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Notes: AU, pre-Naruto, no Bijuu, one-shot, follows Incarnation…sort of. This idea came out of nowhere, really. It's purely a humor piece, an "omake" as far as I understand the word, and if (that's a very big "if") there is ever more written for Incarnation this won't be "canon" to that…

I hope that you enjoy it!

Where Do Babies Come From?
An "Incarnation" Omake…


Minato paused in reviewing the paperwork on his desk and looked down by his chair to find four-year-old Naruto staring up at him.


"Can I ask you a question?" the little boy asked, his chubby, whiskered face strangely serious.

Setting down his pen, Minato turned his swivel chair to face his son. "Of course you can."

Naruto titled his head and asked: "Daddy, where do babies come from?"

Minato's mind blanked. It didn't matter that he was considered a genius ninja, or that he was the Hokage. This was one of the questions that any parent dreads.

"…Did you ask your mother?"

"Yeah," Naruto nodded energetically. "Mommy told me to ask you about it."

Damn it… "Well…it's sort of a complicated thing…" Minato hedged, stalling for time to find some simple answer that didn't require him going into explaining what sex was.

Naruto frowned. "You don't know, Daddy?"

"I know," Minato insisted. "I'm just trying to find a good way to explain it."

The little boy tried to be patient as he waited for his answer. But he was only four and was always so active. Waiting was against his nature. After a few minutes of squirming, he couldn't take it anymore.

"So where did I come from, Daddy?"

"Where did you come from?" Minato repeated, and spied a way out. "Well…to get you, your mother and I painted special circle on the ground, we prayed, and then a goddess came and took little pieces of us that she put together to make you."

Naruto's bright blue eyes were very wide. "Really?"

"Mm-hm," Minato nodded.

"Wow!" The boy grinned and scampered off to play. "Thank you, Daddy!"

Minato smiled and returned to work. He was very pleased with the answer that he'd come up with. In Naruto's case, it was the truth; and if other adults were to hear it, they would just think it was a fantasy story made up to explain things (a far move believable one, he thought, than storks or cabbage patches). And his retelling left out the complicated and disturbing bits such as the involvement of a nine-tailed fox demon or that that demon had killed multiple Leaf-nin and probably countless other humans over several centuries.

It was the perfect answer.

…At least he thought so.

Kushina, who greeted him with narrow dark-blue eyes when he returned home from the office, did not agree with that opinion…

"…You told him what?"