I pushed the cart down the aisle, my eyes scanning over each item that was placed on the shelf. It was hard to not grab all of my favorites: cherries, cookie dough, mac 'n cheese, Honey Combs. Honestly, the grocery store was heaven for all pregnant women. How am I going to resist it all?

As I passed a small carton of delicious marble-sized cherries, I had to bite my lip and look away to keep from stuffing them into the cart, which I would later stuff into my mouth.

Even after passing, I could already imagine the sweet taste on them when my teeth crushes them and the juice spreads throughout my mouth and touches my taste buds. Seeing this in my mind made it so much harder. My teeth dug deeper into my lip.

It took about two minutes and seventeen seconds to make the cherries skip out of my mind, but soon another item caught my attention. Cookie dough. Oh my god, that stuff is heaven. Maybe I should buy some and then make cookies. The question is am I going to share the cookies I'd bake?

I glance to my left and to my right as I grab one package of chocolate chip cookie dough. As I walk on after sitting it in my cart, I was already smelling the scent of baked cookies and the taste of melted chocolate and cookie singing inside my mouth.

I started breathing slowly and deeply. I needed to stop imagining myself with food. It's actually kind of disturbing. I've never been this obsessed with food and now I want to eat everything in sight. Wonderful.

As I pass a section where the store keeps their potato chips and imagine ranch dressing and hot sauce as dip, I knew that I should just pay and leave. I had everything I needed anyways. I just didn't want to head home yet.

I slowly walked to the front of the store where the cash registers were located. The lines appeared to be short. I guess today wasn't one of the store's busiest days.

Quickly, I put my items on the conveyer belt and wait for the old woman that works the cash register to check-out my items so I could get going.

As I wait for the woman to finish and total up the price, I look around and notice somebody. I looked at the man closely. It felt like I seen him somewhere before, but I knew he wouldn't have a face I would recognize immediately.

The man begun to walk out of the store, but not before I caught a glimpse of a tattoo on the back of the man's neck. Immediately I remembered the memorial. I remembered the man that bumped into me. This was my chance to give him a piece of my mind.

I kept my eyes on him as he walked across the parking lot. The only time I looked away was to pay for my groceries and when the employee asked me how far along I was.

Soon I'm out the door and in the parking lot. I look around. The man was gone.

Seeing that the man was gone, it sort of dulled my mood. I had been hoping to get some answers on why he acted like he did at the memorial. I also wanted to know how he knew Edward. He didn't seem like the type of person my love would be seen with. The man had some kind of tough exterior look to him. It was like he was in a gang or something.

I slowly walked across the parking lot to my car. It was quiet and I could feel the afternoon sun beating down on my back. When I reach the car, I noticed an envelope stuck to my windshield with tape. Stopping by my car, I peel the envelope and tape off of the windshield. I opened it, finding a small note and a picture. The picture was of Alice, Emmett, and I at Emily and Sam's anniversary party. I felt a soft feeling flutter in my chest. I remember that day and I had so much fun. I couldn't wait to see Emmett and Alice, under any circumstances.

After longingly looking at the picture, I look at the note and read it. It was made with letters from magazine articles and stuff like that. It was my first clue of suspicion.

The answers are in front of you. Just look for them.

I didn't understand. The answers to what? Hopefully it was the answers to Edward's death. I glanced around. What should I be looking for? I don't understand.

I hurriedly stuff the groceries into the car and take off like a bat out of hell toward home.

When I get home, I bring in the groceries which I just place on the counter, and grab the cordless phone to call Alice. She picks up on the second ring.

"Hello?" Alice asks.

I take a deep breath and let the next words flow out. "Alice, I got something today."

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