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She tripped up to the door and didn't bother to knock before pushing it open. A lovely piano melody floated its way across the Cullen's living room and into the foyer. Bella stopped, pleased by the melody of the keys. It was a song she had never heard before and found herself wondering if Edward was composing her something new. She found herself wandering unconsciously across the living room, following the beautiful, soft, romantic melody, to the platform where she knew the grand piano was.

"Edward I thought we were....Oh..." Bella stopped once she realized that it wasn't Edward sitting on the piano bench.

The slight vampire froze, her hands poised above the keys, and turned to look at Bella with the most beautiful smile on her face. "Hello Bella." Alice trilled, shaking off her startled state to greet the human warmly. "I'm sorry. I'm afraid that I'm not the vampire you were looking for." Her lips turned up into a wry grin.

Bella faltered, searching for her words. She gestured to the piano. "I didn't know you could play."

Alice's bell-tinkling laugh echoed through the Cullen home. "Well, I'm not nearly as skilled as Edward is, but I tend to play a bit when no one else is home."

That Alice should be self-conscious of anything seemed utterly absurd to Bella. "What you were playing was beautiful." She tried not to sound over-awed.

Alice smiled. "You're sweet. It's just a little melody I've been toying with. My real passion is shopping." She winked.

Bella suddenly wondered if there was anything any Cullen couldn't do. Of course Alice would be able to play the piano as well as Edward. She supposed once you had an infinite number of sleepless nights, anything could be perfected.

Alice stared at Bella in curiosity, wondering what the human could be thinking about so intensely to make her brow scrunch up like that. It was sort of endearing. She shook her head out of her thoughts. She could see Bella's decision to stay.

"I'm sorry but Edward's not home. He's out for the rest of the evening with Jasper and Emmett hunting." No one else is home. Alice added mentally, and although she had much control around the human she knew that Bella had no sense of self-preservation whatsoever. It would be well advised if she left.

Bella shrugged, not caring that Edward was out. Although she had been disappointed at first, she was now completely set on the idea of spending time with Edward's favorite sister. "That's alright." She said, sitting down on the piano bench with Alice. "I'd like to stay and listen to you play for a bit, if that's alright?"

Alice smiled widely. "Of course. That's quite alright with me." And Bella's eyes were so full of human wonder and calm that Alice couldn't help but agree, even though it was against the vampiress's better judgment. Her hands connected with the weight of the ivory and ebony keys, and she let the melody from before pour out of her. Focusing on each and every chord.

Bella stared in awe as the petite vampire's fingers practically floated over the keys. She was flawless. It was the same melody from before, but more elaborate and the song filled Bella's ears with the most wonderful tone. Her heart filled at the achingly beautiful melody and nearly brought a tear to her eye. She never knew a single song could evoke such emotion. Instinctively, Bella leaned in towards Alice to get a better look at the skill with which the vampiress was playing.

Alice concentrated on the notes, changing the key to a minor one, and making the melody more melancholy. She must have played for nearly twenty minutes straight before realizing that Bella's scent had suddenly grown over-powering. The melody stopped pouring from her fingers, and a quiet calm suddenly settled over the nearly empty house. Her back went rigid as she breathed in Bella's intoxicating scent. It was very possible that she was going to lose control of herself right then and there.

Bella leaned forward, pressing a warm hand through the thin fabric of the vampire's shirt. "Why did you stop?" The absence of the beautiful music made Bella feel empty suddenly, she wasn't even aware of the impending danger. She felt Alice's body tense up and looked over to the slight vampire. Alice's eyes were shut tightly as if she were struggling with something. "Alice? Are you alright?" Bella asked, worried.

Then, Alice opened her eyes, staring directly at Bella. Alice's irises were as dark as a moonless night, and suddenly Bella understood.

"Oh! I'm sorry. I can move!" Bella exclaimed, flustered, realizing that she had been leaning into Alice and she quickly removed her hand from Alice's shoulder.

"No. Don't." Alice's voice was soft and strained. She worried that if Bella moved, if her hair rustled at all to spread that wonderful scent, that she would lunge for her throat right this instant. Alice listened intently as Bella's heartbeat sped up and her blood pulsed through her veins with more intensity. She licked her lips, not able to stop the small growl that was building in her chest. She shut her eyes and tried to focus. "Your scent is absolutely intoxicating." Alice knew she should leave out the back door, slide the glass open and gulp in fresh air and then run off to feed immediately, but for some reason she couldn't move from the piano bench where she sat.

Bella felt her heart speed up; she stayed absolutely still not wanting to make this harder on Alice. She now realized that she was absolutely in very real and imminent danger, but she couldn't bring herself to panic. She trusted Alice too much.

"Stay very still." Alice nearly whispered at a decibel loud enough for Bella's weak human ears. She let the thirst over-power her better judgment now, acting purely on instinct. She was hungry and Bella was food. The most mouthwatering, appealing food that Alice could hope to taste.

Bella complied with Alice's request. She sat very still. Alice's pitch black eyes stared straight into hers. The vampiress's sweet breath was making Bella swoon. All the warning bells were going off in her head, but she couldn't bring herself to be afraid. She shuddered as Alice swept a cold finger across her cheek to push a strand of hair behind her ear. Bella waited patiently for death to reach her.

She saw the human shudder as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Her movements were fluid and slow, ready to entrance her prey, to lure her in before she would strike. Alice slowly sat forward, leaning towards Bella and taking in a long breath of her floral scent. "Aren't you afraid?" Alice asked, hardly recognizing her own alluring voice.

"No." Bella breathed.

Alice forced a growl to subside. "You should be." And in one fluid movement, Alice pressed her icy lips to Bella's neck.

Bella's eyes widened and her heartbeat flew as fast as a hummingbird's in her chest. Her muscles relaxed as the vampire's lips grazed her neck and then pressed more forcefully against her warm skin, but Alice wasn't biting, she was kissing.

She had no idea what she was doing as her lips trailed across the human's neck. Bella's beating pulse was right under her lips and Alice wanted nothing more then to bite and taste the warm sweet blood, to feel it flowing into her mouth.

Bella felt Alice's cold lips move up her neck and suddenly press right against hers. Her muscles tensed and then she let out a small moan of wanting as the vampiress slipped her tongue into Bella's mouth. She moaned into the kiss, and threw her arms around Alice's neck, leaning into the kiss a bit too enthusiastically.

As her tongue swirled inside Bella's mouth she wanted nothing more than to steal the warm life liquid that flowed through her veins. Instead, getting caught up in the warmth of the human's mouth on hers. Bella was too entranced, too far gone, Alice had to stop, she had to... She tore herself away and jumped to the back door, as far from temptation as possible.

Bella groaned at the loss, her hands grasping at empty air. Bella slowly regained herself and realized what had just happened. Alice had almost bit her, but had.... seduced her instead?

"A-Alice?" Bella asked tentatively, staring at the slight vampire.

Alice stood rigid, breathing in as little as possible. "I'm so sorry, Bella." Alice counted down from one hundred in her head, trying to force back the urge to return to the bench and bite right into Bella's lips.

"It's fine. I'm fine. You didn't bite."

Alice couldn't stand it. Bella was being too understanding. She obviously didn't understand the sheer danger she was in. She was in the presence of a monster.

Alice exhaled suddenly, "Your blood was.... singing to me."

Bella's gave her a look of curiosity. "What?"

Alice shook her head. "I'm sorry. I have to go." Alice sprinted out the back door to go hunt.

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