Fasten your seatbelts, dear readers, it's about to get crazy. Just a quick note, we're taking Ragner Fell, a great warlock mentioned in City of Glass, and making him a very important character. He's the mentor and friend of Magnus. Just thought you should be aware.

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Ragner: I was surprised how long it took me to get your number, Alexander. My name is Ragner. I'm sure Magnus has told you about me. It has come to my knowledge that you have become quite the recluse. Something on your mind?

Alec: Ragner? As in Ragner Fell?!? Why in the Angel's name are you texting me?

Ragner: Perhaps I'm simply curious about your current condition. That fool Magnus has become as dull as a mundane, however he has a fracture in his reasoning.

Alec: Is Magnus…is he okay…?

Ragner: Not particularly. He's very out of sorts.

Alec: Did he talk to you about what happened?

Ragner: Do you think he talked to me? He talked to me about it before it happened.

Alec: He talked about it…before it happened? Was it some big joke between you two? Was he just planning from the start to take my virginity and kick me out? Ragner, we hadn't even been awake for five minutes…and he told me to leave. He didn't even look at me, not once.

Ragner: This I know. But understand that it was never a joke. I take sex very seriously. Joking about it would destroy its sanctity.

Alec: But Magnus doesn't take it seriously. He made that very clear from the start. But I thought that I could be different, his exception, but Magnus doesn't make exceptions. He has a reputation to keep.

Ragner: Sure he does. But as we speak, Magnus is not planning a party or erotic encounter. He stays inside and gets Chairman Meow to answer the door. He's a disgrace.

Alec: What!?!? Magnus not throwing a party? Are you sure about that?

Ragner: I'm positive. Don't you think I would know? The poor boy is pathetic.

Alec: But I don't understand, what's wrong with him?

Ragner: You tell me, Shadowhunter…

Alec: …how long has this been going on?

Ragner: Hm…how about you take a guess…

Alec:…two weeks…

Ragner: Correct. For two weeks, no one has seen Magnus except me and one or two of his clients, looking solely for a potion or curse.

Alec: But he seemed perfectly fine when I left. He already had a date planned with the high warlock of Manhattan.

Ragner: He never mentioned a date. Hm…well for all I know, he has remained quartered off.

Alec: Ragner, you still haven't told me why he's acting like this.

Ragner: I'm not going to tell you why. You must find that out for yourself. If I were to tell you, you would not believe me. You must hear it from his own lips.

Alec: Look, I don't want to see him. If I go back there all the memories of that night with him are going to come flooding back to me…I've tried so hard to forget…

Ragner: Believe me when I say that I understand. But something must be done.

Alec: Then why don't you try talking to him. He'll listen to you.

Ragner: I did. It was a waste of my valuable time. For once, Magnus Bane would not take my advice.

Alec: I want to help him, but I don't know if I can.

Ragner: You can always try. Please try. For the sake of an up-and-coming warlock, if nothing else. But, of course, there could be something else, yes?

Alec: …so then you know…don't you? You know that I've fallen in love with Magnus Bane.

Ragner: I had a subtle feeling. I also have a feeling that Magnus might have sensed this that morning two weeks ago.

Alec: But when we woke up, I remembered I had screamed his name. When I looked into his beautiful eyes, I hadn't just given him my body…I had given him my heart as well…

Ragner: Hm…that seems to be a common pattern with those who associate with Magnus.

Ragner: But most of those people just see him as a beautiful man and they lust after him, and Magnus indulges in their fantasies because he craves pleasure. I don't want Magnus just because of his body. I want to go on dates with him, watch his stupid movies, talk with him for hours, laugh with him, go out on the town together, or just stay at home in each other's arms. Ragner, I want to be with him because of who he is, not because of what he can offer me.

Ragner: Than you are truly and irreversibly in love with him. Don't you think that you might regret it if you let him slip through your fingers when he has this obvious fracture that could be a potential hope? To be completely honest…I envy you.

Alec: You envy me? But why?

Ragner: If you must know, I too have certain attachments to Magnus. But for multiple reasons, I needed to move on. Two warlocks like us would make a terrible pair. Well…for a long period of time anyway.

Alec: Ragner, I'm sorry. You know, he'd probably choose you over me.

Ragner: Haha, don't be ridiculous. I satisfied him once. I made him twist and scream just as he made you. Since then I've been nothing but a father to him. His life, and mine, have continued just as before. This factor is the only difference in our situations. He is up heaved

Alec: Ragner, will you be completely honest with me?

Ragner: Yes, what is it?

Alec: Do you honestly think I have a chance with Magnus?

Ragner:...Honestly, I do. He has never acted this way about anything. Perhaps you really are his exception…

Alec: …I want to be with him so badly…but I need to know why he pushed me away…why he broke my heart.

Ragner: And that, young Shadowhunter, is something you must ask him yourself.

Alec: All right…I'll go see him.

Ragner: Good. Please let me in on the outcome. I'm sure Magnus wouldn't want to talk to me.

Alec: Ragner, thank you. If you hadn't texted me, I probably wouldn't go to him. Thank you, I can see why he looks up to you.

Ragner: Hm, you are welcome

Alec: Oh Ragner, one more question, sorry. Is he bad?

Ragner: Bad? What do you mean bad?

Alec: When I go to see him, what will I find?

Ragner: Well, I haven't exactly seen him in a few days. But when I went to check on him yesterday morning, he wouldn't even answer his door.

Alec: Okay, thanks again, Ragner.

Ragner: I wish you the best, little friend. Love him well.

Alec: I will, Ragner, for the both of us.