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Cam and Michelle left and I was alone with a teenager who had had lost both of her parents. Her story reminded me of Bones', maybe I could get them together sometime? Emiliya was in her new room doing who knows what. It was lunch time so I decided to go see if she wanted to go get something, or maybe I was just interested in what she was doing. I knocked on her door a few times and heard a faint, "yes?"

"Hey, it's Booth, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go get something to eat? I know this really good place." It was quiet for a few seconds before she opened the door.

"That would be great, I'm starving!" She patted her stomach. We got into my SUV and began the drive to the Diner.

"I'm sorry, about your parents I mean. I, I." I couldn't do it! I couldn't talk about my past. It didn't seem like it would help if I told her my story anyway, it wasn't that great.

"You what?" She caught on! I wasn't ready to tell her, if I ever would be.

"Nothing, I'm just sorry for your loss." She nodded and looked out the window.

"It's alright. My mom always seemed distant anyway, like in her mind she had more places she wanted to be then with us. I think my dad was just too stressed. He was a complete mess ever since my mom died and stressed over everything. Now they're at least together. Right? Free from this world, and me."

"I'm sure they don't look at it like that. I'm sure they wish they could be with you. Especially right now." I saw a small tear fall from her eye. She quickly wiped it away with her hand and shut her eyes, "I know it's hard to lose a parent, but at least you know they love you."

She nodded her heard, her eyes still shut tightly and her head resting on the car side. We pulled into the parking lot and we sat in the car for a few moments so Emiliya could compose herself. She didn't want to go in crying. She wasn't actually crying but I knew she was just a few words away.

In the diner the conversation changed to more lighter subjects. We talked about school, sports, and other stuff. I learned she really liked math and history, she played soccer and did ballet. She didn't have her driver's permit though. We were going to work on that.

Two weeks later


I was really starting to settle into life with Booth. He was a really cool guy but sometimes a little too strict. He wanted me to go to work with him because I didn't have school. It was some holiday. I didn't know what it was though, all I knew was I got off of school and I was happy with that much information. We went to the J. Edgar Hoover building and I got a visitor's pass. We went to Booth's office. He had a picture of his son Parker. That kid was so funny. He was good at entertaining, probably because all of his crazy ideas he came up with. I just went along with them and they were actually really fun. We would go up to random people and tell them really weird things. People thought he was cute, and me, I was just a weird teenager. Booth told us to stay inside but we walked to the park and luckily we got back before Booth got home.

"Hey, Agent Booth. Can I have a few words with you?" A younger man with curly dark hair asked Booth.

"Yeah, one second Sweets." He closed the file he was working, "I'll be right back." He shut the door behind him and they talked right outside the door. It took only three minutes and he was back in but the man was still standing outside the door.

"Who was that?"

"That's Dr. Sweets. He's a psychologist. He actually wants to know if he can speak with you." I was going to talk with a psychologist? Did Booth actually think I needed one?


"You know you don't have to talk to him if you don't want to."

"It's alright. I don't really mind." I left Booth's office where the man stood waiting for me. I'd never talked to a psychologist or anything like one. When my mom died I told my dad I thought he should but he didn't like the idea too much. He thought a man should act like a man and when he has a problem that is not fixable he should just suck it up. I didn't necessarily agree with that.

"Hello. I'm Dr. Sweets. You are Emiliya I presume."

"Yep. Emiliya Denner at your service." He walked me into this room, an office with furniture.

"Please, take a seat." He gestured towards an armchair. I sat down in the comfortable chair. They were a lot different then Booth's.

"Are you going to talk to me about my parents or something." He sat down in the seat across from me.

"Actually, I was going to ask how things are going living with Agent Booth."

"It's pretty good. He's a really easy person to live with. There's just something I don't understand. He's a great guy, or at least from what I've seen, and he's good looking but yet he's single. Why doesn't he have a woman in his life?" I probably shouldn't have gone there. This guy seemed to know him pretty well though and I was starting to ask myself what was wrong with him and everyday I would try to pinpoint it but I never could.

"Well. He's not completely without a woman. He does have someone who is very important to him."

"Well then why aren't they together?" It seemed simple. Right?

"I may not be the right person to tell you this." He was helpful! If he knew why couldn't he tell me. I was living with the man for heaven's sake. I had to know what was up. We finished up our talk, luckily I got away without having to talk about my parents. He led me back to Booth's office.

"Thanks for talking with me." I don't know why he cared. It didn't feel like a very fulfilling meeting, actually it kind of felt pointless.

"You're welcome." When I went back into Booth's office I had a mission. I sat down in the chair in front of his desk.

"How'd it go?"

"Alright. We didn't really talk about anything important." I didn't know how to bring up this girl. I had to think of the right way to word it so he didn't know that I knew anything.

"So when are we going to do the fun stuff? Don't you ever get out of the office? Don't FBI have partners?" A smile made it's way onto his face. I asked more questions in that one sentence then I had all day.

"I usually only leave the office if I have a case. We could go visit the squints at the Jeffersonian though." That was where Cam worked. I was sure the mystery girl wasn't Cam though. The first day when I went to his apartment I could tell they were just friends. It only took about five minutes to get to the Jeffersonian. When we got inside he needed to use the restroom. While he was gone I asked to see Dr. Cam Saroyan and they directed me her way. I saw Cam working but I had to find this girl. I saw a very pretty brunette, maybe she was the one? It would be a lot easier once Booth got here, I bet he would basically point her out! The I heard a vice behind me.

"There you are! You just left! And you managed to find you way over here."I gave him a big smile, "Here, come here." We walked to a platform and Booth swiped a card and we walked up.

"Hi Emiliya." Cam greeted me with a smile.


"Hey, where's Bones?" Bones? There were some bones right there. Why did he want bones? Just then a beautiful woman walked towards the platform with a blonde boy who was also young like Dr. Sweets.

"Hey Bones!" Booth exclaimed. I knew it! That must be the girl he likes. His look and whole demeanor changed when she entered the room.

"Hello Booth. Do we have a case?"

"No, Emiliya just wanted to come down to meet you. She's been stuck in the office with me all day." The woman who was now standing on the platform next to us turned to face me.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Temperance Brennan. I'm Booth's partner." Booth knew many doctors. Cam, that Sweets guy and Bones.

"Nice to meet you."

"You are the Denner, right?"

"Yes." Dr. Brennan, I can't remember her first name, had to do something in her office so naturally Booth and I followed. He sat on he long couch and I followed suit.

"What are you doing tonight Bones?" She sat typing at her computer. Her office was filled with artifacts and bones.

"I was going to do some limbo cases but I think I'm just going to go home."

"In the lab too mush huh Bones?"

"No I just don't feel like working tonight." I was wondering where this conversation was heading. When was he going to ask her out. I needed to go talk to someone besides these two. Someone who might understand this dilemma.

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