Ok so I just came up with this one-shot out of complete boredom a couple of days ago and it's been nagging at me to write it out ever since. Well actually I'm not sure if it's going to be a one-shot or not cause for some twisted reason any story I attempt to write these days tends to take matters in its own hands and do the oddest things…

Anywho what I'm trying to say is that this story at any point could suddenly continue forward when you least expect it and start updating itself chapter after chapter and then again you could wait ten years and there'd still be no update to it.

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"Death is my savior…

"Death is my friend…

For he will bring this

Pain to an end…"

The words came out of her pale lips cracked and broken after hours and days of screaming in pain and sorrow till there was no air left to force out.

"Death is my savior…

Death is my friend…

Fro he will bring this

Pain to an end…"

They were sung in a dead whisper empty of any happiness. A sound the devil himself would deem hopeless and despairing.

"Death is my savior…

Death is my friend…

For he will bring this

Pain to an end…"

The silver glint of the dagger shone brightly against pale skin that had long ago lost its warmth.

"Death is my savior…

Death is my friend…

For he will bring this

Pain to an end…"

He stood in the shadows ever present grin if possible widening in prospect of his newest akuma to be; the Earl was in a good mood today.

"Death is my savior...

Death is my friend…

For he will bring this

Pain to an end…"

The Earl took a step from the shelter of the shadows towards the dim moon light that glazed itself eerily down on the singing form of the young pale girl who sat as if praying with a small dagger pressed to her pale throat; long ebony black hair falling around her and spreading across her white gown and cold wood floor like a veil of darkness.

"Death is my savior…

Death is my friend…

For he will bring this

Pain to an end…"

What a beautiful sound it was to the Earl; he was truly the devil in every way in that sense. The Earls signature speech rolled to the tip of his tong as he prepared to speak but withheld for a moment as he savored the sound of the music in his ears.

"Death is my savior…

Death is my friend...

For he will bring this

Pain to an end…"

A bead of crimson began to trail down the blade of the dagger in a thin bloody vein as a ghostly white shadow appeared somewhere from the darkness and padded smoothly towards the raven haired girl.

"Death is my savior…

Death is my friend…

For he will…"

The melody in his ears silenced causing the Earl to peer down at the girl where a four legged figure now sat in front of said girl his snow white head placed comfortingly in the girl's lap patently leaving it there.

"Who…?" croaked the girl painfully lifting her head up making her hair fall back to reveal a once lovely and proud face but now showed one that was bony and frail.

Her dark brown eyes were blood shot and dry making it hurt to open them. But she could feel the warm fur against her cold numb skin. She felt warm now for some reason not only physically but emotionally; felt warm inside.

Her thin body began to shake with unshed tears that abruptly began to cascade down her pail cheeks. A loud clanking sound echoed throughout the small room as the small silver blade clattered to the floor and she through her arms around the neck of the white dog.

"He's… He's gone!" the frail girl sobbed into the dog's neck who in return simply whined to her in reassurance. A small sad smile crept onto her face tentatively and through the thick fur of the dog's neck she said two words to him: "Thank You."

She didn't know who or what this warm creature was giving her this needed comfort but she felt good; happy almost. And to her that's all she needed to feel… to have hope.

The Earl watch the whole scene intently as it unfolded before him.

He could no longer hear the beautiful melody in his ears; could no longer feel the pull of sorrow and hopelessness that had drawn him to the moon light bathed room in the abandoned building.

His overly sized smile faltered ever so slightly. There was no longer any reason to him being there; his reason for coming in the first place was no more. And why was that.

Because of a dog no, more like a wolf. In fact the oddest thing about the creature was its appearance. The wolf's fur was a pure white like freshly fallen snow despite the numerous splotches of grime covering it. Its left front leg was deformed and black with white fur growing in uneven patches over it as if someone had poured acid over the blackened limb. And it was large. At least tall enough for its massive shoulders to reach even above a grown mans waist.

And it was this strange wolf had managed to foil his plans with only a comforting touch and a little patience? It was so stupid the Earl could have laughed right there and then if not for his self control.

The Earl began backing away into the shadows but froze as a low feral growl drifted threateningly his way, somehow producing a shiver that made its way up his spine fearfully. The Earl watched in somewhat of a trance as the white head of the wolf swiveled around like an owls bringing large piercing eyes in his direction that bore into him chilling him to the very core. Eyes a deep bottomless sad grey that seemed to hold intelligence, far beyond that of any normal wolf. The wolf continued to emit the same feral growl deep in its throat that anyone even human could tell screamed one simple command in all of its ferocity "LEAVE!" In fact the Earl could of sweared it really did say that single commanding word behind the growl.

But there was something else in the white face of the wolf that caught the Earls attention almost immediately after the great white head came to face him. And even today he still remembers it; the long red scabbed scare running from its large jaw bone cutting through its left eye. And ending just above the eye where it ended as a splotch of red scabbing, the preeminence of an earlier form showing around the edges of it slightly visible.

"I wander…" mussed the Millennium Earl quietly to himself as he gazed intently at the crumpled picture clenched in his hand with a large red X going through it.

"Hello Earl-sama; what's you doin? ~" came the sing song voice of Road Kamelot who's spiky, blue haired, head had popped up over the edge of the tall chair the Earl sat in, a mischievous smile set on her face.

"Oh Road! I thought I told you to go play with Tyki-pon." The Earl stated as he slipped the crumpled picture into his pocket.

"But Tiki's borrrrring!!!" replied Road as she climbed nimbly over the back of the chair and planted herself in the Earls lap. She wore a short black skirt purple and black striped stockings and a oversized black and silver coat that for the most part hid the overly short skirt from view along with her hands "And besides I wanted to know what's got you Earl-sama so interested in Allen-kun~" She lifting her right hand up at the same time she said this, clutched in it was the same crossed out picture the Earl had been holding only moments before, the coat sleeve on the arm slid down a few inches at the movement exposing the hand below the picture.

The hand, the Earl noticed, was covered by a worn out white glove splattered with drops of long ago dried up blood. 'How long is she going to keep those scraps of fabric' the Earl thought to himself irritably, it always got to him whenever he saw the gloves of his old enemy, that Road had taken to wear almost every day now. And on top of that, she seemed to never take that blasted exorcist coat off either. What was so important about them? Did she really feel that strongly towards the boy they had once belonged to, to be keeping them after that time?

The Earl narrowed his eyes at the uplifted picture now ignoring the hated garments upon realizing what it was that the picture held in its frame. Behind the red mark over the photo the pale face of a boy could be seen. His hair was snow white that fell over his stormy gray eyes framing his face. He had a kind look in his expression and if someone weren't look closely at the picture then they would miss the long red scar cutting though his left eye ending in a pentacle on his forehead that was covered by the darker of the red lines going through the picture.

"Road you know it's not nice to steal~" said the Earl snatching the crumpled picture back and slipping it once more into his pocket; he kept his hand over it in case the other decided to attempt to take it again.

Road put on a childish pout once the picture was taken away from her and looked up at the Earl with a frown. "But Earl-sama I like Allen-kun~" she said in a voice that matched her exasperated expression.

"Oh? Do you now. Well if you like him so much then why did you kill him the way you did? Hmm?" said the Earl looking down on the pouting Road in amusement. Well at least it was pouting because right after the Earl mentioned these Roads face split into a large sadistic grin, her eyes gleaming with the memorable memories of the past.

"Well he was my favorite toy Earl-sama~" said the smiling girl her grin getting larger "Really I didn't mean to break him… That quickly in any case". The Earl chuckled to himself amusedly after the 'Noah of Dreams' said this; the girl had had a most interesting attachment to the troublesome exorcist boy.

"Road~?" asked the Earl; "Yes Earl-sama~" she replied her expression becoming one of innocent curiosity masking her twisted smile. "What would you say if I told you that you could play with Allen-kun again~?"

Her face seemed to take on a very confused expression to the peculiar question as if she didn't understand what the Earl meant by "play with Allen" when he was already dead. But a moment later realization seemed to dawn on her and that same twisted sadistic grin of hers stretched across her face, her lips curving upward unnaturally.

"Really Earl-sama? I can? How? How?" she asked excitedly leaping from the Earls lap and beginning to dance in confusing little circles around the room on tiptoe.

The Earl laughed happily at the girls reaction "Be patent Road. He's not quite as dead as you think but-"

"He's alive! He's alive isn't he!?" she burst out excitedly cutting off the Earl "Wow! I get to play with Allen-kun again~" she said dreamily, quitting her dizzying circles to lean against the dark beige wall across from the Ear; much to his relief.

"Road please don't interrupt me again~" said the Earl with a bit of an edge to his voice now; he wasn't exactly as excited as Road was about this new predicament that he had been trying to deal with for the past few months. "Now as I said before" he continued "Allen Walker is alive but …" he let the sentence hang in the air for a short moment one in which Road took the time to remove one of her worn gloves and, in bloody letters, write "ALLEN" across the wall behind her seemingly oblivious to the edge in the Earls voice.

"But… I don't think we need to bother the boy just yet… He…" the Earl stopped for a moment to think "is rather interesting right now to me, as far as his appearance goes anyway. ~" Although the Earl knew very well that the rebirth of Allen Walker was not a good occurrence for him in any way, he just couldn't help but be curious of the boy, or rather as he was now: Wolf.

Road's finger came to a bloody halt as she finished the last letter of her crimson master piece; she turned her head away from the note "ALLEN WALKER" that she had succeeded in gouging into the wall to face the Earl with angry blue eyes.

"What do you mean I can't play with Allen-kun?" she asked in a flat dead voice.

"And what's wrong with his appearance? Allen-kun's adoooorable~" she said the last line in a somewhat protective tone masking her anger as if the Earl saying something about Allen's looks made her jealous of the other for knowing more about the boy. 'I really do wander what Allen-kun looks like now that he's alive again…' she thought afterward. 'After all it has been almost a year since I last played with him.' She giggled quietly letting her imagination carry her away in contemplation of the white haired boy's current appearance.

Was he still white haired? Did he still have his scar? She was particularly interested in these two as it had always been the thing that set him apart from the other more boring humans.

"I really did like his scar" she mused out loud then turning back to her bloody art work to watch the red liquid slowly work its way down the wall, forming tiny veins of blood down its dark surface like sap running down a tree.

"He does still carry that troublesome scar of his. If that's what your wandering Road~" the Earl said, the edge in his voice lowering.

"He does?" Road about screamed out then wiping her head once again towards the Earl only her voice now held excitement instead of anger.

"Yes he does still have that along with his white hair I might add. Only… It's not exactly considered hair anymore I suppose but rather fur. ~" the Earl finished his explanation glancing towards the blue haired teen across the room already anticipating her reaction to his words.

"Fur?" Road said cocking her head to the side at an angle that would have been adorable if not for the demon face to which it belonged.

"Earl-sama what do you mean by fur? Is he some sort of animal now?" she said the last part somewhat hoping the plump man across from her would say yes. And to her upmost excitement he did.

"Yes Road I believe you are right on the mark~" he said with his ever present smile spread out evilly. "Are little Allen-kun is not exactly as human as he once was. In fact he is more wolf than he is human now-a-days." The Earl couldn't keep himself from chuckling at the reaction Road gave to this new finding despite the fact that he never truly intended for the eldest Noah to find out about Allen Walkers rebirth in the first place. But then again he had to admit three months of looking up on the subject was bound to catch someone's attention eventually, especially with a bunch of overly curious Noah around, and it was just his luck that that 'someone' happened to be Road Kamelot, the boys #1 fan.

"Wow a wolf!! I can't believe it! I love wolfs and I love Allen!! I love both of them and now their two in one!!" Road was back to her confusing circles but now with increased vigor and smaller quicker circles; the Earl was going to have a headache for sure.

"You have to let me play with Allen now! And I won't be taking no for an answer" she said stopping her circles for a second in front of the Earl atop the antique wood table wagging a long gloved finger at him.

"No I'm afraid I can't let you do that Road~" said the Earl in a joyful yet threatening tone.

Road about fell over in shock when the Earl said this crushing her enthusiasm "No I want to see Allen-kun! NOW!" she said regaining her balance once more and crossed her arms in a stubborn manner, glaring at the Earl with as much intensity as she could muster into it.

"The answers still no~" said the Earl unperturbed by Roads stubbornness and cold glare.

"But whyyyyyyy?" Road said now plopping herself down onto the floor jumping up and down on her bottom like a spoiled child having a tantrum.

"Because I said so~" said the Earl still not backing down; smile remaining forever in place.

"I don't care! I want to see him" said Road as she stood up again to point a finger at the Earl looking all the more childish and immature in the action with the tone of voice she used.

"Road if you keep this up I'm going to have to ground you~." Said the Earl still undeterred by the girl.

She narrowed her eyes in anger towards the Earl "You're a meany! I never get to do what I want! You always just treat me like a child! I'm going to ask Tyki to take me! Cause he likes Allen-kun too a will want to see him with me!" she glared at the Earl for a few seconds more after her outburst and sticking her tong out at the unfortunate man turned her back to him and proceeded to march towards the door pounding down her feet with each step to make an uneven tempo for each step she took.

The Earl watched her go before calling out "on your way out Road dear please reframe from…"


"…Slamming the door" he ended the sentence awkwardly, and watched the girl continue down the hall out of the room; he sighed at the splintered door on the floor. It was going to take a while to fix it considering the hundreds of little pieces it was now in. "It was such a pretty door…" he murmured to himself and pulled his hand out of his pocket to find a now balled up picture of Allen in hand.

"Even now you still manage to cause me all this trouble, Allen Walker…" he said crushing the picture even more in his hand till it trickled through his fingers as dust.

The Earl stood from his chair, eyes flickering over to the bloodied message on the wall, an X began to carve itself over the words at his piercing stare making a loud screeching sound as it progressed seemingly of its own accord; the Earl was in a bad mood today.


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