"Mom. Can I please have a little sister?" A young Seeley Booth begged, "I promise I'll treat her good and I won't let anything bad ever happen to her."

"Why do you want a sister Seeley you have a little brother." His mother didn't want anymore kids. She felt stressed as it was.

"Nick had a little sister and I want one too!"

"I'm sorry Seeley. Maybe when you get a little older." Seeley felt defeated. He walked to his room, his shoulders fell glumly around his chest, a sad look of pain plastered to his boyish face. He laid on his bed and looked at a picture of his family. It just didn't look complete.

I opened my eyes to reveal my apartment. What a strange dream. I didn't see much of my mom but I remember that memory the most. I asked her that question, two weeks later she left, and visited us a few times after. I wondered where she went but I never looked. She didn't want to have part in our lives so it wouldn't do any good to visit her. That day I couldn't get my mom out of my head, every time something happened it would remind me of her and how she left us. Even when she would visit and see our dad and what he did to us, still she never stayed. We tried, we showed her the bruises.

"Bye boys." She would smile and pretend everything was normal. Her goodbyes seemed more as if she were saying "bye, I'm off to the store now. I'll be back in a few" but they weren't. They were goodbye forever. Once I was eleven she stopped coming around completely.

"Booth. Booth!" Bones was yelling at me from my passenger seat.

"Sorry. What?" I had totally blanked out.

"I decided that you are right."

"Really? What about."

"That I need to stop getting boyfriends just for sex. I.. I want to feel...more. I want to make love. I want to be able to have one person for everything. Friendship, someone I can trust who I've learned from, and to make love." She was so beautiful, sometimes a little tenacious but that was all right. It made these moments even better. The only problem was I didn't want her finding that in anyone else but me. I loved her. More then anyone else. More then she would ever know. I couldn't let her know.

"Good for you Bones. But be careful who you decide to get together with." I dropped her off at the Jeffersonian and went home to sleep. I had to shake my mom off of me. I knew I would end up in the nut house if I didn't. I just couldn't stop thinking of how I caused all that bad. If I just wouldn't have asked my mom for a little sister she would still be at home. She wouldn't have felt pressured to leave and everything would be normal. My dad wouldn't have beat us and Jared would have been able to grow up normally. I tried to fall asleep but I just kept thinking about my dumb question. How could I have wanted a little sister bad enough to make my mom leave? Why did my mom's birthday have to come, why did I remember it? She's out there, probably celebrating while I can't forget her. I decided to have a beer so I went down to my favorite place. I got dinner while I was there too. When I went home I was able to fall asleep. Thankfully I dreamed of sweeter things. Bones.


"Emiliya Prudencia Denner." I heard my dad in the front room. He must have seen the empty space on the wall where the clock used to be. I accidentally hit it with my backpack when I came in from school and knocked it off the wall. I didn't think he would realize. It was the ugliest thing I'd ever seen anyway.

"Yeah Dad." I really wasn't in the mood to get in trouble right now. I had better things to do. Like homework.

"What happened to the clock. It's not in it's spot." He didn't look mad, just sounded it, so he must be frustrated.

"It fell and broke so I threw it away. It's in the kitchen trash. Are you okay dad?" He covered his forehead with his hand.

"I'm alright sweetie just a tough day at work. My boss is trying to fire everyone but we need the workers."

"I'm sorry Dad." I gave him a hug and he reciprocated, "I love you."

"I love you too hun." My dad had been having a really hard time ever since my mom died, it wasn't easy for me either. We had really been relying on each other these past two years. It still feels like yesterday those police officers came to my door with her wallet. Clear as day that memory remains in my head. No matter how hard I try I can't get it out of my head.

"You probably have things to do." That was Dad speak for, I have tons of things to do so I'd better get to it. I would have gone bowling but the only person I really wanted to hang out with was Michelle. She was my best friend. When I looked at her life I was glad I still had my dad. Growing up it was just her and her dad and then he died a few months ago. She lives with this new lady, she said she knew her before. Her name is Cam. She's a pathologist. I didn't really see much of her though. Usually when I was at her house she was at work.

3 Weeks Later


"Bones we got a case." We hopped in the car.