Ah, my first long KH story. The inspiration for this came from the Deviantart artists ladychimera and nire-chan and their silly KH comics. Now, having said that, I don't want you guys to think I totally bummed things from them, lol! The idea for silly nicknames was inspired by them and it also helped me to be able to write such serious characters in a crazy way! Props to 'em!

Also, a friend of mine wanted me to go back to writing the same way I did when I first started out (*thinks of the old Inuyasha stories and shudders*). But…considering this actually earned their approval and I liked it myself, I'll continue on with this story! Hope you guys enjoy it!

EDIT 3-7-10: This story is of course finished now, but I might want to warn you that Saix' personality in this first chapter is pretty…awkward. Forgive me, since my first chapter of nearly all my stories have more OOC-ness than even I can stand. He'll straighten out later though, so don't let this discourage you!

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Xemnas + His Brainstorming = A Headache for Saix

"Saix, I need your help with something," Xemnas said to him one day at breakfast. Saix put down his bagel and set aside his newspaper to give him a dull look.

"Yes? What is it this time?" he said, letting the barest hints of sarcasm seep through his voice.

If Xemnas detected it, he ignored it. "I think I want to get together a group of like-minded people, a group of…Nobodies, as we've been called. Together, I'm sure we can come up with a way to become…um, Somebody's, or…something like that."

"I see," Saix said, picking up the paper again and continuing his reading.

"I'm serious!" Xemnas shouted. "Think about it! To have a heart! To care! To love! To feel passion and emotions! Isn't that the point of being human?"

Funny, I don't need a heart to know I made a mistake when I became your roommate, Saix thought. "Look, that all sounds great and lovely but c'mon. Do you really believe there is a way to become a whole person again? Trying to make something out of nothing? Leave it be."

Xemnas's eyes grew wide and when Saix looked up, it seemed as though he were trying to give him…puppy eyes?! Large golden orbs filled with tears blinked at him. "You…you think…we should remain Nobodies?" he whimpered.

Oh no. "Well…we are what we are. It can't be helped," Saix said, trying to shrug off the effect the man's eyes were having. Damnit, he hated when Xemnas got like this! It was only a matter of time before he caved. It was how he ended up agreeing to share an apartment with the man. And the unfortunate thing about living with a person who lived off their random whims was that their ideas rarely paid any bills!

"But…Saix…" Oh gods, he'd just said his name…in that whimpering voice. No…must…resist…

Aw, to hell with it!

Saix ran to him like a little child and hugged him. "It's okay, Xemmy! We'll try out your idea! In fact, why didn't I think of it?"

"Thank you, Saix!" Xemnas squealed and squeezed the man back so hard that Saix's face started to turn as blue as his hair.

Somewhere in the continuous snuggle-fest they were having, Saix had the impression that he'd soon regret that he agreed to another one of his ideas.

- - -

"Okay, the plan has been set in motion!" Xemnas said to him a few days later.

"Dare I ask what you mean by that?" Saix muttered.

"Oh, don't sound so droll, my good sir! I've been out promoting our new group!" Xemnas shouted, twirling gaily around the room with eyes now full of hopeful stars.

Drama queen much?

"And do tell me, oh brilliant one, how exactly have you been promoting?" Saix asked.

Xemnas stopped his twirling for a moment and put a finger to his mouth in thought. "Well…I made some flyers and passed them out. I put them up in every store I came to as well. I even interrupted poetry night at Starbucks to make an announcement about it. But I did it in a cool, poetic way, so it fit right in."

Saix blinked. Xemnas and poetry? Well, he was dramatic…wouldn't be too much of a stretch to start rhyming as well. "Alright. What did the flyers say?"

"Here, let me show you one."

Saix took the paper he handed him. On a bright orange sheet he read:

Needed: Nobodies

Looking for heartless individuals interested in finding their hearts. Actual Heartless are not included.

No previous work experience needed, although if you are skilled with manipulating the elements or have weaponry training, that would be better.

Meeting to be held at: (theirhome address was listed, along with that day's date)

Time: 4:00 PM

Food and refreshments provided.

Saix face-palmed. "Let me get this straight. You're inviting an unspecified amount of strangers into our home? People that are coming totally off the streets, ones you've never met before and have no heart meaning no conscious and could possibly be murderers or something?"

Xemnas gave a chuckle. "I guess I never thought of it like that, heh-heh."

Great. We're fucking screwed. Saix shook his head in disbelief.

"Aw, Saix, don't look so down!" Xemnas said, again hugging his friend close to him. "Hey, I wield the power of nothingness! I have control over all! I'm not gonna let a single person lay a finger on you!"

I'm not the one you should be worried about, Saix grumbled. You and your stupidity are what's in danger. He looked at his watch. It was already 3:30. Then something occurred to him. "There's not a single item of refreshment in this house. Shouldn't you be out shopping or something?"

"Oh, they'll be alright," Xemnas said, tidying up the living room. "Besides, it's their first test. Let's see who came for the food and who's here because they actually want to help my plan come to fruition."

Holy snaps, that actually sounded half intelligent.

"Oh, and Saix, would you please use a coaster when you drink in here? You'll leave water stains otherwise."

The blue-haired man gritted his teeth. Oh yes, he definitely need his own place.

A little after four, the guests started trudging through the door. Putting on his best host face, Xemnas brightly greeted everyone as they came in. Saix on the other hand tried to remain as invisible as he could be as he sat in a distant armchair.

He stared at the people as they made themselves comfortable on the seats. Some of these people weren't even human! What the fuck was that thing in the green?! Was that a rat?!

After the last person had rushed in—some weird, bright red-headed guy that looked like a porcupine on fire—Xemnas shut the door and addressed everyone there. "Welcome to my humble abode! I hope everyone is comfy. Okay, getting to business, I'd like to discuss the finer points of my plan with you—" His talking was cut off as someone raised their hand. "Um, yes?"

"Ish there gonna bwee any fwood?" The person asked. This was another oddity that Saix had noticed. It was a speaking duck.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that," Xemnas said.

"I said, ish there gonna bwee any fwood?" The duck repeated, getting a bit belligerent.

"Sir, I'm going to have to ask that you spit out whatever it is that's in your mouth," Xemnas told him.

"Aw, fwooey!" The duck spat and got up, waddling out of the apartment and mumbling to himself as he went. The rat-looking thing got up with him.

Oh wait, that was a dog. Saix's mistake.

"Er, alrightie then," Xemnas said. "Okay, first order of business, are there any Heartless here?"

Everyone raised their hands.

Xemnas groaned, then scrutinized the crowd. "You there, the ant thing. I think you're a classic Heartless."

The small creature said nothing, but stared at him with wide bug-eyes. Was it really possible this thing had read his flyer?

"I said in my notice that I wasn't looking for ordinary Heartless. Do you have any special powers?" Xemnas asked.

The creature immediately sunk into the ground and began moving, like a portable puddle. It came up short next to Xemnas and then solidified into its normal self again.

"Yes, that's nothing new. Nearly all normal Heartless can do that. Do you have any other special skills?"

The thing seemed to ponder his question for a moment, then reached out a clawed hand and scratched his pants. It barely tore the fabric.

Xemnas frowned. "Get out."

The Heartless sunk into a puddle again and swiftly slid under the front door.

"Okay, any other normal Heartless here?" The rest of the room looked at each other and shrugged, mumbling amongst themselves.

"Alright, now I can continue. It has come to my attention that we, Nobodies, were once, um…Somebody or something like that. We too deserve to have a heart. I can barely hold a job because I'm seen as being too…heartless!" Xemnas did a dramatic swooning motion and Saix sunk lower in his seat, trying to cover himself up with another newspaper. No, that's why you can't hold a job, he mentally corrected.

The silver-haired man recovered and went on. "Legends foretell of a mystical force called Kingdom Hearts that has the power to give men unlimited power. I believe this power is the key to our becoming whole again, but still separate from the people we were in our past lives. So, are you with me?"

Another person raised their hand, a guy with hair as pink as Naruto's Sakura. "Uh, yeah. So you're asking us to dedicate our time and energy to finding a fairy-tale power that only might make us whole again?"

Xemnas fidgeted. "Well, uh, you see…"

"That's what I'm talkin' about! Sign me up!" The guy shouted. Everyone else joined him, nodding enthusiastically.

Xemnas's eyes brightened, filling with tears. "Oh goody! I even have our group name picked out! How's Organization XIII sound?"

Suddenly the room fell silent. Soft coughs could be heard in the quietness.

Another person raised their hand, some blondish young guy. "Hey, there's over thirteen of us here. And we're not going to vote on the name?"

Oh, a wisecrack, Saix snickered from behind his paper.

"No, we're not voting on the name," Xemnas said. "My club, er, group, so it's my title. And screw it; we'll wing it with the name no matter how many members we have. Alright, another order of business. I've also taken it upon myself to design our outfits. Voila!"

Grabbing his clothes, he ripped them off of him to reveal a floor length leather cloak of some sort. Saix actually blinked in shock. How in the hell was it physically possible to hide that outfit under his normal clothes?!

"This here will be the usual attire for the Organization," Xemnas said. "Everyone will pitch in for the fabric; I know an excellent seamstress that makes the most dashing attires!"

He's going gay again…Saix rolled his eyes.

"So, I suppose the next thing we should do is introduce ourselves. Forgive my rudeness for not having said this earlier. I'm Xemnas, your lord, master, and leader of the Org. Over there in the corner, hiding behind that newspaper, is my right-hand man, Saix."

Being put on the spot so suddenly, Saix for a moment clutched his paper in fear. Very slowly he lowered it just enough for his eyes to be shown, gave a small wave, and immediately erected the barrier back up again.

The blonde guy stood up first. "The name's Demyx. I'm a water bender."

Two young children in the crowd snickered at the Avatar reference. The blonde went on.

"I'm also pretty skilled with my sitar and I'm not afraid to kick ass and take names with it." He directed this last part to the two children.

After sitting down, a burly man stood up. Ugh, what was with all that hair on his face?! "I go by the name Xaldin," he said. Then he did a flashy move with a long blue lance, bowed, and sat back down again.

"Er, right…next?" Xemnas said.

A blonde woman stood up. "Heh, looks like I'm the only woman here," she said, flipping her hair in a prissy way.

"I'm a girl too," one of the children said defiantly.

The woman stared at her for a moment. "I'm the only woman here," she repeated. "And the name's Larxene. Mess with me and I'll cut all your dicks off," she said, casually tossing a knife in the air. The last time she did this, she looked up and gave the room an evil grin.

Someone needs to get laid, Saix threw in from his hidden spot.

Next person to go was a bluish-haired person. Standing up and not looking at anything in particular, he said, "Zexion," in a very bored voice, and then sat back down again. No weaponry introduction or anything.

Cliché emo. (I believe we've established that basically all thoughts belong to Saix, eh?)

A few other people introduced themselves in quick succinct. A short-haired redhead with harsh features named Lexaeus (All brawns and absolutely no brains) a long-haired blonde named Vexen (My gods that is the most strained smile I have ever seen on someone!), some guy with a patch over his eye named Xigbar (Arrgh!), an older blonde man named Luxord (Total hustler and player) and the pink-haired guy who went by the name Marluxia (Gender confused).

The last three people were the spiky redhead head and the kids. The redhead stood up first. "The name's Axel, got it memorized?"

"Axel was it?" Xemnas said. Axel gave him a scornful look. "Do continue; tell us a bit about yourself."

"I was going to, if you'd just shut up," Axel muttered quietly. Out loud he said, "I use the ancient weapon first created in India called chakrams, although mine…well, they're quite different, ha ha," He laughed at his own joke. "And I have the ever-popular power of fire. Up for a barbeque anyone?"

The room was silent for a moment until a quiet "Booo!" from behind Saix's newspaper could be heard. The porcupine sat down, looking a bit put out.

Heh…fire…put out…heh-heh…

The last two people, the children, stood together. "I'm Roxas," the boy said. "And I'm Xion," the girl introduced herself.

"And we're the Wonder Twins!" Demyx shouted out.

The two ignored him. "We both have the power of, um…Keyblades…" Roxas said. "And we, uh, defeat Heartless with them…and stuff…"

"You sound like an old friend of mine," said another person suddenly. In the deepest corner of the room, everyone had failed to notice the last individual. A silver-haired boy looked over at the two standing children with the tiniest flair of life in his eyes. "I had a friend that spoke like you. Somewhat looked like you too. Oh, the name's Riku by the way." He lifted only one finger in greeting, then fell silent. His eyes lost what little spark was in them.

"O-kay then…" Xemnas said. "Well, wasn't today progressive! We'll meet again next week at the same time. Saix, would you pass around a sheet of paper and a pen for everyone to write their contact info on?"

Saix threw down his newspaper and leveled him with the fiercest glare he could manage. "What?! No, you're closer."

"Aw, Saixy! Pleeeeeeeeeeease?"

"No. And don't call me that degrading name."

"I always call you Saixy!"

"Pfft, to hell you do! And it sounds too close to sexy."

"Well, I suppose you're that too."

Saix shot out of his chair so fast that it fell over behind him. "Where do we keep the damn paper and pens?" He growled. Xemnas beamed at him.

And thus was the first meeting of the so-called Organization 13 which actually had 15 members. As Saix sent the supplies around to each member, he was dismayed that so many had bought into Xemnas's half-baked plan. No telling how long this idea would span out.

And yet again it didn't involve paying a single damn bill! Saix honestly wanted to cry from the unfairness of it all.

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