Snitch is a collaboration between dolphinherovamp5 (Ashley), pure(dot)ambition(dot)writing (Dimmie), and Zombie's Run This Town (Brittany).

We do not own Twilight or the characters. The plot, however, is ours.

DHV5: Hey! This is dolphinherovamp5 here with the first part of Snitch! Woo! So, I'm writing Bella's POV and this is it. Enjoy!


The green of the meadow seemed brighter than usual today. The flowers seemed to take on more beauty than usual too.

Maybe it was my mood that has caused me to see the meadow a bit differently today. I am so happy today that I know nothing can hurt me as I await to tell the wonderful news to my boyfriend Edward.

Bending down to smell the wildflowers I imagined Edward's face as I tell him the news. I'm sure that he'll be so joyful that he'd start dancing across the room, probably attempting to do a pirouette.

I couldn't help but smile because I know that's what he'd do. He'd be so jovial that it didn't matter if he were in a public place or not when he begins to act like a fool.

I stood up straight and glanced at my wristwatch. It was almost 6 o'clock. Edward should be home soon.

I turned and started my journey back home.


After arriving home I begun to cook spaghetti and garlic bread. The scent of the food wafted in the kitchen and the dining room as I set up the table.

I made sure to make everything as perfect as possible. I didn't want even one flaw to ruin the news as I told my one love.

After lighting one last candle I dimmed the florescent lights and turned on some music that Edward and I loved listening to once in a while.

With a twirl I headed to the living room to wait, my skirt swaying as I moved.


I glanced worriedly at the clock that hung on the wall. It was 10 o'clock and he was still not home. He was usually home by now.

I began to nibble lightly on my fingernails, making them shorter and ragged.

What if he forgot about me? What if he was cheating?

I shook my head. That's complete nonsense. He'd never forget me. He'd never cheat on me. But do I really know him as much as I think I do?

I'm extremely certain I know him more than anybody. I've known him since we were little and we've been dating since high school. I know for sure both of those suggestions are just bull. Nothing to worry about.

But my worrying never ceased.

Not knowing where Edward was and my heart under a truck-load of stress. I went to bed without a wink of sleep and no hope for everything.


I wake up with a start, hope blooming inside, only to be crushed when I see Edward's side of the bed empty.

I rubbed my eyes as I stand up and stumble out of bed, wiping away excess sleep and a few tears.

After I got ready for the day I began walking down the stairs when I heard a knock on the front door.

I couldn't think of anyone that would be knocking on my door so early. Not even Edward if he was just coming home.

After I finished walking down the stairs, I opened the door to find two police officers with grim-looking faces.

"Are you Edward Cullen's girlfriend?" One of the police officers asked, his voice gruff. After a nod from me, he continued. "We are sad to be giving you this news, but your boyfriend is dead."

After the words left his mouth I gasped and could barely move. Edward was dead? Impossible. How could my lover and best friend be dead?

"Thank you for telling me." I croaked, tears threatening to be released.

After I closed the door and made sure the police were gone I slowly walked to the couch in the living room, curled into a ball, and balled my eyes out, wishing the pain to just go away.


I could barely keep my eyes dry during the funeral. I was a mess. Especially when it came time for the burial.

When people began leaving I walked up to where they started to lower the casket into the ground. I could only whisper the words of the news I had wanted to tell him the day he died.

"I'm pregnant."

Hee-hee. I love drama, if you didn't know. And next to come is Alice's POV by pure(dot)ambition(dot)writing!