The Beyonce Case

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Pairing: Dean/Castiel

2. EGO

The first time Castiel heard the song he was in Bobby's house using the ancient cassette player. It was Dean's birthday in a week and he knew the hunter would get mad at him if he spent too much of their money on a present. So the rebel angel thought long and hard in what to give him, and in spending time with Dean he noticed that lately he had been humming non-stop some song about a halo. At first he thought it was a gospel song and that was what had drown his attention in the first place. But then he heard a bit more and noticed it was some kind of romantic song. Knowing that, he asked Sam what was it that Dean was singing so much lately. He answered something about Dean being brainwashed by a pop singer named Beyonce. Cas saw the perfect opportunity for a cheap but nice present. He went to the store and asked the clerk about a music playing device from this Beyonce which had a ballad that sounded like gospel music. The clerk took like ten minutes to realize what he was talking about, but handed him the CD and pointed out "Halo" on the track list. The angel looked at the slim case and wondered how could a cassette fit in there but he paid, nonetheless, and exited the store.

When he got to Bobby's house with his lonely shopping bag, Bobby asked him what it was. He looked around to make sure Dean wasn't around and answered that it was Dean's gift, showing him the slim case with a dark skinned naked woman covering herself with her arms on the cover. Bobby thought it a weird for a gift for Dean, since the younger hunter hated pop songs but also explained that Dean wouldn´t be able to listen to it because he didn't own a CD player. Cas was very disappointed for baying the wrong gift but Bobby took him to the basement and found there a cassette player that had also a CD player. Got the ex-angel a tape and thaught him how to record a CD into the tape. Since it was an old device, he would have to keep it playing so that the tape recorder could work and that's when he first heard the song.

"It's too big (big)
It's too wide (wide)
It's too strong (strong)
It won't fit (fit)
It's too much (much)
It's too tough (tough)
He talk like this cause he can back it up
He got a big Ego
Such a huge ego
But, I love his big ego"

And that was so close to his feelings that he wondered for a moment if she had some kind of psychic power. Then he thought he was being ridiculous and that she was just a kindred spirit who fell in love with someone with a big Ego… Someone like Dean. Castiel smiled and felt warm inside due to the feeling.

Loving God was sublime but being IN love was so full of sensations that it made the former angel smile to himself as he decided to get himself a copy of that song, just so that he could think about Dean when he listened to it.

Dean's birthday came, and when he opened Castiel's gift he instantly blushed.

"I heard you singing this woman's song. I hope you liked it." The former angel said.

"Thanks, Cas. I appreciate it." Was Dean's answer.

Had he been so obvious? He thought, but looking at the angel's face, and thanked God that he was so clueless as not to notice why Dean liked Beyonce's song. He, then, smiled to the angel feelng good inside for knowing Cas would notice something so simple but yet so personal about him. Something only Sam had noticed before (and NOT in a good way).

Days passed and Dean asked Sam for their next hunt. Sam came to the table where he, Dean, Cas and Bobby were discussing the next hunt with just a slim CD case in hand and put Dean's Beyonce CD on the table.

"What the hell are you doing with that?! That's MINE!" Dean said, getting pissed by the minute.

"It's our next hunt." Sam answered.

"Are you out of your mind?!?" Dean was shouting.

"Dean! This woman must be some brainwashing old god. First you, I mean, YOU, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin fan, YOU start singing one of her songs like a broken record. And then, Cas, Gospel music loving Castiel, angel of the Lord, borrows Bobby's old walkman to listen to his copy of this CD non-stop!" At this Castiel turned tomato red and sank in his chair covering his eyes with his right hand.

"This woman is EVIL, Dean, I'm telling you!" Sam continued vehemently and Dean was at a loss. Bobby only laughed at Sam's paranoia and said he was going to find them a real hunt.

The End.