Dumbledore's gray wrinkled cock pounds Hermione's small nubile pussy while she rides Snape's snake-like penis up her tight anus. Fawkes, Dumbeldore's Phoenix looks on masturbating.

"I can't feel anything Dumbledore." Hermione says frustrated.

Dumbledore casts Penue Englargotus and his cock double's in size.

Hermione let's out a fake moan hoping things will end soon. Both of them leap off of her stroking their cocks as hot semen lands on her face. Fawkes for good measure flies over and lands a glob of his own goo on her head.

"Thanks guys." She mumbles before getting dressed and returning to her dorm.

Hermione sits in her bed and pets Crookshanks.

"What's wrong with me Crookshanks? I've slept with almost everyone at Hogwarts and nothing seems to do it for me. Maybe I can go to the library and do some research."

After breakfast Hermione hurries to the library. She spends hours flipping through books. She looks over at a corner of the library she's always wondered about. It has a purple curtain with a sign that says, "Adults only" She sneaks over and grabs a large book putting it on the table. It is entitled, "The Magic and Mysticism of the Female Orgasm."

Hermione shrieks with joy. She opens it and see's the picture's move and come to life showing her different sexual positions and encounters. Breathing heavily, she becomes excited. She reaches a chapter on inability to achieve orgasm. She discovers some women can only reach orgasm by having a very large penis inside them.

"But I've been with almost everyone at school! Who could have a big enough penis for me? They'd have to be a giant. Or maybe a half giant…."

Hermione knocks on Hagrid's wooden door. Hagrid opens the door with a smile.

"Ello Hermione. What can I do fer ya?"

Hermione pushes her way through the door.

"Hagrid I need your help with something."

"Sure Hermione, ya know I'd do anything fer ya."

Hermione lifts her shirt over her head and throws it on the floor.

"Hermione! Wha are you doin?"

"Hagrid you said you'd do anything for me."

Hagrid feels a stirring in-between his legs. Hagrid stares down at her tiny chest and realizes he is powerless against her feminine wiles.

"Gimma just a minute now." Hagrid licks his lips eagerly.

Hagrid goes behind a curtain and disrobes before coming back out.

"Hagrid aren't you gonna get undressed?"

"What do you mean Hermione? I am?

Hermione sees the hairy fur all over Hagrid and shrugs her shoulders. She moves her mouth near where she thinks his cock his. Suddenly his penis pops up. It is the largest thing she's ever seen.

"Oh Hagrid."

She tries to put his gynormous penis in her mouth but only the head fits. She opens her mouth as wide as she can to no avail. The head of his penis is as large as her own head. She looks up at Hagrid with amazement.

"I might be too much for a small thing like ya Hermione" Hagrid says stroking his cock.

"Let me try Hagrid" Hermione pulls off the rest of her clothing and tries to put her small pussy on his cock. It sits and doesn't go in.

"Shit!" Hermione swears in frustration,

"I tol yah Hermione. I'm too big." Hagrid says sheepishly.

Hermione grabs at her wand and intones, "Pussicus Cavernitus!"

Hermione's pussy grows larger and larger.

"Now Hagrid! Pound my hole!"

Hagrid groans and thrusts his huge cock deep inside Hermione's magical pussy. His balls bounce against her lower legs.

"Ohhhhhhh god yes! Yes! Hagrid. I'm cumming. Ooooooooohhh." Hermione screams and juices all over Hagrid's cock.

Hagrid groans and shoots his cum into her. The force of it shoots Hermione off of his cock, across the room where she bounces of the wall.

"Merlin's beard! Are you a'right Hermione?" Hagrid says with deep concern.

"I'm better than you can imagine Hagrid. Can we do this again tomorrow?"

"Sure Hermione. You're a lot better than buckbeak."