Noah Jackson

Rebecca Harper


Amanda Pierce

Michael Davis

Alexa Jackson


Noah Jackson & Rebecca Harper
Wilder & Amanda Pierce

Chapter 1

~Noah's POV~

Alexa's gonna be moving here and DJ doesn't mind her staying back with me after school. Alexa's my cousin sister. We're really, really close. We tell each other every secret. Then, she moved but we still kept in touch on the phone at 'Teen Buzz'. It usually gets Rebecca wondering about who I'm talking about. She always looks at me when she thinks I'm not looking. I know she has a crush on me. It's just way to obvious. My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call.

"Hey, Noah I need a ride. Could you pick me up from the airport?" Alexa's voice came through the phone.

"Sure." Thank god the airport was only about 30 minutes away. When Rebecca needed a ride from my older brother, Justin, it took us like an hour to get to the airport. Dad drove me to the airport. I got down and hugged Alex.

"Hey,missed ya."I said and helped her with her suitcases and we got home.

The Next Day

~Rebecca's POV~

Amanda was talking about her fashion stuff which I am totally not interested in but pretending to be interested in her stuff works. Why can't Noah just get out of my mind?! I can't fall for him. He's way too as I mentioned him, he came up to me.

"Sup, 'R'." he made that nickname for me. Then, I realized there was a girl beside him. I felt my heart drop a little.

"Hey, Noah, who's she?" I asked, curious. She must be a new student. I've never seen her before.

"Oh she's Alexa, my- ." he got interrupted by the school bell though I was really curious of what he had to say.

"Gotta go. Bye." I said and walked off. Somehow I felt a little bit jealous. What if he was about to say that she was his girlfriend? I sighed as I thought of it and walked to class with Amanda.

"You're jealous of Noah, aren't you?" Amanda whispered after taking our seats. I didn't want to admit it so I answered back.

"What about you and Wilder? He always with Jennifer." I whispered back.

"Where the heck is he now?!" she raised her voice a little.

"Relax. He's sitting right over there." I pointed at Wilder who was sitting next to Micheal,my best friend since ,he also has a very huge crush on Amanda but he decided to let this pass, he didn't want to get in the way of his best nudged me when Noah walked into class with winked at me and then took a seat with his somebody.

They seemed to be having fun being with each other and his eyes seemed to shine more. Oh my god, what am i saying?! I shook my thoughts off.

Just then the teacher entered the class.

~Noah's POV~
I winked at Rebecca and she smiled weakly. At least she didn't know Alexa was my cousin. I smiled to myself.

"What are you smiling about?"Alex questioned. Darn. That was the only secret Alex didn't know about. My crush on Rebecca Harper. Yupp,i said it.

"Nothing."I tried hiding it. Hopefully it'll work..

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