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Alaina was happily rummaging through the multiple boxes and footlockers in her grandmother's basement, marveling at numerous objects she'd never seen before. She was going through one of the larger metal boxes when she saw the unmistakable glint of dulled and dusty metal. She reached down, pushing old blaster parts and ancient holo vids aside, and pulled out a mask of crimson set on black, with a slit cut out where the eyes would be.

Studying it with growing curiosity, Alaina decided to go ask her grandmother, it was her house after all. She tittered quietly with excitement, blew the dust off the mask, and coughed as it blew back into her face. She made her way quickly back upstairs, moving even faster when she heard the sound of a blaster being fired in the living room followed by her grandmother cursing in more than 10 different languages, including Galactic Basic, Duro, Mando'a, and Huttese. The only ones Alaina understood and had her wondering where her grandma had learned them.

"Grandma Chrys!" she cried as she passed through the doorway to find her grandma cleaning a blaster rifle. "What in the galaxy did you do?! Are you alright?"

"Keep your shirt on Alaina, I'm fine." Chrys replied, sounding somewhat annoyed. "I'll have to ask Blair for a new holo vid of the family though…" she muttered, pointing to the charred and mutilated remains of machinery on the mantle. "Stupid thing was jammed," she continued, indicating the blaster in her hands, "I had to fix it. Canderous would kill if I didn't."

"Who's Canderous, Grandma?" Alaina asked, a new curiosity gnawing at the back of her mind at the mention of a name she didn't know.

"He's an old Mandalorian I know," Chrys replied, looking up and then doing a double take, staring at the mask Alaina had in her hands, "Where did you get that?" she asked curtly, causing Alaina to shy away slightly.

"It was in a box in the basement… You knew I was down there, didn't you?" Alaina's former excitement dissipating at the look on Chrys's face. She had never seen her grandmother look so serious. Chrys's expression softened.

"Was it really?" she asked, putting the blaster down and coming over, reaching for the mask, "I thought it was in my room…" she ran her fingers over the crimson colored triangle that made up the middle and main part of the mask.

"What is it Grandma? Where did it come from? Is it yours? How…" Chrys held up her hand, cutting off Alaina's tirade of questions.

"The story behind this mask is long little one. Are you quite sure that you want to hear it?" she asked, sitting down in her big cushioned armchair. Alaina's face lit up as she sat in one of the other chairs in the room, getting comfortable.

"Yes. Yes I would Grandma." She said excitedly.

"Alright then." Chrys started, smiling at the excited look on Alaina's face, "This story takes place a long time ago. Long before even your mother was born…"