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Her moment of contentment only lasted for a couple heartbeats until the image of Aidou's widen aquamarine irises popped into the swept away teen's mind. Abruptly Yuuki jerked away with almost enough force to dislodge herself from Kaname's strong arms. His grip instinctively tightened around her shoulders and legs, to keep her from falling to the ground again that evening (the first time being inside the Pureblood princess' room), and came to abrupt stop in his flawless, graceful strides.

"What's wrong?" Kaname instantly questioned, the air thickening as the molecules in it began to move more rapidly with kinetic energy; energy so easily controlled by the older Kuran's raw powers and easily manipulated by him. His eyes didn't flicker about to look for any sign of danger on their own, just locked fully upon Yuuki's face for his answer.

As loose strands of Yuuki's hair lifted slightly up from her delicate shoulders with the energy building up in anticipation of countering any attack, the petite brunette shook her head at her future lover. "You. Opening the door when Aidou-san stood outside my room in the hallway! What were you thinking?" As if simply trying to point out the obvious, several minutes after the fact; although, it had just dawned upon the Pureblood princess.

With the young Kuran's words floating in the air, Kaname closed his eyes, Yuuki figured to will down his suddenly lethal aura, but she began to shake gently in her fiancée's arms as he exulted softly. "I was wondering when you would bring that up. It took you a little longer than I thought it would."

Feminine brown eyes narrowed, "Not my fault. You're very distracting..." a forefinger lifted from under the heavy coat's sleeve to point at the flawless alabaster face of her savior.

"I'll take that as a complement." Kaname interrupted while opening his eyes and Yuuki pursed her lips, which drew brief attention to them from her perceptive love, and let her finger drop back down before she crossed her arms.

"You know Aidou-san saw us in..." what type of position where they in at that time. Her face lit up with a burning blush at the memory of feeling Kaname pressing her against the wall; His lips hungrily pressing against hers in blinding passion. Yuuki quickly continued, pushing the arousing thoughts back. "He could be telling Akatsuki-san and Ruka-san about it now…or could be starting some other story." The failing attempt of expressing frustration waned this close to the man that always made thinking straight hard for the tiny female vampire.

"He saw nothing that compromised anyone's character." The words flowed sternly from Kaname's lips, in a classic straight forward answer on the matter Yuuki was addressing and full of his undying confidence in knowing facts.

"How do you know? My skirt was…" a deeper shade of pink tinted Yuuki's cheeks as her mind thought about where her fiancée's very skilled hands had been before the moment was broken. The petite, blushing girl continued, "ruffled…and you didn't…"

"Yuuki," again he interrupted the torn between bashful and growing frustrated girl, "You were not exposed in any fashion. The only location, in which your skirt was displaced, happened to be where I stood. However, if Aidou had taken another twenty seconds…your skirt would have been…in a more compromising position." There was a hint to something more to that statement; though Kaname sounded slightly ashamed by this admission Yuuki couldn't help her response.

"What about waiting for marriage?" She squeaked balking back some more in his secure grasp.

One of his perfect dark brows arched, being only visible through the part in his silken bangs, "You wrapped you legs around me…"

"You lifted me up!" Yuuki sounded almost panicked in the recollection. She was still the naïve one in these situations; the innocent, though her mind had traveled down the paths of fantasy thinking with the lust for flesh and not just the potent blood she craved from her fiancée.

"I would never do anything to hurt you physically, Yuuki. Or go against your wishes." The tall, proud Pureblood couldn't promise not hurting her mentally or emotionally, not until after she knew the truth that had yet to come from his lips.

There was a heartbeat's pause as those brown eyes roamed over Kaname's serious face, she had picked up that keyword used and it was a heartbeat more before the tiny vampire spoke again. "Kaname set me down, please."

"You have no shoes on."

"I've walked around outside before without shoes." She retorted defensively, but saw the glimmer of what she had been seeing all night in her beloved's burgundy orbs. Her expression softened, "Kaname? Wh-why are you lo-looking so sad tonight?" The teen questioned her twenty-three year old heart-throb.

"Seiren, please put Yuuki's shoes on her feet for me." Kaname called out, avoiding the question as he normally did until it was time he felt the question should be answered.

From an out of season, ancient Sakura tree a lithe and silent figure jumped down on the cobblestone walkway that broke off from the main path that Kaname currently held Yuuki on. Moving with such a painful grace, the chin-level bobbed pale lavender-gray headed vampire approached holding a pair of four-inch pin-heeled shoes in her hands. No words came from the strict looking noble, only her head bowed towards both Kurans, Yuuki being the only one watching her.

Dim gray eyes showed no warmth, but locked upon the ends of the coat where they laid sights on bare dangling feet. Sliding the shoes on, without even having to touch Yuuki's ankles as Seiren fastened the straps securely, the dour guard bowed once more.

"Anything else, my liege?" a voice that matched her eyes, cold and monotone, but edgy and fierce in its chilling smooth tone flowed from unpainted, stern lips.

"Keep Hanabusa and the others away from us tonight." Serious eyes never moved from Yuuki as Kaname slowly lowered the arm that held up his darling girl's legs to the ground, his other arm not giving up its hold on her shoulders.

"As you wish." Seiren was gone after that breath, receiving her orders the pale lavender-gray headed guard was once again concealed in a way Yuuki still couldn't believe possible. Seiren was able to blend into her surroundings so well, she could become invisible to even the Purebloods' senses; it stood to show why Kaname would keep her around as an extra set of eyes.

"How does she disappear like that?" Yuuki curiously asked unintentionally having witnessed the slight good-bye bow of the noble before her figure had disappeared into thin air.

"Seiren had some special training." Kaname replied simply, but from the perplexed look on Yuuki's face added standing back to his full height after Yuuki's shoed feet were settled. "I don't know all the specifics, but rest assured, you're not the only one that Seiren can conceal her whereabouts from." A twinge of aggravation or amusement (Yuuki wasn't sure) was presented to the Pureblood female in that level tone of the older male.

Tilting her head to one side, Yuuki looked up towards Kaname's sharp featured face and proceeded to bite down on the left side of her lower lip. There was still so much the tiny vampire princess needed to learn, after two years she just barely knew the basic vampire knowledge, the stuff children were taught! She was failing miserably as a vampire, almost to the degree she did as a human, Yuuki couldn't absorb knowledge as quickly as what she felt she should; although she had retained a lot of information Kaname had personally taught her.

Yes, she had kept enough of her flaws from springing to life at the ball, but she was only present for less than twenty minutes before Aidou told her Kaname had assigned a room for her to go and speak with Yori. She missed her best friend so much; Yuuki's person of understanding things that were not easy to tell to another, not even Kaname as he had his own opinions about things and wouldn't voice ones that he thought would insult Yuuki.

Yori. Yuuki mentally sighed at just thinking about her friend's name. How was she? Did Yori have more problems with Zero after what happened here? The Chairman seemed to use Yori to fetch his lone Prefect every time Zero disappeared; her best friend had told the young Pureblood this…

"Yuuki?" her name was a soft murmur that drifted into her ears and snapped the brunette from her reverie.

There was an index finger hooked under her chin that tilted her soft face upwards, her eyes meeting with Kaname's concerned orbs.

"Are you alright?"

With the most loving of touches Yuuki brought one hand up to caress the one she endeared upon his cheek. "I'm waiting for your other answer, Oni-Kaname." There was no reason to try and hide that she was concerned, that her mind had traveled down a path it shouldn't have. Thinking of a life that had never truly been hers even though it gave her an experience little could know, but at the same time those experiences robbed her of moments that could have been used to keep Kaname from being in his silent pain. Something she blamed herself for causing him.

His eyes widened for a surprised second, which got Yuuki to tilt her head over her opposing right shoulder, rolling her chin inside of his loose hold. Kaname's face seemed to harden for a moment, as if he was truly contemplating on telling her what she wanted to know.

Stepping forward, Yuuki buried her face into the dark silk that hid Kaname's fine chest; a finely toned chest that had been exposed to her by glimpses through loose buttons or in the past passionate make-out sessions that permitted roaming hands to go places that remained, disappointedly, above the waist. Kaname let go of Yuuki's chin only to thread her thick brown tresses through his fingers as he held onto her tightly; his strong hands stroking her head and rubbing her fragile feeling shoulder.

Yuuki wanted to ask him why he seemed to be avoiding the current answer she sought, but as her hands drifted over his back to rest on her tall prince's shoulder blades. There was an obvious amount of high tension in that firm bunching of muscles, no doubt all caused by this apprehension to the answer she had asked for.

Squeezing him gently in her tiny arms, Yuuki felt a sickening feeling begin to flutter to life in her stomach as Kaname's arms responded to her gesture with a reciprocating tightening. The feeling of his lips upon the top of her head and the tip of his nose before the phantom movement of the taller Kuran was felt for him to rest his cheek upon the spot he had just kissed. There was something wrong with this embrace.

Something that made Yuuki feel like her throat was closing in on itself. Something that made her have flashbacks to all those times when she had been in one of Kaname's embraces before he left the Cross residence, when he was preparing to leave and didn't know when he would return to see her next, but this one had a completely different feel to it. In those past embraces she felt reluctance in him before he left, even as a small human child she had felt that, but this time that reluctance seemed heavier, stronger and something that was much more frightening to think.

The delicate arms constricted and Yuuki felt a pearl button or two press indentions into her forehead as she tried to fight back those inevitable tears pooling up into her caring brown eyes. Uneasiness clenched her stomach in a tight grasp and twisted it with the fear the petite brunette vampire hoped was just something she happened to be making up in her mind - that heavy feeling inside the barrier of arms she currently stood in.

That hope was diminished greatly when Kaname's ever steady heartbeat seemed to be even slower, almost like she could hear that beautiful pumping organ breaking inside her fiancée's solid chest. Her hands bunched up the silk material under them as the taller Kuran pulled the younger one in painfully more. Yuuki felt like she should have been able to amalgamate into Kaname, if it were possible, within this proximity.

Breathing happened to be constricted, but the Pureblood female felt deathly afraid of what was making the air seem so cold, what was causing her the uneasy feeling, and why her fiancée seemed to be telling her a final good bye. Something that was only further felt when Kaname's lips touched the crown of her head again and steady hands were placed upon her shoulders as the stronger vampire pulled out of her grasp.

Yuuki's arms went limp at the feeling of being pushed away. She could feel a cold settling into her body that wasn't diminished at all by the heavy coat that had been held up by Kaname's hands on her shoulders. The tiny, inexperienced vampire didn't want to look up into the gateways to her beloveds' soul. An indescribable fear of seeing nothing in those auburn depths was paralyzing the female Kuran.

You don't have to tell me. You don't have to tell me. YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL ME! Yuuki was suddenly thinking with vigor unlike anything else the teen had ever felt. Her mouth unable to move, but it seemed either her face was spelling out her thoughts or there was some strangling noise coming from her throat as the feeling of a critical eye sweeping over her could be felt.

"You deserve to know the truth that has been hidden from you for so long, Yuuki." Kaname's voice seemed dead. "I don't want you having any regrets..."

"Regrets?" Yuuki's voice was so very soft she didn't even know she had spoken at first. "What type of regrets could there be with you?" Her face tilted up to look into the apathetic countenance of the older, more powerful Pureblood.

"Regrets that I have feared you would feel should we be more involved or intimate than what we have already dared to be." His eyes were stony in there dark auburn or maybe she would think of the coloring in them to be an unpolished garnet, a red that could be darker than burgundy in the rawest state.

"What regrets?" The tears were spilling out of her liquor colored eyes, there seemed to be suddenly no moon in the night sky, everything seemed so dark, almost like her own personal sun was being blotted out. "Onii-sama, please tell me why it feels like you're walking away from me again. I don't want to go back into the unknown, into darkness without you. Tell me what it is weighing down your soul!" The proper etiquette of a Pureblood was lost as Yuuki let her tears strangle out some of her words, but the full message would have been received by her perceptive loved one, her only family.

His hand, so very cold, to the point were Yuuki thought it would freeze her face with the faint touch, moved up to delicately brush the free flowing tears off of her splotching face. Yuuki felt her bottom lip quiver, but with a soft kiss, a fatal good-bye kiss, every muscle in the tiny vampire tensed. No warmth tingling in her muscles, no uncontrollable lightning wreaked havoc on her nervous system, no searing passion in her veins, or unconditional love, absolutely nothing but a depressing chill (that made Yuuki's heart crumble) passed through her body when their lips connected.

The only reason the tiny girl, breaking before the one that her heart desired, didn't crumble to the ground was because her vampire body became a statue. She was rigid as if death had settled into her being and Yuuki was looking at Kaname's painfully handsome face with unblinking eyes.

"Yuuki," his voice was strained, too faint to be carried on the wind, this was just as painful for him as it was for her; Yuuki could feel it, but yet Kaname wasn't letting his broken emotions show on his trained face. "There has been something hidden from you. Since you were born…I can't…" Kaname closed his eyes and flexed his jaw.

Yuuki watched his Adam's apple bob in restraint as her adored was keeping everything bottle up. There were so many torn pieces of the tiny Pureblood. One part of her wanted to reach up and pull her prince's face down into the crook of her neck, pet his head and tell him everything was alright. Another wanted to shake him and order for him to just spit out whatever it was he had to share with her, it couldn't be as bad as this current feeling of abandonment. A third part was telling her to run, this was too much heartache for her to handle. But the loudest of several more was telling her to just stand there and wait for it. Not that she had much choice, Yuuki stood frozen stiff, she could only unconsciously blink and breath agonizing shallow breathes.

Kaname's eyelids lifted up and his gaze was boring into her blemished, bleak face. She was dead; a gentle breeze was all that it would take to shatter her rigor mortis filled body into crystals.

"Yuuki, knowledge is the most powerful weapon anyone can hold. It has destroyed civilizations in the past. It can make the strongest of men cry." He paused again, his hands resting on her shoulders. "It also has no expiration date and can come back with the dead."

Yuuki was lost, but again, she wasn't all that good at absorbing information on the first round. Keen ears locked onto every word though and went about burning them to her memory so she could try and break them down later, after this numbness left her; if the numbness would ever leave her and let her brain function some.

"Why are you leaving me?" She croaked it out in a voice that sounded so foreign to her own ears.

Again, shock came to those unpolished garnet orbs, "I'm not leaving you, Yuuki."

"You lie." Same dead tone.

Kaname pursed his lips to where they formed a thin, serious line. Several minutes seemed to pass. "I love you more than anything else in this world, Yuuki. You are my reason for living. You're my queen and angel. My sun, the brightest star in the sky to me, and yet…" Kaname moved to kneel before Yuuki, to look up towards her face and not cause her to look up to him. She was going to be his judge he was subjugating himself to her, and yet she wasn't even aware of it.

The movement boggled her mind more with his spoken words. What are you getting at, Onii-sama? Was the only thought her numbed mind could formulate. Her mind was only able to process the name she had called her mate-to-be in early years of her life and for two years before promising to call him by his given name. "Onii-sama?" The word was a labored breath.

"Please, call me by my given name, Yuuki. I do not deserve that title." There was no feeling of him taking her dead hand into his cold hold, but she could see that her pale flesh was encased tenderly inside of Kaname's.

Why? She thought and evidently spoke as the numb Pureblood was receiving an answer.

"I'm not your brother, dear one. I'm…"

Yuuki's head was shaking fervently. She couldn't hear anything else. "I'm not your brother. I'm not your brother. I'm not your brother." These were the only words that echoed inside her skull. The first try she made to lift her hand out of Kaname's found resistance, but with a third attempt she was able to dig her nails into her scalp. Those words were becoming deafening as the echoes grew louder.

"How? Why? What? Stop!" Yuuki closed her eyes and tried to shake out the words.

"Don't. Stop talking." She interrupted finding her voice no more put together than the whisper it was earlier. "You are my Kaname-Oniisama. I remember that. I KNOW that is true." Yuuki looked at him with conviction in her burning eyes, eyes that touched faintly into the red spectrum of the Kuran mix of red-brown irises.

His head shook, "No, Dearest. Our parents…"

"Our parents? You're claiming Okaa-sama and Otou-sama and yet you say you're not my brother?" Her frustration was building again, but then a haunting idea formed in her head. "Was I not…"

"No, Yuuki you are very much their daughter. I'm not their true son. I'm the Kuran Ancestor, resurrected by Rido after he destroyed your true brother's soul." Kaname felt himself state in a far more deadpanned tone than what had been used on Aidou inside the house, but rushed in an elegant fashion to prohibit any interruptions.

The princess blinked. She stood there and blinked again. "Wh-wh-what?"

"I was raised to be your brother. To live beside you as if I was your true sibling." His voice was softer, a bit warmer, still pained.


"You're in shock." He lifted a hand up to touch her arm and yet Yuuki pulled back faster than she even thought she could. There was already ten feet between them. She could see the pain etched into his face as his hand lowered back down.

That pain that had just been hinting in his eyes all evening and, even before now, got moments to flash before her eyes. Inside her bed chambers of the Aidous' estates when he told her he was savoring. He was savoring her scent, the scent of her flesh and blood or was it the scent that came from the warmth that thinking of Kaname could bring out of the tiny vampire. His hug and the kisses, had the ancestor predicted she would never let him touch her again.

Gut wrenching pain made her double over with waves of nausea, the cold air of the night nipping at the tiny teen could be felt and recollection of Kaname's heavy coat dropping from the teen's shoulders in her sudden escape came back. The need to vomit was something Yuuki felt strongly, but fought back the waves as her mind abandoned everything but reason. There were so many questions and yet, she didn't know where to start.

The first thing the petite vampire did actually do was crumble to the path, knees hitting the ground as tears of silent anguish streamed. Yuuki didn't know what she was really crying for, maybe it was the bother that she didn't know, was it the fact she had been living a completely lie since she was born? More questions bombarded her mind, but nothing was clearer than the feeling of being completely alone. Was there anyone in her life that hadn't lied to her?

Her parents had lied to her by keeping Kaname's true identity hidden. Kaname had lied to her constantly, to keep her "safe". Zero had lied to her also, hiding his transformation into a vampire from her for four years. The Chairman, had kept her true family and true self a secret from her along with Zero's condition since day one. Yori…had Yori lied to her about anything?

No, Yori was the only person that hadn't lied to her…so far. Aidou and the others couldn't completely be trusted on what they said; they had known Kaname during the time that she couldn't be near him and she couldn't know him. They were more aware of Kaname's traits (so she irrationally thought) than she was, and more loyal to him due to that. Yet, there was a sudden question that popped into her head.

"Do they know?"

There was silence then a soft reply. "Does who know what?"

"Does Aidou-san and the others know the truth?" Yuuki questioned, letting her tears dry up some as she peered over towards Kaname's frigid, kneeling form.

He looked right at her, unmoving, "No. Aidou doesn't, but his father, Ichijou, Ichiru-kun, and Kiryuu-kun, to a degree, know the truth. Sara-san seems to know as well." Aggravation leaked into his mellow tone with the last two names.

"Zero! Zero knew before I did?" This bit of information was irksome. How could Zero, someone Kaname obviously loathed and held jealousy towards, know about this identity before her!

"I told him, 'I only would have been happier if I was born your true brother'. If he knows my true identity; he took that knowledge from Ichiru-kun." It was the explanation that Kaname gave with ease as he looked at Yuuki across their separating distance.

Tears stained her red splotching, porcelain face, brown eyes showed her mixture of rage, frustration, and hurt, dark eyebrows were furrowed together and yet as she looked at her kneeling prince ten feet away…Yuuki tilted her face away from him. She was being selfish in her anguish.

There were images of how she, as a tiny child in her parents' home, wondered why her brother was so sad looking while reading his books. The answer was given out to her in full, with agonizing moments and yet, sitting back on her ankles, the Pureblood just couldn't help but feel the pull she had towards the man in the garden with her.

Tilting her head down, her thick long locks formed a curtain between the couple, concealing her face and thoughts from her…her ancestor. Kaname was giving her time, she knew that was something they had plenty of and as she sniffled, banishing some tears from her cheeks with a quick swipe or two. The girl realized her mind was continuing to do some reasoning of its own.

The memories she got from Kaname when she drank his blood, memories with images from times long since gone. His distance from the others; was that a side effect from being detached from the world around him…wait, he had said something about being resurrected, so…

Yuuki stole a look towards Kaname and saw he hadn't moved, the older Kuran was just as much of a statue in the middle of the path as she was. The tall vampire looked at the ground with an unreadable expression in his garnet eyes and face. Kaname had been dead before; this the Pureblood female was certain of.

The girl found herself standing. Things slowly falling into place, though she knew (from the many lessons she had with Hanabusa) that the Kuran Ancestor was the first Pureblood vampire, the first king, these were still just clicking. The things that fell into place was the words that Kaname had said in the past that didn't make any sense and his memories, which had only been thought of to be sad dreams or horrible nightmares.

Finding her mind replaying the fight between Kaname and Zero with Bloody Rose transformed back at Cross Academy, the way Kaname could command Bloody Rose's vines to disentangle him, leapt to the forefront of the teen's mind. He had said he was the gun's master, and yet Yuuki had never seen Kaname touch Bloody Rose except for the horrifying moments that Zero had it aimed at their senpai or a member of the Night Class. He was the master of the gun from another time, or…was he its creator?

And then the knowledge of Artemis that Kaname had, she reasoned back at the academy it was because the Dorm Leader had learned about the anti-vampire weapons and wanted to be aware of what the school guardians wielded. But now a new possibility crossed her mind, if he helped create Bloody Rose, then wouldn't Kaname have helped with other weapons against vampires.

With sluggish movement Yuuki inched closer towards Kaname, a couple feet from him she squatted down (like a girl in a miniskirt should when picking something up from the ground) to pick up the carelessly discarded trench coat and proceeded to close the distance between them. Shaking the dirt off of the long coat, Yuuki draped it over her arm before she stood right in front of the multi-titled, kneeling Kuran at her feet.

Face stained with moist tracks from her tears, Yuuki was only glad not to be wearing any make-up, for the stains would have been worse, Kaname still hadn't lifted his head up to look at her. The Pureblood princess felt the silent despair in the air and though her body was so cold and yet numb to feelings, there was still no way she would ever be able to ignore this pull she had towards her fiancée; who looked the most broken she had ever seen him in her entire life.

Finding she didn't want to set Kaname's coat on the ground again, she lifted it up and slid her arms into the sleeves. The coat swallowed the tiny brunette again, but this time she felt the whole presence of the long article of clothing, the hem of the coat skirted the ground and she had to bundle up the sleeves to even get her hands out of the cuffs, but once Yuuki became situated inside the long coat she lifted Kaname's face up.

Those garnet eyes looked at their judge gazing into them, and then they were concealed behind alabaster lids line in thick, black lashes. Kaname let his head rest in Yuuki's hands; as the Purebloods held this silent judging moment, the youngest one just stared at the apathetic face of her beloved elder.

With the new knowledge given to her about her future husband from the source it hurt, but she knew that Kaname was trying to tell her someone wanted to drive a wedge between them. Maybe not so out right, but it was there; and she only needed to inquire further for the prince…er…king to answer the bubbling question.

If there was anything the teen girl didn't need the answer to, it happened to be who were the rare few you could trust? Although her fiancée constantly lied to her, her life was most precious to him than anyone else and so Kaname was trustworthy through and through along with those they mainly resided with. Even if she wouldn't tell them her secrets like she did with some to Yori.

There was something that her heart also told her, that just because Kaname gained a new title, one that made her wonder about experiences that had to have happened in his previous life (she wouldn't exist if they hadn't) but that didn't affect the man he was now. If it did, it had shaped him into being the caring figure she saw growing up, in the Kuran Manor and as the human child on occasions at Cross Academy.

"My beautiful and kind Kaname." The petite brunette murmured and watched as his eyes opened to look at her again. Yuuki shook her head and as her eyes shimmered, lips leaned in towards their mates to touch briefly. Nuzzling his nose tenderly with her own after the faint kiss, Yuuki felt Kaname's left hand resting on her bent waist, "I'm in love with your kind soul and heart, not what you happen to be called."

As Yuuki spoke she closed her eyes and pressed her forehead against the soft, smooth surface of Kaname's. "You have to stop hiding things from me though, how can I trust you if I think you're hiding something important from me."

The older Kuran didn't say anything, not until the little judging one caressed the immovable cheek just to find dampness from a few stray tears. Maybe they had been Yuuki's or they were Kaname's; the princess would never know and she didn't care to find out who was the culprit. The young Pureblood was just happy to know there was not rouge snot running out of her nose marring her loved one's clean countenance.

"I'll answer anything else I have the answers for." His voice was far from being the confident tone that was solely the one Yuuki knew to be Kaname's.

"I don't seek any more answers tonight, Onii-sa…Kaname." The corners of Yuuki's lips stretched upwards. "But perhaps we can still go to the private get away that smells inviting." The teen found herself adding in a soft laugh, "You are not courting me, as you said you would tonight." At least, the girl was certain this wasn't the type of courting that had been in the plan.

Kaname, despite everything, found himself giving out a light chuckle at her words. This time when the older lips found the more youthful ones, there was returning warmth and it caused Yuuki to feel like the ice started to crack - much like her human shell did back in her re-awakening.

"I must be a great disappointment to you as a fiancée."

"If I recall, I'm the horrible fiancée." She retaliated jokingly, letting his warm breath thaw her chilled lips. If she wanted to be mean, Yuuki could always request going back into the large mansion and finding the hidden big screen TV and forcing Kaname to watch a 'Chick Flick' with her. Poking at him every time he fell asleep with her pressed against him, held close in his arms, cuddling on the couch. That was until he pinned her against the couch and the movie moved far from her mind.

"I'll never live those words down will I?" The question came out before another soft kiss, but this one was held between the two, lingering for a moment longer than the previous two in the last five minutes.

"I won't kill you either, Kaname. Those are the words you won't be able to live down." Yuuki realized that both of their voices hadn't rose above a whisper and neither sounded any less hoarse than two having cried for some time.

Among those words spoken, Yuuki found herself pulled down onto Kaname's bent knee and he was hugging her to himself. Coiling her arms around his neck the teen found her face pressing into the crook of her loved one's neck and his face was pressed into her shoulder.

There were no words for a few hundred cricket chirps. Not knowing she had shed a few more tears until Kaname's thumb brushed them from her face, Yuuki could see where there was remains of glistening moisture on Kaname's pained mask, but his dark eyes showed no evidence of any weeping.

"I do have something I would like to give you, tonight. However, dearest, I want you to know this was the darkest truth I held from you. The last of my great secrets, I was afraid of telling you due to my fear of how you would react, and in all honesty this wasn't even a possibility I had thought of."

Yuuki wrinkled her forehead in concentration, "If this wasn't a possibility, me being understanding than why everything in my room and why the secluded location?" She asked in honest curiosity.

"I planned on telling you about my identity after I gave you my gift, and, before you inquire, the blindfold was going to be something for training your powers." He smiled as if remembering how Yuuki had looked when asking her question about the blindfold being removed. "I would have made you take it off with your mind." Answering Yuuki's question, before she even could think it.

"But, we are still working on my control of the elements tied to emotions." She grumbled.

"One of the reasons I need to be home with you; to help you harness that raw power bubbling inside, though it is slowly spiking up to its true strength. I worry about you a lot when I'm away Yuuki." He confessed, taking her from his knee and standing up in a singular swift motion.

"You shouldn't worry about me, Aidou-san and the others won't let anything happen to me when you're away. Aidou-san flips out over everything, and Akatsuki-san with Ruka-san keeps him from being too obsessive over me. On top of that, I'm not a child anymore Kaname, I do not need guardians watching me."

"No, you're not a child, Yuuki, you're a Pureblood princess that is to be the Pureblood Queen. You're priceless to me, you should know that, and Aidou knows how I feel about your safety. Besides, you are still like a toddler with your powers." Kaname countered her statements with his own, before going to a different subject.

"When I have more time off, I'd like for us to go somewhere. I want to get you out and let you know you're not a prisoner anywhere Yuuki. As I feel that is what I'm doing to you, keeping you as a prisoner while protecting you like our parents tried to, and even teach you things that can't be learned from books or loud-mouth, blond genius nobles."

"Be nice to Aidou-san." Yuuki giggled (having been speechless through Kaname's words, and looking ashamed at being compared to a toddler again) at the last comment. How long had Kaname been trying to get time away from the hunters and the nobles? She had almost given up hope but maybe they would be able to have a honeymoon; someplace that wasn't their family home, Cross Academy (though she would love to see the old place again), and Aidou's family estates.

Kaname lightly smiled at the light hearted sound Yuuki gave off, and then slid his hand down to take up hers. "Only if you let me guide you onward, I'll consider it." It was his proposition and Yuuki tilted her head downward, a half-hearted smile on her face, before looking back up towards him to reply with:

"Lead the way, Kaname."