Tom's POV

I awoke to find myself in a strange place; the room was rock so I was most likely in a cave. There was strange righting, the righting I'd scene in some of Najerin s books. The last thing I remember was was me and Maxxor ran into an M'arrillian was shot by some kind of battle gear and then...then I heard Maxxor yelled by name.

"Very strong and brave this human is." said a female voice.

"He risk his life you the overworld leader." said a male voice.

"I thought you would be great full for this human he saved your son." said a different female voice.

"What are you saying Artemis?" asked the male voice.

"I think, I now Rebus, turn the table of time, and give him a life in perim." said the first female voice.

"Do you think Chronos is that nice, the guy is scarier than the M'arrillian." said a new young male voice.

"Nimen is right but history needs to be change and this human and his friends can help." said Artemis.

Rebus nonnded his head. then bring him here." he ordered.

Nimen snapped his finger and Tom append in the center of the black room. The black room became white and the four voices were around the room. The one called Nimen was small he had black fur and he looked like a bagger, he was cute and fully, he ware thin silver armor pants. Rebus looked like Maxxor, green skin no purple marks black hair. Artemis was a werewolf. And the other female was, like and elf pink skin tall pointy ears, she wear a green silk dress.

"Who..Who are you?'' I asked. The werewolf smiled.

"I am Artemis grained of the 'forest of like'. Nimen, messenger of perim. Gala the healer. And Rebus, leader of the overworld before Maxxor." Artemis said.

"Why am I here?" I asked.

"We...Perim needs your help." Gala said.

"I'd do anything to help; perim is like a second home to me and my friend." I said.

"We know Tom Major. We've watched you and your friends." Rebus said.

"Nimen will help you though the process. Unfortunly, you will not remember your friends or your old life." Artemis said. I open my eye wide in shock.

"What do you mean old life?" I asked.

"When you and Maxxor faced that M arrillian it..it killed you. You and your friends are also died." Rebus said.

"We need to hurry, Intress can't wait forever." Nimen said.

"What do you mean Intress can't wait forever?" I asked.

"Simple she will be your mother...Bye." Nimen said pushing me though a hole in the ground."