Chapter 1: Meeting

I was unable to concentrate, my head spinning from his sexy appeal.

My name is Bella Swan and just moved here from Phoenix Arizona. I left my mother, Renee, and my soon-to-be step-dad, Phil, there so I could come live with my real dad.

Right now, I'm watching Edward Cullen. His hair looks as if he hasn't combed it for the past twelve years, his body smelled, and looked as if he desperately needed a shower. He was beautiful and perfect in every way, but for some reason he purposely stayed away from me.

And for some reason he always wrinkles his pale porcelain, smooth, angelic, masculine nose and furrowed his slim, hairy, beautiful eyebrows all the while plugging his gorgeous, -once again- porcelain nose and an incredibly disgusted expression fluttered across his face.

Then his full, red, smooth, juicy, mouthwatering -sorry these adjectives don't work, I'm trying the best to abuse the thesaurus best as I can- lips would tell me in the most beautiful, angelic voice, soft like velvet, rough like sandpaper that I smelled 'really, really bad.'

Of course, I was too busy drooling and eye raping him when he said it, I paid no attentiveness to his insult.

But I'm getting very ahead of myself. It all started about 2 weeks ago on the first day of Forks High School, in the school cafeteria when I first locked gazes with this angelic, beautiful, perfect creature.

His liquid, golden, intense, iridescent eyes bored and melted my average muddy brown eyes with a single look.

And in that single second I fell in love, just as I did with that other guy from Phoenix, but after a few months he ended up on Date Line and in jail.

"Hey, he's looking at me," a short, petite, bubbly, anorexic almost, raccoon faced brunette shot at me, her lips covered in glossy shiny, pretty, strikingly red lip gloss.

"Oh," I said, looking down at the table, my hair falling into my face like the emo kid I denied that I was.

"You bitch! I'm lookin' at you!" Edward yelled at me, his voice so firm, deep and muscular.

I almost had an erection at his voice, except I'm a girl, pervert!

I smiled brightly, beamed, at his reply, delighted and star struck that a stoned looking man was eye raping me in a school cafeteria.

All day I thought about his intense gaze, imagining which article of clothing he was removing off me with his eyes.

Or maybe, he was thinking of a good alley to rape and kill me in, I blushed at the thought.

I walked in my house and threw my stuff on the floor. Then I walked my normal, average, usual sized feet to the chair.

"Hey Bella-honey, how was your day, sweetie pie?"


"Oh, okay.." Charlie said disappointedly, dragging his feet out of the room.

Charlie always annoyed the shit out of me. You know, being a caring parent who takes care of me and shit. What the fuck is this shit?

Later that day, I somehow managed to climb up the stairs and hung out in my room brooding and whining about life.

Charlie hopping into my room holding the receiving end of the phone, "It's your mother, Bella-darling!"

"Get out of my fucking room, dad!" I yelled, snatching the phone from his meaty hands.

"Hi mom," I pouted as Charlie turned around and left.

"Hi Bella," my mom said acknowledging my existence for once, "Phil told me call you, let's get this over with, I had a massage at 4 that Charlie's paying for with the child support."

"OMG!" I squealed, "There was this boy at school today and he was like SOOOO HAWWT OMGSH!"

"That's great dear," my mom replied, "Hold on I have to take notes on this, and act like I care."

"Okay," I giggled, "Today at lunch he stared at me! For lyk 5 minutes straight! Like he zoned out at my boring, average self! It was SOOOO ROMANTIC!"

"Mmmhmm, eye raping, 5 minutes ,'hawt', got it."

"Thanks for listening mom! There's no way Charlie could ever care as much as you!"

"Yeah, bye," and the line went dead. I smiled and giggled again, falling onto my emo Linkin Park bed sheets.

~*~*~*~*~END OF CHAPTER 1~*~*~*~*~