Summary: When Horatio's daughter joins the team to help catch the Ace of Spades serial killer, emotions sky rocket and bad memories surface, especially when Ryan gets a little too attached. Rated M for later chapters.

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The Miami skyline was a shadow behind the early morning's rising sun as the CSI MDPD Hummer pulled up in front of 158 Weston Drive, Star Island. Horatio got out of the car, his sunglasses reflecting the bright sun as he followed ME Alexx Woods into the house, the yellow Crime Scene tape being put up just after their entry. The foyer was kept very clean, and Horatio could tell that the resident liked being organized judging by the straight lines and light colors. The sight in the living room, however, was not for the faint-hearted as Horatio removed his glasses and expertly placed them around his neck: the victim was hanging from the ceiling fan from a makeshift noose made out of an electrical cord from a nearby lamp, a playing card was safety-pinned to his chest.

Horatio looked from the body to Alexx, "Shall I get you a ladder?" Alexx's eyebrow's shot up into her hairline,

"Nuh-uh, the man comes down or I give you your information at the morgue,"

Horatio chuckled, "Fair enough, Alexx, fair enough." He watched as the ME left the house and Eric approached him, "Eric...what happened here?"

The young Latino looked at the man hanging from the fan, "Homicide. Vic's name is Paul Gallagher, 39 years-old, divorced, lives with his pet dog, Meeko."

"OK, how'd the killer get inside?"

"Broke through the sliding glass door, Natalia's taking some pictures and looking for any evidence,"

"Good, now where's the dog?"

"Animal Service's has him, they're outside."

"Alright I want you to go out there and see if there's anything on the dog or anything stuck in his teeth maybe he got a bite out of the killer."

Eric nodded and went outside as Horatio walked down the hall to a closed door. He jiggled the handle, only to discover it was locked, "Miss Boa Vista,"


"Can I borrow your lock-pick set for a moment?"

"," she handed him the small box and then went back to canvasing the kitchen. Horatio placed his flashlight in his mouth and began working on the lock, and soon after, with a soft click, the door opened to reveal something very interesting. "Mr. Wolfe, come here for a minute, please?" The young man walked over to his boss, "Yeah, H? What is it?"

"Take a look at this? Seems a bit out of place for a guy so organized don't ya think?"

Ryan's eyes grew wide at the sight before him: piles upon piles of papers filled the room, there was barely room to walk, and his OCD tendencies were itching at the mess.

"I was hoping, as a man with a case of OCD you'd know what this man was?"

"He's a hoarder,"

"Exactly. Thank you Mr. Wolfe,"

"No problem. Hey H, uh I found something in the yard, looks like it might be some sort of tar."

"OK, get it to Trace,"

"Will do."

The CSI team exited the house, leaving the yellow tape up since they still didn't have everything they needed. Horatio watched as the vic was rolled out on the Gurney, when something caught his eye: the playing card. "Hold up a sec," Horatio walked over to the body and removed the card. At that moment, the card in his hand brought a lot of bad memories to the surface, and a wave of anger and fear washed over him. In his hand was the card bearing the Ace of Spades.

"Alexx, get a load of this,"

Alexx walked over and looked at the card in Horatio's hand, "Oh my God, Horatio. You don't think that it's the same guy from,"

"On the contrary Alexx, that's exactly who I think it is."

"I thought he was in New York?"

"Apparently not...excuse me Alexx," Horatio pulled out his phone and flipped it open.

"You better be calling who I think you're calling,"

Horatio smiled, "Yes I am,"

"Give her my love."

Horatio waited as the phone rang, hoping that everything was alright.



"Dad! I was just about to call you, is everything alright?"

"Uh, actually's not."

"What's wrong?"

"Erin, have you had any cases concerning the Ace of Spades killer recently?"


"Erin? Erin talk to me,"

"I thought you said I didn't have to talk about him anymore, dad?"

"I know I did but we just had a murder down here with the same characteristics as his past killings. Now tell me, have you had any cases?"

"We've had three in the past month. We tracked him to an apartment on East 44th, but after that the trail went cold. Mac says he found some records that the guy hopped a plane somewhere. Now I'd say he's down there with you."

"OK, listen to me, tell Mac that I want you down here so I can keep an eye on you,"

"Dad, I'm fine, I can take care of myself,"

"I'd really like your help on this one Er,"

"...Fine, but you get to explain it to Mac once this is over."

"He'll understand,"

"He better. I'll catch the next flight and be down there ASAP."

"OK, I love you,"

"Love you, too, dad." Click. Horatio shut his phone and walked over to one of the Hummers, "Calliegh, I want you and Ryan to go to the airport and pick up a CSI, she's coming down from New York to help us with the case."

The blonde smiled, "Would that CSI happen to have the name Erin Caine?"

Horatio smiled, "Yes, as a matter of she does,"

Calleigh smiled, "Good because I've been dying to see her."

Ryan came over to them, "What's up?"

"Mr. Wolfe, you and Calliegh are going to go to the airport to pick up my daughter, she's coming down to help us with the investigation."

Ryan froze, he hadn't seen Erin in three years. The last time he'd seen her was when he took a vacation back up to Boston to see his family and detoured in New York City to visit her. He also hadn't told anyone, well, anyone other than Alexx, that he'd been "dating" her for some time now. "Uh...O-OK,"

"Is there a problem, Mr. Wolfe?"

"No, no, there-there's no problem, H."

"...OK, I'll see you both later." He walked away, still puzzled by the fact that Ryan seemed hesitant to pick up Erin from the airport, but more important were the flashbacks playing through his head: the screams, that demonic laugh, and his daughter's frightened face...he hoped he'd never have to see that again, little did he know how wrong he was.

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