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"Alright there, sweetheart?"

The tall, muscled boy ran his hands through his hair as he eyed the red headed beauty lying gracefully on their common room couch.

"Not too bad, sexy, how's yourself?" came the girl's reply; her lips pursed as she raised her eyebrows at him suggestively.

"Oh, you know me, wandering along being my usual gorgeous self," the Head Boy replied, moving closer to the couch to lean his arms boldly on the edge, making sure to roll his sleeves up to give the girl a good show of his forearms.

"That you are," she said in a low voice, her eyes trailing appreciatively over his exposed skin, before coming back up to meet his own.

Hazel on green. Fire on fire.

"Padfoot tells me you've been toying around with that prat Masterson recently," he said leaning closer to her; becoming entrapped in her atmosphere. She smelt of mint.

She chuckled dangerously.

"Hmmmm.....he's good with his hands," the girl reminisced, stretching languidly on the couch making sure that her skirt rode up her thighs generously.

He glanced down her stripped pins, taking as long as he liked to lust after the dull sheen that dragged across her curvy legs.

His eyes met hers again.

"Jealous, Potter?"

He leant closer; the mint intensified, her eyes shone dangerously as the boy took in her deliciously full lips.

"You know I am," he replied passionately, grinding his feet into the floor to stop himself from throwing himself on top of her licentious curves. He wasn't one of her play things that she could provoke into pleasuring her with a simple bat of her eyelashes. That was what separated him from the others.

All the others.

She chuckled again and propped herself up on her elbows and leant forward towards him. He did not miss the way her chest strained against her blouse, thinking fondly of the day when he would be able to tear the bloody thing apart. She always wore the damn shirt two sizes too small.

"What do you say, Evans? Would you like to graduate to a real man, or do you still insist upon stealing your victim's virginity?"

He grinned again, seeing the slight jibe seek into her elegant features. God, he loved that pout.

It was replaced quickly by a smirk. She wasn't one of his many bimbo whores who were on her knees for him as soon as he clicked his fingers. She never gave in. That was what made her different from the others.

The numerous others.

She shrugged her shoulders bashfully, though the motion was ruined by the feral look gracing her face.

"I like them fresh."

He laughed aloud.

To the inexperienced boys of Hogwarts, Lily Evans was a Goddess.

"It's where we're headed, Evans- everyone knows it."

Another vicious smile.

"Then what's wrong with the wait? I find delayed gratification to be so much more.....satisfying."

A growl.

"I'm sick of waiting."

"Oh, does poor baby Potter want his treat now?" she said, pouting and pushing herself up further to come level with his lustful stare, her eyes lidded heavily.

He couldn't help but glance downwards. He wondered if he could persuade that first button to pop with his mind.

He buried his head in her hair, revelling in the scent and holding back a groan when he felt her smooth skin come into contract with his.

"I promise," he said lowly, grazing his lips against her neck, "that it would be more than satisfying, Evans," he finished huskily, nipping her gently and biting back the urge to gnaw on her more when he heard her moan happily.

He opened his eyes to find the scent gone.

She was standing up and stretching whilst he appreciated the view from behind.

"Nice try, Potter. Better luck next time," the red head smirked, turning to walk out of the portrait, her luscious legs still drawing the boy's attention.

He grabbed her arm roughly, stopping her in her tracks. She didn't bother to look back.

"You'll be disappointed with Masterson, Evans. Don't forget us Quidditch boys shower together. I doubt he's even a six."

She turned to face him strongly and he was so entrapped in her gaze that he struggled to hold it together when her hand groped at his crotch.

"I don't think you should be talking so loudly, seven," she said grinning up at him happily after she had felt around enough. "And how many times, Potter. It's not how big it is; it's what you can do with it," she finished, winking sexily, before turning away again.

"Is that why you're still screwing Snivellous?" he asked cattily, his eyes glinting with success.

She laughed loudly, still walking away.

"Petty, Potter. Even for you," she called as she exited the room.

James snarled unhappily as he heard Sirius descend the dorm room steps.

"She still won't put out?"

"Oh, she will. Just for everyone but me."

Sirius laughed loudly, before throwing himself onto the same couch that Lily had occupied just moments before. James wouldn't deny that the view had been infinitely better before Padfoot's arrival. Acknowledging this he turned to leave.

"Where're you off to?"

"To find Angela."

"Ah, the staple 'I couldn't get Evan's so I'll get her' shag."

"Fuck off," he mumbled, traipsing his way out of the dorm room to find the girl who wasn't as curvy as Lily, but was far more beddable. Well, for him anyways.

"Prongs, her thighs aren't going to jump up and straddle you if you stare at them hard enough."

Shovelling some scrambled eggs into his mouth, James begrudgingly tore his gaze away from the tantalizing sight of Lily Evans in a short skirt. Pretending that she wasn't fawning over his prat of a keeper, he brightened slightly when he saw a gaggle of sixth year girls heading his way.


He smirked as he heard a girlish giggle echo from behind him.

"Patricia, baby," he said, winking at the blushing brunette over his shoulder and turning to pull her between his legs.

She giggled again as she squirmed in his arms.

Black bra under a white shirt.

He had to hand it to the girl. She knew how to get his attention.

"I missed you," she purred, her hands coming up to tug on his hair.

"The feelings all mutual, hot stuff. How about you drop by tonight and we get...reacquainted?"

Patricia shrieked delightedly. Beside him, James noticed Remus putting his hands over his ears.

After sending the eager girl on her way, and checking to see if her panties matched- they did- he turned back to his friends.

"Nice," Sirius smirked at him, as James gave him an appreciative nod.

"Didn't you shag her before?" Peter asked in admiration, still eyeing Patricia down the table.

"Nah, that was her sister," James replied nonchalantly, but still managing to wink at Sirius.

"Quite an accomplishment, Potter," came a low voice that made James want to thrust into the table. "Both the Patterson sisters. I'm sure no man has ever accomplished that before," Lily said slyly, making her way past the table, hips swaying wantonly.

"You know, it could be you, gorgeous," James said as calmly as possible, removing his eyes from Lily's body long enough to notice that she had her hair pinned back. Her neck was exposed.

She had upped her game today.

The red-head laughed gently.

"Please, Potter. It could be you. You say it as if you have a choice in the matter."

James didn't get the chance to reply, as he was cut off by a shy voice that made him want to pound his fist into the table.

"Er? Lily?"

"Oh, Vincent, darling!" Lily simpered, running her hands over the Gryffindor keeper's chest as James noticed that he was carrying her bag and her books as well as his own.

The boy's eyes shook nervously as she fawned over him. James rolled his own eyes. Amateur.

"W-w-where do you want these?" Vincent Masterson asked nervously, obviously trying to keep his eyes off of Lily's body.

"Hmmm....I don't know where I want those books," Lily sighed, batting her eyes at the boy. "But I know where I want you," she purred, biting her lip and pressing herself up against James's keeper. "My room. Ten minutes?"

Vincent looked like he was dying from anticipation. He nodded his head frantically.

"Masterson!" James barked forcefully, as the boy tore his eyes away from Lily unhappily. "We have practise in ten minutes."

"Er...." the boy stumbled out, looking between James and Lily.

Lily batted her eyelashes and lowered her eyelids. A small smile made its way onto Vincent's face.

"Masterson?" James bit out lowly.

Lily bit her lip, and threw her fingers into the boy's hair, twirling the ends of the blonde curls around her fingers.

"Masterson, you miss this practise, you're off the team," James snarled, unhappy that Lily was obviously winning.

The boy's eyes widened. Ha. That got his sodding attention.

Not even throwing James a glance, Lily's fingers graced the boy's cheek, pulling his gaze back to her. Slowly, she trailed her fingers down her neck and over her chest before finally pulling one of the buttons open.

She turned on her heel quickly and walked briskly out of the Great Hall, victory assured.

"S-s-sorry, James," Vincent stuttered not even looking at him as he grabbed the books and bolted out after her.

"Bloody hell, Prongs, we have a game on Saturday!" Sirius moaned, shoving his plate away from him.

"I know," James groaned unhappily, putting his head in his hands.

"Couldn't you just have let him shag her and be ten minutes late?" Sirius asked, as James grinned at Sirius's obvious joke.

"You do realise what you've done, don't you?" Remus asked, knowingly. James shook his head.

"You've given her ammunition. She'll be after everyone on the team now," his intelligent friend finished, as James gave in and finally did bang his fist of off the table.

"Goddammit! You're right. And she'll get them too."

"One can only hope," Sirius said, grinning slightly and looking towards the door.

James shot him a look.

Sirius chuckled lightly.

"Oh please, Prongs. You look as if it hasn't happened before."

"Don't remind me," James snarled. "Come on. We've got to go practise throwing Quaffles at an empty goal post."

"You know, you're not actually giving me a reason, Evans."

"I don't see the need to."

"You'd rather see me struggle unhappily along?"

"Amongst other things," she smirked; eyes still trained on the book and blazing alight in front of the common room fire.

"Pray...what would these other things be?"

"Oh...I don't know...I guess I could stand to see you shirtless."

"Heh...nice try. A privilege reserved only for the naked women found in my bed," James grinned, sidling closer to her with his arm around the back of the chair.

"Pity. I'll guess Sirius will have to do."


"No, Potter. Sexy as hell."

"You, me or him?"

"How about all three of us?"she asked cheekily, finally turning her gaze to meet his.

"I don't share, Evans."

"Hmmmm...little boys who don't learn to share usually end up with nothing at all."

"I was never fond of that idea. Generally, when I want something, I take it."

"I can see that that's worked out very well for you so far, Potter," Lily responded raising her eyebrows at him suggestively.

"I have a long-term plan," he stated cockily, stretching his arms behind his head and smirking when he noticed her checking out his muscles.

"Unhuh. So do I Potter. Unfortunately, it doesn't include you."

"Again...you're still not telling me why Evans."

Neither of the pair had turned around to notice that quite a few amused Gryffindors had gathered behind them to watch the evening show. The muggleborns thought it was better than television.

Lily sighed and set down her book, turning to face him fully, and smirking when she noticed him gazing at her body with his mouth open.

"You really want to know?"

"I await with breath that is bated, Red."

From behind her Lily heard Marlene McKinnon whisper, "This is going to be good."

"Alright Potter. Here it is. We all know the reason that I won't screw you has nothing to do with your looks, so you can put your ego to bed happy. I have been known to attend the odd Quidditch game purely for the purposes of seeing you sweat, and trust me...if my draft picks were based purely on looks...you would have been first."

James smirked widely at the surrounding group which had now grown a little bigger. He noticed Patricia Patterson dawdling around somewhere, but he was too eager to hear this to give it up for some baby.

He congratulated himself. So far, so good.

"However...unfortunately for you, I don't pick my...victims, as you say, based on attractiveness. You should know this about me by now, Potter. I don't have sex for relationship purposes, I have it for fun. Therefore, my criteria for a mating partner is significantly different than any of the brainless models you have presenting you their backside on any given night."

A small part of James was laughing intently. Only Lily Evans could make a talk about shagging sound like it was written by Bathilda Bagshot.

On the other hand, he did not like where this was going.

"You have a reputation, Potter, as do I. Only the difference is that I listen to what is said about you. I doubt you've even conversed properly with one of my conquests. Therefore, you have no idea whatsoever about what I am like in bed. I, on the other hand, am fully versed in the sexual prowess of Mister James Potter. I have listened. I have made my decision. I do not want you."

The group gasped collectively as James tried not to look too insulted. What had those girls been saying about him?

"Oh, don't look so put out, Potter," Lily laughed patronizingly. "No one has given you a bad report. At least not in their eyes. I remember they were all exactly the same; 'he threw me down on the bed, growling furiously with a hungry look in his eyes. As he descended upon me, my body trembled in pleasure when his hands clasped around my breasts and he thrust into me violently. I screamed in pleasure and pain as his movements grew more rapid. Feeling my peak coming, I called out his name as I came, his hardened member releasing into me as he, himself, groaned happily. Then he pulled out of me and I fell asleep in his arms.' Sound about right, girls?" Lily questioned the group, as the girls all nodded the affirmative.

James ignored this as he wondered why she didn't want that. It sounded alright to him. Especially if he was doing it with Lily.

"Apologies, Potter, but that's not my type of sex," she said, giving him an apologetic look. "For one, I am never on my back. Sound about right, boys?"

The boys all nodded, including Sirius, who James had just noticed.

"For another, all of the above tells me exactly what type of lover you are Potter. You like...leading with your favourite organ, shall we say. I on the other hand, happen to like....hands...fingers....tongues," she continued, grinning wickedly at the males in the group. "I don't like to come once. I like to come many times. And I .always .come. first. When I finish with a guy, he generally can't walk straight for three days. Never once have I ever heard a rendition of your escapades that involved anything other than your lower extremity. And I certainly don't have time to baby you and teach you how to satisfy a woman with your mouth." She sighed. "Potter...I am the dominant. You are the dominant. We both like to dominate. We both get off on it. If we were together, who would dominate? Either way, one of us ends up unsatisfied, and that is definitely not my type of sex. You would end up throwing me on my back and pounding into me, and I would end up kneeing you in the balls. It just wouldn't work, darling. I expect a lot from my men, which is why I get them young. Then they are trained. But you Potter? You're just too ingrained in your old ways to learn anything new. I could teach you a lot Potter, but I sincerely doubt that you are willing to learn. Sorry, sexy, but...well....we're just better off as we are. Trust me, you're a great warm up," Lily finished smiling slightly brushing him on the chin lightly, as James sat there gobsmacked.

"Speaking of which, Vincent is still chained to my bed. Enjoy Patricia tonight, Potter and don't worry. I'm sure I'm wonderful on my back in your imagination," she said as she parted, winking at him and licking her lips.

Seeing that the show was over, the group began to disperse, whispering of how James Potter had just got his ass handed to him by the hottest girl in school.

"Sorry mate," Sirius said sympathetically, clapping his hand on James's shoulder before wandering off somewhere. James was still too shocked to move.

Glancing up slightly, mouth still hanging open, he noticed Patricia standing there. Still dazed he mumbled, "Patricia?"

"No James!" she shrieked, as James understood now why Remus always covered his ears. "I deserve better than to be just tossed on my back and pounded into! I deserve fingers!" she finished, making a small humph sound and crossing her arms, before stalking off.

James put his head in his hands. Two years of shagging only for his reputation to be sent down the drain by one girl. His equal if he was honest.

God...did she actually say...?

I have made my decision. I do not want you.

The sharp realisation hit in. For the longest time James had just thought she was playing hard to get. After all, she was flirting with him and the chase turned him on. But she had actually meant it. She had actually shot him down.

He laughed wryly. If he hadn't have been so shocked he would have been rock hard. Hearing her say dirty words was possibly the most desirous thing he had ever heard.

Groaning, he threw himself back on the couch and lay down rubbing his temple.

Pfft. Didn't know what to do with his tongue. Utter rubbish. Just because he didn't partake in that particular activity didn't mean he didn't know what he was doing.

....His neck got sore.

And besides, his lack of attention to that area of sex didn't mean that his women left his bed any less satisfied. Evans had no clue what she was talking about. Only she had everyone believing that she did.


Ugh. He'd have to starting building up his reputation again.

Well, no time like the present, he said to himself as he threw himself off the couch and went after Patricia.

He'd always liked taking girls up against the corridor wall in the fifth floor.

James smirked.

If...When he finally got his way, as he always did, he'd have precious 'foreplay Evans' begging on her knees for him to take her there.

His smile grew wider.

James Potter was nothing else, if not resistant.