Dear readers of this fan fic. I would like to sincerely apologize for not updating in what has been over a year. I became frustrated with this story in all honesty. It was popular in that many of you seemed to like it but lose ends began to appear left and right. And then I came to the point of posting a chapter with a pure summary of a section of the story… but even then I paused mid explanation for the next part and asked myself "what kinda of story is this when even you, the writer, has to pause in her own summary and try to remember what is what."

So I stopped updating. Just left it. But recently I got an email from someone. It was a person whose story I faved 2 years ago. They sent a message to tell me "hey, I noticed you faved my story… and for 2 years I have yet to update. But the new chapter is out and if you would like, please take a look".

So this is the proposal I give my readers.
If I was to redo the story, not change everything, no. But rewrite the chapters so that things fit. The story flowed… Would you care to read this fan fiction over and me continue thus forth?

Note it would take more time still to take each chapter and do this… but guilt and a love for wolfy Allen has gotten to me with the spark that email lit!

Please leave your responses in the reviews…