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"STO-…" a frail, freezing, lost five year old human girl had started to yell in protest, as a large man with blood red eyes tried to bite her neck and drain her of her life-force. The girl had absolutely no memory; she didn't know she was the beloved daughter of the recently passed Kuran Juuri and Haruka, or the adored sister of Kuran Kaname, a child to the most prestigious bloodline of the entire vampire race, a true Pureblood princess, a future queen. No, all this tiny child knew was this ravenous creature trying to bite her tiny neck was going to kill her.

Falling back into the snow in hopes of getting away from the man, suddenly the air was filled with a rusty copper scent and the white around her became splattered red with blood. Blinking her large brown eyes and feeling a couple drops of blood stain her face; she looked up to see a tall, beautiful boy with shoulder length chocolate brown hair coated with the thick red liquid on his left side as her attacker disappeared into the blizzard as dust.

The boy's similar glowing red eyes to that of her attacker, turned to look at her through the locks of the thick stray hair hanging down in and between them. Though these eyes should have told her tiny mind to try and run as well, as they were the eyes of predators that looked like humans; vampire eyes. She was transfixed and fascinated by this figure, by her hero, her savior and more so by the single question that slipped out of his mouth as he licked the blood off his hand.

"Are you okay?" Sincere words flowed through his lips and his eyes seemed to watch her bleak face carefully, but she didn't know how to respond or how to speak. When she moved to sniff at the blood soaked into her mitten, a tender hand stopped her before her curious mind would've let her taste it. It was the vile blood of a disgraceful vampire, but tender words that had warmed her in the snowy abyss were spoken again.

"Don't touch that." Then a moment passed as luminous brown eyes looked at those long and beautiful fingers now inside her mittened hand, only to have more unfamiliar words register to her from the beautiful boy. "I said…why are you alone in this sort of place?" Looking up from the youth's hand to his face, the tiny girl again just blinked in response.

As he moved to straighten back up and didn't let go of her hand, the older child simple said, "Come here." Where else was she going to go? This was the only helpful person she had seen…that she remembered.

Then as the boy looked back to her with deep eyes, eyes she would later compare to auburn or wine coloring, he introduced himself with a soft smile. "I'm Kaname. You?" The older brother she didn't remember and yet he wasn't giving away anything to her. He was testing her knowledge, her memories and the girl, Yuuki, didn't know anything. Her blank expression with warm, inquisitive brown eyes looked back into his heavy-lidded burgundy orbs.

As she shivered, he noticed and though he might have assumed she was trembling from fear, he knew she was only cold and needed warmth. Did the cold not really bother him?

Without much warning Kaname turned and crouched down to hug the tiny girl's frame to his body. His tiny bit of body heat helped. "Ooh, it's okay."

He paused before adding in a tone that made her tiny heart freeze in an emotion she didn't understand, it wasn't fear, but it made moisture build up at the corner of her eyes. "You are afraid, right?" His slightly warming breath brushed the side of her face before he gave her a gentle soothing kiss and for some reason that moisture trickled down the side of her doll like face as he added. "It's alright now." She wanted to tell this Kaname something, let him know she wasn't afraid of him or the blood on him. It was just cold, and yet nuzzling into his arms was warming her up and she felt completely safe in the embrace...

"Yuuki, how many fingers am I holding up?" came the matured smooth, voice of that same boy, twelve years after that day in the blizzard, as he sat on the bed's ledge beside the still tiny girl. There was about a foot difference in height between Kuran Yuuki and her fiancée, Kuran Kaname, but that didn't matter to them. Love wasn't something that actually had a limit or a regulation upon it, contrary to the believes that humans were taught, and with the way that defects came into their blood it made sense; but vampires were above birth defects and the Kuran bloodline was the purest due to intermarrying.

A soft sigh came from petite brunette sitting before the highly amused sounding man she had adored from that snowy day and grown to love for ten years as a human girl, and was just recently free to express her love for said man now, now that she really had no species boundary between them.

"Kaname, I can't see anything." She calmly answered and was refrained from gesturing with her hands as one of his warm, large and gentle hands held hers clasped together in her lap. "I still don't understand why you insisted I had to wear a blindfold." The Pureblood female added in a faint disgruntled whisper with a pout turning down the corner of her full lips.

A shock of electricity raced down her spine the instant the left side of her neck became exposed as a thick curtain of waist-length brunette hair was brushed back over her shoulder and tucked lovingly behind her ear, only to intensify as soft fingertips tenderly caressed her neck and then slowly moved to her jaw-line, following it to the point of her chin. Yuuki's heart-rate instantly jumped up several beats even with this chaste action, and then proceeded to flutter when she felt Kaname's warm, tingling breath flow over her lips.

"Please don't make such a face Yuuki." She heard him softly plead, and that electrical shock was amped up to the voltage of lightning as she could feel his body heat radiating from him in their close proximity. Kaname's clean, masculine scent enveloped her and filled Yuuki's mind.

It seemed the edge of her bed didn't find any need to protest Kaname's movement as he leaned towards her, but it did the moment she tried to blindly find his lips by following the warm current of sweet breath. Not only was it her bed that seemed to disapprove, but his thumb and index finger seemed to keep her rooted in place too. Only with the slight whimper of disappoint, did she find that Kaname's smirking lips brushed against hers in a ghost of a kiss, but this was enough to get her eyes to close behind the black silk blindfold to savor the touch.

The faint kiss held enough power in it to make Yuuki's world stop for a second. The texture of those perfect lips, smooth and moist against hers made everything irrelevant in existence but their owner. One kiss from Kaname was enough to make even the eighteen year old vampire's worse days good, it could make her forget the scolding she had undergone from Aidou Hanabusa for failing one of his many tests on worldly subjects and vampire history, comfort her in knowing that she was not exactly an orphan (as she had him and would always have him). Though both of her parents were dead, it made the miserable times of being a high rank vampire enjoyable, and even eased the pain of knowing she was still hated by her childhood friend and former Cross Academy prefect comrade, Kiryuu Zero; the future president of the Vampire Hunter Association and self-proclaimed enemy of the Pureblood vampires.

There was a content sound that came from deep within Yuuki's throat at the simple action. However, her mind seemed to focus on the expression she had felt upon his lips even in that second. Opening her eyes and narrowing them in her isolated darkness, the younger Kuran quickly found her tongue. "What is so amusing, Kaname?" Her soft, soprano voice was slightly defensive.

"You," he simple answered, not taken aback from her reaction and brought his lips back to hers to give a soft, but proper chaste kiss, one she got to respond to as it lasted more than a second. Shortly into the kiss, Yuuki felt Kaname smile again against her lips.

The normal steady heartbeat that was the Pureblood prince's sped up and even seeming to flutter a bit like hers, Yuuki could hear it, just as clear as the sound of her own pulse speeding up past her ears. Yuuki ignored the smile, as her own lips couldn't help but turn upwards either in her blind bliss. A moment more passed before Kaname leaned back away from her and broke their pleasant contact, leaving her lips cold but warmth spread from her head down to her toes.

"Yuuki, I would like to take you to somewhere a bit more private than here." The words came out so huskily spoken next to her right ear, the tiny Kuran held her breath for a second. "A surprise for you," the older Kuran added, "that is what the blindfold is for." His breath with its gentle breeze was making gooseflesh spread across her skin like wildfire.

"Wh-wh-where is more private than yours or my room?" she questioned. Feeling that it was justified as it wasn't like the two of them had progressed in their intimacy beyond making out in either room. However, it seemed like Yuuki's bed was louder than Kaname's large, heavenly soft, king size bed inside their temporary residency of the Aidous' guest wing; her bed always made her antsier and so easy to be embarrassed. At the current moment, Yuuki's face was alight with a burning shade of scarlet with the thoughts of their private moments not far from the noble vampires in the other wings of the elaborate mansion.

Residing within the Aidou estates was a precautionary step made by Kaname to keep Yuuki safe while he was out with the Lord Aidou gaining the trust of other high class, noble vampires, though Yuuki was pretty sure that few people could refuse him or would willing risk it, and leaving her with the company of her tutor and former upperclassmen of the Night Class (the secret class for only vampires at Cross Academy) Aidou Hanabusa, Kain Akatsuki, and Souen Ruka. All three vampire nobles were very trusted by Kaname, and, on occasion, when ordered, the lithe and dour Seiren, whose dedication could be extremely intimidating, would be her guard.

Yuuki really needed to get to know her powers. So others didn't have to fuss over her so much and Kaname could be sure she was safe from harm along with lower his stress level. With these thoughts though, Yuuki also knew it was just who her beloved was, over protective of her and having to live separated for ten years with hidden emotions from both, the tiny vampire understood his over eccentric behavior.

The hand that hadn't moved from her chin flowed back down her neck and across her shoulder, before moving down to take purchase of her side. "Besides our family manor, probably nowhere," he replied begrudgingly with his phantom lips brushing the spot right below her ear. The simple action didn't help lighten the shade of red on the female's face or her rigid posture. "However, I do have something set up for us a little closer nonetheless. Shall I take you there, Yuuki?" His distracting words were back in her ear.

"C-can I take th-this bla-blindfold off?" the hopeful girl answered with her own question.

The reply was a soft teasing chuckle, "We'll see." Instead of instant hesitation there was exhilaration that raced through her veins at his vaguely teasing response. The hyperbole even gave her a mild shock to know that there was a kinky side that was surfacing.

What type of pervert is Kaname turning me into? She couldn't help but think with a smile, but instantly regretted it the moment she heard another amused chuckle though it was darker in nature.

"Can I take that look as a 'Yes'?" his seductive voice purred as his warm body moved away from her, taking his hypnotic scent with him.

"Can I ever say no to you?" She replied in a level tone, though it was weak with her attempt to stay calm and collected. But Yuuki was aware that her burning face would tell her prince everything he needed to know.

However a sudden shift in the air, in Kaname's playful aura made Yuuki's previously blazing flesh freeze in the sudden chill that rippled away from the other Kuran. There was no reply, but finally her bed seemed to acknowledge Kaname's movement as he stood up, her hands that had been warmed by his this whole time was instantly assaulted by the cool winter air that seeped into the warm mansion from her cracked open window. No sound of him pacing towards her door and if Yuuki's vampire senses had still been dormant, she would have been anxious, thinking Kaname had left her room, but his presence could be felt standing a couple feet from her bed.

Getting up from her bed, thankful to have her bedroom's floor clean from clothes or other hazards that could trip her, the petite brunette followed the sound of Kaname's blood and took a hold of his right arm in a comforting hold. Hearing his hair shift and only knowing from the feeling of having his perceptive burgundy eyes analyze her, Yuuki felt his gaze back on her.

"I didn't mean to…"

His left index finger touched her lips in a soft means of silencing her. "Yuuki, you said nothing wrong. So don't apologize." Kaname tenderly stated, but she didn't miss the sound of pain in his voice. Something that sliced her heart up more than seeing it in his eyes and it was a nostalgic feeling of their 'chance' meetings back at Cross Academy, her previous home and when she still lived with her adoptive father, Chairman Cross Kaien.

Tilting her head down and pressing her cheek to her taller counterpart's upper arm, Yuuki felt Kaname kiss the crown of her head. A soothing gesture of his but the air was still far too serious. Had her words struck a well hidden nerve?

The only time that Yuuki had actually stood up and opposed the six foot tall vampire at her side was on behalf of Zero. Kaname accusing the shorter, silver haired teen of being the culprit to an attack on a Day class girl was uncalled for. Zero, though a human turned vampire and on the verge of insanity to bloodlust, only fed off of her. Yuuki was his willing and only victim. Besides that, if Zero was attacking classmates other than her, she would have to go through with her promise to him. But Yuuki thought she knew Zero better than anyone else and was certain Kaname had been out of line accusing the ex-human of such a high crime. Therefore she swore to not speak with him until he apologized to Zero and took off from the Chairman's office in a huff, fighting back tears dragging the five-eight/five-nine silver haired teen behind her.

"Yuuki?" Concern filled Kaname's voice as she sniffed back tears at the old memory, and found that she was looking into naturally heavy-lidded dark auburn eyes. Her blindfold had been removed without her feeling it. "Did I upset you? I didn't mean to." He tried to soothe her, and unlike when she was that tiny girl in the snow storm with no memory, Yuuki knew how to reply this time.

Lifting up her right hand to pet Kaname's cheek, her watering brown eyes shimmering as she looked into his. "No, you didn't upset me, Kaname." A feeble smile came to give reassurance, "But I would love to see this more private place." Time with Kaname alone was the hardest to find, and that was something Yuuki had also grown to understand as Kaname worked on reinstating the monarchy, after destroying the corrupted vampire Council of Elders two years ago, was a highly time consuming thing.

There was a smile that lightened the darker hue of red in Kaname's eyes making them look to be more wine colored than dark burgundy or auburn. "As you wish," Kaname's words were soft again, but Yuuki could still see something keeping his eyes in the dark shades of his irises. There was something that made the tiny prefect wonder what it was prohibiting Kaname to be happy, what secret did he have that he hadn't already told her?