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Chapter Eleven – On High Alert

Our stay on the Isle was shortened by a mixture of Bella's illness and my own fright. She had been getting angrier and angrier with me as I continued to be afraid of her. I couldn't help it, all I kept picturing was some sort of monster erupting out of Bella's stomach, killing her. I just wouldn't be able to cope with it if something like that were to ever happen to her. I was the first to admit I was over protective, but I hadn't been the one to ask to leave. Surprisingly, it had been Alice.

About a week after Nahuel joined us she had a vision, and then promptly demanded that we return to Forks. We had just been sitting around the breakfast table when it happened. Bella asked Nahuel to pass the toast, as they were the only two eating, and Alice did one of her patented zone outs then screamed that we had to leave, immediately.

"Why?" I asked, she had frightened Bella and I put an arm around her.

"Because," said Alice, looking at Bella, "We just need to get back to Forks, and get the hell away from here."

"Ok," I said, sensing that Alice did not want Bella to know whatever it was that she knew.

"Well then Nahuel's coming with us," Bella said, "I mean, if danger is coming, or the Volturi or whatever, we can't just leave him here."

"Bella, I'm sure Nahuel needs to get back to his own family," I said, "Though you are welcome to come with us, or I'll be happy to put you on a flight to wherever you're supposed to be."

"As I was telling Bella the other day on the beach," said Nahuel, "I don't really have a family to go home to in the first place. It would be cool to hand out with you guys for a while, if you don't mind."

"Not at all," I replied, I was always happy to invite another to our coven, "Would you like to be a cousin, or-"

"He'll be my half brother," Jasper piped up, "No one knew where we went, so clearly we went to pick him up to come live with us. My biological mother clearly had been cheating on my father. He can come to school with us."

"Ok," I said, as Alice shot me an anxious look, "It is settled. Welcome to our coven, Nahuel. Jasper, would you mind going with Bella to go get packed. Alice, can I speak with you alone?"

"Nope," said Alice, standing up from the table quickly – even by vampire standards, "C'mon Nahuel, we need to go pack up the guest house."

"Alice," I said, "Can you please just explain to me what's going on."

"Nothing," She replied, in a very teenage way, "It's honestly not even an issue anymore, clearly."

I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath and suddenly Bella was back by my side. Before I knew it we were back in Forks, and it was just the same as always. We got home and Alice immediately announced that Nahuel was to go shopping with her after school, and Jasper went to call our 'little buddy' to get Nahuel a bogus license, birth certificate, and school papers while I called the school to get him an appointment to be enrolled. While we were doing all this Bella was showing Nahuel the area and explaining the wolves territory and our own.

"They exist?" He asked, shocked.

"Yeah," I heard Bella reply, "And they're pissed at us, so don't try to tempt them."

"Which reminds me," I said, walking into the room only to walk back out, "I should call Sam, let him know we have plus one."

"That would be a good idea," Jasper called from upstairs, "And I'll pick up his papers later tonight. He'll have them by tomorrow morning for his meeting with guidance."

"Thanks, Jasper!" Bella called, unnecessarily.

"Are you ready for bed love?" I asked once I had left a message on Sam's voicemail just telling him about Nahuel and if he had any questions just to call.

"No, not yet," said Bella, "Nahuel and I were going to watch a movie."

"Oh, ok," I said, caught a little off guard, "I'm going to go hunting real quick, just call out for me when you're going to bed."

"Ok," said Bella, a tad distractedly as she continued in a conversation with Nahuel and popped a DVD into the player.

I went for a quick hunt, draining an innocent moose before heading back to the house. By the time I walked through the door to the house again Bella had fallen asleep on the couch and Nahuel was snoring on the opposite end. I smiled down lovingly at Bella, then swooped down carefully and scooped her up. I managed to get her up to her bedroom without waking her and put her right into her bed. I laid on top of the sheets next to her and watched her sleep for a few hours before Alice came in to see me.

"I think we should talk," said Alice, quieter than any human would ever be able to hear.

"I agree," I said, waiting for her to continue.

"In the hallway," Alice prompted and I gave her a questioning glance.

"Can it wait til tomorrow then?" I asked, "I do not wish to leave Bella."

"No." said Alice flatly, "And if we stay in here my presence will wake her up mid conversation."

"Ok," I said, kissing Bella's head as I followed her out into the hall, "What's up, Alice?"

"There was no danger coming," She said, "It was already there. When we were sitting around the table this morning I got a vision. It was of Nahuel, and he was kneeling in front of the Volturi, and his aunt was a vampire and she was behind them, like they were holding her hostage or something."

"He said his aunt was dead," I said and Alice shook her head at me.

"That's not nearly the worst of it," said Alice and I watched her carefully, again waiting for her to continue, "He was saying something, about Bella. It was all garbled, and I didn't get much but it was definitely intriguing to them. They seemed very pleased."

"Are you sure?" I asked as I went to look into the living room where Nahuel was still sleeping.

"No," said Alice, a little unnerved, "I don't know what's going on and it's driving me mad, Carlisle. I don't even know what to do. I thought we'd lose Nahuel in coming home, but Bella requested he come along. Then I don't know if someone was tampering with my visions, it wouldn't be the first time and I don't want to kick Nahuel out of the coven if that's the case. And I certainly don't want to agitate him or insult him by asking him about it. Because if he is in line with the Volturi or something then that could end very badly."

"We'll keep an eye on the situation," I said as we walked back down the hall, "And please, not a word of this to Bella, she's already a nervous wreck as it is."

"You've got it," said Alice.