Rated NC17
I Own Nothing

An ex-oneshot


"Show me," Randy whispered again, his voice barely registering on the air as he breathed into Cody's ear, a trail of goosebumps followed his lips as they ghosted across the sizzling hot skin, gently brushing over the shell of his ear to place a chaste kiss to his temple. Cody couldn't help the involuntary shiver that ran through him as he realised what was being asked of him.

"Show you?" he echoed, as Randy buried his nose in his hair, breathing in his scent, his hand trailing lazily up and down the toned tanned abdominals, fingertips tracing lines along the muscles that tensed and quivered to the touch.

"Yeah… Show me what it's like, when you touch yourself," he breathed the last words right into Cody's ear, "Can I watch you?"

Cody gulped audibly, taking a deep breath he tried his hardest not to squeak as his capacity to register what was real and what was an amazing fantasy was blurring so completely that he wasn't sure what the hell was going on, "Watch me?"

"Yeah," Randy kissed the soft skin of his temple again, looking deep into his eyes as his hand continued it's erotic journey all over the taut skin of his abdomen, "I wanna make it real, whatever you were thinking about when I was outside that door, I wanna know. Will you tell me? Tell me so I can make it happen?"

Cody swore he saw explosions of colour all around him as he fell into the deep grey eyes regarding him so intensely, he couldn't even attempt to formulate anything resembling a coherent response, and nodded shyly instead, receiving a smile in return that melted his heart, and every bone in his body turned to jelly.

"So can I?" Randy placed a row of gentle kisses across Cody's brow and down the strong jawline to his neck, nuzzling in again, breathing deeply, needing more of the delicious scent radiating from the man below him, hypnotised by the feel of Cody's body beneath his hands. "Can I see?" He wasn't sure what had come over him, but as he licked a strip down to the prominent collar bone, desperate suddenly to taste more of the delicious skin, he sucked gently on the soft flesh at the base of the eagerly proffered neck, moaning at how pliant Cody was to his touch, putty in his hands.

"I've never tasted a man before Cody, never thought about touching one before tonight, never thought I'd ever want to," He raised his face from the crook of Cody's neck as his hand once again joined Cody's under his waistband, and looking deep into his eyes, he confessed, "But I was wrong,".

He ran their hands together up and down the throbbing shaft, already slick, "I couldn't stop thinking about you tonight," Cody's eyes rolled back in his head at the words as the pressure increased, building up speed, "So will you show me?"


"Show me what to do? Show me how you like it Cody,"

Cody was writhing uncontrollably on the bed, barely able to contain himself, sure this had to be a dream, but as he opened his eyes, he was instantly transported back to the present, losing himself in the depths of grey ravishing his body.

"Just like that, I like it exactly like that…" Cody gasped, already so close,

"Look at me," Randy whispered, his hand coming up to brush along Cody's brow, stroking slowly down his flushed cheekbone to gently tip his chin to face him, "I want you to tell me what you were thinking about, when I was outside…"

Cody's eyes flickered up briefly, hardly daring to believe that Randy was here saying all these sinful things to him, "You… I was thinking about you," he gasped as he instantly felt Randy's hand grasp him tighter, feeling Randy groan into his neck again,

"Oh my god, Cody, what was I doing? Tell me…"

Cody reached forward with his other hand, tentatively holding his palm flat, hovering mere millimetres above the searing skin of Randy's chest, before slowly letting his hand make it's way up and under the material of his tshirt. He felt Randy gasp, shifting his body slightly, holding his breath, "We were still in the shower. You were touching me," he ran his hands slowly up the wall of muscle, feeling every groove, every dip, every tremor that passed through Randy as he worked his way up, "And I was touching you," he eased his hand out from under Randy's, still working his shaft, slowly gliding up and down, and closed Randy's fingers properly around himself, moving his own hand towards the prominent bulge in the front of Randy's jeans.

He felt Randy's hand tighten, his entire body stiffen and he held his breath as Cody ran his hand smoothly over the dark denim, knowing exactly the feel of the tingle that would be running through Randy's nether regions at the touch, and as he felt the responding twitch, he smiled, his other hand leaving the warmth of the toned chest to make short work of the zip, both hands working quickly to free Randy from his confines.

The deep guttural moan that emanated from the very depths of Randy's soul was like nothing Cody had ever heard coming from his friend before, his mentor, maybe it was time for Cody to teach Randy some tricks of his own for a change.

"What else were we doing?"

"In the shower?"

"Yeah, in the shower…"

Cody returned one hand to lazily trawl its way up Randy's taut chest again, taking the tshirt with him as he worked, his other hand quickly slicking up the twitching dick lying against the solid abdominal. He'd always loved Randy's belly, something about actually touching it for real had his eyes glued to his every movement, every inhalation as Randy spasmed below his touch, and his own hips bucked uncontrollably into Randy's hand as he lost himself in the moment.

"We were covered in soap,"

"You were so dirty…"

"So dirty…" Cody's eyes were still trained on Randy's stomach muscles exhaling under his hand, and he could barely think let alone talk.

"And we had to wash it all off…"

"Yeah…" Cody was brought back to reality as Randy's mouth traced a wet line along his jaw, stopping a breath away from his own lips, "Your hands were all over me Randy, we were so wet,"

"So wet…" Randy echoed, transfixed, "My hands were rubbing the soap off of every, single, part of your body, weren't they?"

"Yeah, you couldn't stop, couldn't stop touching me, you, you wanted to… you wanted me…"

Randy groaned, practically beside himself, "I wanted you to touch me too,"


"Yeah, and I wanted you to… I wanted, to taste you," They both instantly bucked into each others fists in unison as their lips met for the first time, gentle at first, soft, then demanding, teeth clashing, mouths devouring each other greedily as the rush of electricity pulsed through their respective bodies, the intake of breath on each side lost into each other's mouths until they gasped for air, before plunging back in for more as the ferocity took over. Cody ripped Randy's shirt over his head in his desperate need to feel more of his skin, Randy's jeans finding their way to the floor along with Cody's shredded boxers.

"Need more, need to see you," he panted, straddling Randy's hips as he lay prone beneath him, cocks straining together as Randy pulled him down flush, chest to chest, claiming his mouth once more as their hands ran all over every expanse of searing flesh available, clutching, kneading, grasping, feeling, holding each other desperately close, before Randy flipped him over onto his back, kneeling above him, staring down at the panting heap below, eyes raking down the lithe body until they locked on their target,

With a noise resembling an animalistic growl, he couldn't contain himself any longer, launching himself on Cody like a man possessed, his hands everywhere, his mouth trailing every inch of exposed, hot, flesh until he'd made his way down to lick delicately at the engorged head pressing firmly into his own moments before.

He circled his tongue around the top, licking his lips at the salty taste, already slicked and almost dripping with anticipation, before taking the entire head in his mouth, hollowing his cheeks and moving his lips slowly further down. When he reached as far as he could go, he slowly moved back up, his tongue pressing a firm line up the veiny underside until he reached the top where it circled the pulsing head again. As Cody thrust involuntarily into his mouth, thrashing about wildly on the bed, he smiled around the thick shaft as he moved down it's length again, finding unparalleled satisfaction in giving so much pleasure.

"I could get used to this," he murmured, smiling again as he looked up to see Cody's eyes shoot wide open in shock, his hands embedded in the pillow behind his head.

"You're not the only one," he breathed, back arching off the mattress as the tip of his cock reached the back of Randy's throat once more.

Randy tried to keep his head there for as long as he could, the little noises escaping Cody's lips spurring him on in his mission, "You taste amazing, Cody, so good," he was slurping his way up and down, faster and faster now, no idea if he was doing it right, but whatever he was doing seemed to be working as Cody's fingers found their way down to entwine themselves in his hair, clutching handfuls and letting go over and over with the motion, holding him down as he went as far as he could go.

"What happened next?" Randy gasped out between thrusts, "In the shower, tell me…"


"Please Cody…"

"You were against the wall, palms flat against the tiles, resting your head against your arm," he panted at the imagery, wondering if he could ever get Randy to do what the one in his head was capable of,


"I was behind you…"

"What next?"

"You wanted it, you wanted it so bad,"

"You know it, you know it,"

"You were screaming at me for more,"

"I wanted to feel you,"

"I was making you ready…"

"I needed it…"

"You were ready, you were so ready,"

"I'm ready,"

"So ready,"

"I need you, Cody," Randy had stopped his incessant muttering between deep throating and was staring up at Cody, his cock still in his hand, pressed to the side of his face as he waited for Cody to look down at him, "I'm ready,"


"Now, I'm ready now," he climbed back up the shuddering body, kissing him deeply as Cody's mind whirled with the implications, before he found himself on top again in a breathless kiss, before Randy pushed him down between his invitingly spread thighs.

Cody just stared for a moment down at the perfect specimen begging him for more, letting his mind catch up with things moving far too fast for it to cope with in its lust fuelled state. But once it had, he certainly didn't need any more incentive to make the most of an opportunity he never expected to be privileged enough to encounter.

"What happened next Cody?" Randy stroked a finger gently down Cody's cheek as he bit his lip before delving straight in.

"I'll show you," he growled, sucking Randy down the back of his throat in one motion, making his hips lift off the bed as his back arched, Cody's spit soaked fingers waited for him to lower himself back down, stroking a wet strip over his entrance.

Randy literally whimpered, spreading himself almost obscenely far apart, clenching as the fingers rubbed small soothing circles around the skin of his most sensitive area, all the while his cock still rubbing excruciatingly hard at the back of Cody's throat. Cody suddenly released him, Randy's moan at the loss short lived as he was quickly taken in expert hand while Cody manoeuvred himself to lick greedily at the puckering hole.

As Randy spasmed above him, he slowly delved in a little bit deeper each time he clenched, withdrawing and sucking and licking continuously, driving himself further forward. Gradually, as he felt Randy relax around the intrusion he sucked one of his balls completely into his mouth, rolling it around his tongue, slowly slipping the tip of his finger into the tight ring of muscle at the same time.

Feeling the clenching subside, he pushed further forward, taking the other ball in his mouth too, rolling between one and the other all the while gently pushing further and further until his finger was completely inside, before drawing it almost completely back out again.

Repeating the action over and over, tonguing and fingering and tonguing and fingering until Randy was crying out for more, he went back to swallowing his cock as he added another digit, and another, slowly easing in and out, making sure he was well and truly ready before teasing him with the first slight brush over the small cluster of nerve endings waiting to send his entire body into overdrive.

Randy literally screamed into the night, bucking uncontrollably, driving his cock inadvertently as far down Cody's willing throat as it would go, hands holding his head there without even realising it as his own head thrashed from side to side on his pillow as he gasped for air, desperately trying to impale himself further on the thrusting digits inside of him.

"Ohmyfuckinggodohmyfuckinggod…" he stammered, writhing uncontrollably, a sweaty mess, rainbow colours playing behind his eyes as he blinked, staring as Cody took his cock in hand again, rhythmically jacking in time with his insistent driving below, before swiftly withdrawing and replacing his fingers with the head of his eager cock.

Randy panted and clenched rapidly, drawing it further into his body, "More! More!" he demanded, grabbing Cody round the neck and pulling him down into a violent bruising kiss, the angle forcing him further inside. Cody stayed still, losing himself in Randy's passionate embrace, smashing of teeth, concentrating on the tight heat enveloping him, desperately forcing himself not to pound into the virgin entry as it relaxed around him. As he waited, as he held his breath, scrunching his eyes tight shut to hold back the desperate desire overwhelming him, Randy ground his hips forward, attempting to impale himself even further, fingers digging hard into the soft flesh of his buttocks, his thighs, his shoulders, leaving red marks in his wake, sure to leave bruises as he tried to find purchase, as he panted breathlessly into his ear,

"What next Cody? What happened next? Did you fuck me through the wall?"

Cody exploded in a cry of pent up longing, pounding away furiously, "Yes! Ohmygodyes, oh my god, oh my fucking god Randy, yes, yes!"

Randy gasped as the movement owned him, totally lost in the sensation taking over every fibre of his being, unable to do anything but feel as Cody drove into his prostate time after time after time, perfectly on target, and he was falling apart, mouth hanging open, hands forcing Cody further and further into him,

"Harder," he panted, almost crying with feeling, with frustration, with desire, with lust, with agonising pleasure, every feeling at once all cramming into him simultaneously, his cock rubbing inbetween them, their skin slick with sweat, the driving rhythm pounding him into oblivion as he actually saw stars. He hadn't even realised he was holding his breath until the sudden gasp for air reminded him to breathe and the feeling coming from deep inside of him began to unwind, like nothing he'd ever felt before, his body desperate for release but never wanting it to end all at the same time.

"Cody…" he cried, desperate, holding him close, all control completely lost as the familiar coil in his belly began to unwind and he thrashed about, completely pinned, his strong thighs completely wrapped around the lithe hips pounding into him with such force, holding him in place, and he didn't even notice the metallic taste in his mouth as he bit down so hard, his lip firm between his teeth as he stilled, lungs at capacity as he held his breath for all he was worth, driving, driving, pounding, thrusting, forcing, and he let go with a string of expletives and Cody's name as he came, hard, the violent clenching of his abused entrance forcing Cody deeper inside and not far behind as he jackhammered madly, losing control, biting down hard into Randy's collarbone to stifle his scream as he followed.

They lay there, panting, collapsed together, no words, no movement, just a messy pile of entwined limbs and sweaty, spent bodies, wondering what the hell just happened, why the hell had they never done it before, and what would be the first opportunity for them to do it again.