprise at his tone. Duncan continues, "Veronica is not looking forward to testifying. You know your... Aaron's lawyers are going to crucify her, don't you?"

Waving his arm with his words, Duncan continues, "She is going to have every detail of her life dragged through the newspapers and television. It is going to be really hard on her."

Logan looks over at Duncan. After he thinks for few seconds he nods.

Satisfied Logan is following what he is says, Duncan goes on, "Yet she gave up having your support so you could have Diana's support."

Logan is looking at Duncan in surprise.

Duncan continues firmly, "Veronica is getting threats from angry Aaron fans, the tabloids are talking about Lilly like she was a tramp and seduced Aaron. There are stories about how Lilly and Veronica were alike."

Logan frowns as he thinks about what Duncan is saying.

Duncan looks around and sees no one is near. He says, "The DA says the defense will probably bring up the rape, STD and Veronica's reputation at Neptune High."

Logan is visibly upset at the thought of what Aaron's high priced lawyers are going to try and get the jury to believe about Veronica.

Continuing Duncan says, "Dad says that Aaron's lawyers will probably bring up Veronica's slightly unorthodox methods of finding out who killed Lilly and try and make it look like she was making up her story to get attention."

Logan puts his head in his hands. Duncan goes on, "The defense is going to say I killed Lilly because of my epileptic fit. They are going to say you killed Lilly out of jealousy." He adds, "It is going to get really bad."

Logan looks at his friend and sees the worry and fear.

Duncan pauses and then he takes a deep breath. He says, "Look Logan, Diana was the one that made it so you can't have her support and Veronica's support. That was not Veronica's doing." He finishes, "Yet when Veronica had to choose between what might help her and what was best for you, she chose what she thought was best for you."

Duncan lets Logan think about what they have talked about. After a short time Duncan finishes by saying, "Those are the actions of a good friend, don't you think?"

Logan looks out at the ocean. He finishes off his beer and twirls the bottle in the sand as he thinks.

When he looks over at Duncan his eyes are calmer. He has a little smile on his face. He says, "Actually they are something else."

Logan smiles fully at Duncan. He ignores the puzzled expression on his friend's face and asks, "Is Veronica going to school tomorrow?"


Veronica walks out the doors of the school towards the parking lot. She is smiling at the animated story her friend Tiffany is telling her.

Tiffany has really enjoyed having Veronica as a friend. She has never met anyone like her. Veronica navigates through her very public life being friendly to everyone but getting close to no one. Yet with all the distractions in her life, Veronica not only copes, she succeeds. She is the top student in the school; plays varsity soccer and got a staring role in the school play.

Tiffany realized early that Veronica was very lonely and isolated. Most people will tell you Veronica is outgoing and fun. They will tell you stories of pranks she pulled, things she said and fun they had together. They will tell you how lucky she is to live in that big mansion, drive that great car and buy whatever she wants. They gossip about her dating movie stars, college guys and going to the country club.

Yes to most everyone Veronica is one lucky girl. Tiffany is not most everyone. She sees that Veronica doesn't really talk about herself at all. She quietly deflects the conversation if anyone asks about her past and as time has gone on, everyone has stopped asking. Tiffany sees that Veronica is very closed off and at times Tiffany can sense her deep unhappiness.

Tiffany knows that this is Veronica's last day of school because her father has become concerned about threats against her. She will be back only for her exams and graduation.

Veronica looks up from digging in her purse for her car keys and stops suddenly. Tiffany stops her story and looks to see what Veronica is looking at. Her eyes follow the direction Veronica is looking and Tiffany starts in surprise. Logan Echolls is leaning against Veronica's car. Tiffany has never met him but she would know him anywhere. His face has been on the tabloid covers many times. In fact his life has been chronicled in the papers and on TV.

Veronica getting over her surprise at seeing Logan in the Pan High parking lot, starts to walk towards her car. Tiffany walks with her.

When they get closer Tiffany feels her heart start to speed up. The tabloids have talked about how handsome Logan is, how wild he is and how the girls flock around him. The tabloids haven't done him justice. He is drop dead sexy and there is something about the way he is leaning on Veronica's car that is panther- like. He looks relaxed but he also looks like he could pounce at any second. Tiffany thinks it's the intensity of his eyes that makes your breath catch. His eyes are dark and watchful. Tiffany doesn't know what to think about him.

Logan stands up when Veronica gets close and his brown eyes are focused totally on her.

Veronica smiles at him and asks teasingly, "Logan, are you lost?"

Logan's deep brown eyes flash and he continues to stare at Veronica. He seems unaware of all the attention he is getting.

His voice is quiet as he answers, "I was."

Veronica frowns slightly and steps closer to Logan. She asks, "Is something wrong?"

Logan's eyes seem to darken and he continues to stare intently at Veronica. He steps closer to her. She tilts her head back and looks worriedly into his face.

Logan takes her face in both his hands and lowers his lips to hers and kisses her. It is a possessive kiss, claiming ownership and to 'hell with what anyone else thinks' type kiss.

Tiffany can see Veronica stiffen with shock and then her hands rise to rest on Logan's elbows. Her eyes close and Veronica leans into Logan. He turns his head slightly to deepen the kiss.

Tiffany looks around the parking lot and it seems as if everyone has stopped to view the couple. The paparazzi outside the school grounds are taking pictures.

Logan breaks the kiss and looks down at Veronica. She slowly opens her eyes and they stare at each other.

Logan drops his hands to take Veronica's elbows and pull her close to him. He says softly to Veronica, "I've tried to move on. I've tried to just be friends." He pauses and looks deeply into her eyes. He adds, "I can't do it anymore."

His gaze wanders over her face and then he looks into her eyes. His brown eyes are pools of emotion. "I'm ready to trust you. I need you. I love you."

Veronica's eyes widen and her mouth falls open slightly in shock. Neither of them seems to notice the crowd or Tiffany looking at them.

Veronica takes a jerky breath and says, "Oh god Logan! I love you so much."

She throws her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately. His arms immediately wrap around her; one around her tiny waist and one hand settles in her hair holding her head in place. He takes over and deepens the kiss.

Veronica's eyes close and her hands migrate up to settle in his hair. Logan drops the arm from the back of her head and wraps it around her back to pull her closer. He kisses his way to her ear where he whispers softly, "I'm all for continuing this except maybe in a more private locale and with fewer clothes."

Veronica tilts her head at him and smiles.

Logan looks up and seems to notice Tiffany for the first time. Veronica turns slightly and notices her friend looking at her in shock.

They look around and see all the other students and the paparazzi. Veronica shakes her head. She says ruefully, "I guess telling everyone about us won't be an issue this time."

Logan smiles wickedly at her commenting, "Especially after they saw you jump me."

Veronica smiles up at him and says a little indignantly, "You so kissed me first."

Veronica pulls out of Logan's arms. She tilts her head, looks up at him and says, "This time Logan I have two fathers and three brothers."

Logan groans theatrically then looks intently at Veronica. His brown eyes darken as he says softly, "So worth it!"

Their gazes meet and it seems as if they are communicating without words. After a few moments, Veronica takes his hand and pulls him towards her friend.

Veronica looks at Logan, "Logan, I would like you meet my friend Tiffany Jones."

She turns towards Tiffany completing the introduction, "Tiffany this is Logan Echolls."

Logan smiles a little and nods at her. Tiffany smiles tentatively at Logan and then looks at Veronica. She looks happy and Tiffany can see the adoration in her eyes as she looks at Logan.

Logan looks down at Veronica and his eyes soften. He says softly, "Let's get out of here Ronnie... "

He puts his arm around Veronica and begins to guide her to his Xterra.

Veronica stops him, "I am supposed to drive Tiffany home."

Logan says, "Let her take your car and we will meet her later. I think we need to talk." He smiles at Veronica.

Veronica returns his smile and then digs in her purse to get her keys. She walks over and hands the keys to Tiffany and says, "I will call you later. OK?"

Tiffany takes the keys and smiles at Veronica. She agrees, "Later"

Veronica takes the hand Logan offers and they head over to his car. He opens the door for her and then runs around and gets in the driver's side. He starts the engine and then reverses the car and they leave the parking lot.

Tiffany unlocks Veronica's car. She feels a small ache in her chest. The same ache you feel at the end of a romantic movie when the two leads find each other and go off together. It was hard not to miss the intense emotions between Veronica and Logan. A lot of things about Veronica make more sense now like how she didn't date anyone at Pan High and how she didn't talk about dating Connor or Casey. Tiffany looks at the paparazzi getting in their vehicles to follow Logan and Veronica. She wonders if Logan can take away the sadness Veronica always carried underneath the surface. Maybe this is that happy ending…....Tiffany smiles and gets in the car.


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