Notes: Honestly? This drabble makes no fucking sense to me.

Grammar mistakes are intentional.

Oh yeah, and Hinata is the one waiting for Neji. Although, since I used no names here, it can really be a fic about anyone, if you want.

I don't own shit.


I'm standing here now, ankle deep

Ankle deep in this pool

No, this lake

No, this ocean.

I'm standing here ankle deep in this vast, endless ocean, next to the worn out sign coined "Love."

But only my feet are submerged.

You would like more, wouldn't you?

Only I am left here now.

It used to me all of my friends and me.

We would stand at the edge of this ocean



Laughing at this silliness. This silliness we called love.

But one day a girl decided to climb up the diving board—where did it come from? Perhaps it was always there—and took a leap, gracefully diving headfirst into the depths of these mysterious waters. One by one I watched my friends take turns, diving head-on into the wave-less pool, barely making a splash.

Many times I found myself climbing the ladder with the cheers and callings of my friends in the background as my support. Many times I found myself peering into the ocean below, from what felt like a hundred feet up. Many times I imagined myself taking a graceful leap off the edge and sliding into the water in perfect elegance. But in reality I probably would have stumbled off the wet plastic and bashed against the surface with my belly.

That's what falling in love really looked like, anyway.

And many times I found myself wimping out and climbing back down the ladder, to the disappointment of my comrades.

They're all gone, now. They took the dive, and in their happiness never came back up.

And here I am now, ankle deep in the same water that my friends are swimming in. Wondering if you're down somewhere below the surface.

You always wanted me to fall in love with you on my own. But that is a joint operation.

I can't fall in love anymore than this ankle deep shallowness on my own.

I need you to come up and take my hands and drag me—

No, don't drag me, push me—

No, don't push me, guide me.

I need you to guide me—to remind me why I need to love you—but instead you're waiting for me at the bottom of this heavy ocean.

My feet have submerged into the wet sand so much that I don't know if you'll even be able to move me, should you one day decide to come up and help me.

I'm not about to inundate myself in this cold sea without knowing for sure if you're definitely going to take care of this heart or not.

You're definitely under there for me, right?

Then come up and guide me. Or take my hand and show me to the diving board.

We can fall together.

The End