A/N Heyy this is Jojo, my sister wanted me to write this one. (Her name is Carson.) She is in love with Puck, I mean, who isn't? Any ways, here it is.

Sabrina POV

Carson? What kind of a name is that? A good name is something that starts with Suh, and maybe ends with nuh, and has some kind of cheese in the middle. Like Sabrina. Suh, brie cheese, nuh. Good name, eh? Not like that stupid son of a car.

Puck seems to like her.

Puck POV

Carson is such an awesome name. Not like Sabrina. I mean, it starts with suh, which just sounds ugly, has a type of cheese in the middle (brie) and ends with nuh, the first half of nuh-uh, an objection. See what I mean? (plus brie cheese smells bad.)

WE met by the statue of SpongeBuck, the brave sponge who saved the town of Ferryport Landing by driving away(stepping on) the one-eyed terror, Plankton, who was stealing all of our valuables, with his idiot friend.

Yes, we are under the sea. We live in a pineapple, and sent nematodes after the original resident. (Sponge bob)

I was complimenting Carson on her nematode persuasion skills, when suddenly a giant green hulk came crashing through the wall. "Hulk ANGRY!!! RAWR!!!!" He picked up Carson and ran back to town.

He stood on top of the Empire State Building, holding Carson by the waist. Planes were flying around shooting ant him, but he growled like a monkey and beat his chest. Carson said something soothing, and Hulk shrank down into a purple rhinoceros named Smoochey. "Death to Smoochey," I thought aloud. All of the sudden Robin Williams came out with a "Rocket Ship" shaped cookie and kids were dancing in a conga line.

The Plot Thickens. bum bum BUM!!!!!

Sabrina's POV

Ya! Carson was abuducted by a green monster who was part monkey and part rhino!! Hoorah! Oh, Smoochey put Carson on the ground and she walked back to us. I was sad.

Puck wasn't.

It was breakfast time. I was eating green oatmeal. It was watery and flavorless. I thought of Mr. Canis. I cried.

"Sabrina's mother was a hamster and her father smelt of elderberries!" Carson called out suddenly. This made me even more sad. How did she figure out my mommy was a hamster! Puck must've told her. I threw my fork at him. It pierced his ear. So now he looks like a person with a fork in his ear.

I laughed. Laughing hurt me, and I recalled what Carson said about my father. I cried.

Daphne's POV

Wow! I like this Carson character! She guessed accurately about our mothers true form! She must be sidekick! Or is it psychic? Whatever! I'm eight!

At random, Red turned around, grabbed Granny's knitting needles, and poked into her fingers. As soon as Carson saw her blood, she jumped over the table and stuck Red's pinky into her mouth.

"Uh, Carson? You shouldn't do that. You don't know where that's been."

"Shut up! MY name is Edwardo, and I come from Sporks!"

I shut up.

Puck POV

Oh, Carson was such a cool person!!! She comes from Sporks, which are my favorite eating utensils, she's a vampire, and she has a cool name!

A/N yeahhhh I can't think of what else to write.