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I watched Sasuke's reaction with an amused smirk. I had to admit though, I didn't blame him and I had been warned before hand. Hinata had told me Kiba's plan to give Naru a makeover for the show a week ago. He would have to tell Hinata his opinion later.

Sasuke sat beside me with his mouth literally hanging open. He would have to tease the Uchiha for it almost looked like he was going to start drooling, oh wait...he was. I elbowed him sharply in the ribs and he corrected his face. As he leaned forward to watch the blonde figure on the stage begin to sing I caught sight of Sakura's face.

She was sitting wide eyed with her mouth open, almost as Sasuke had been(but Sasuke had a bit more surprise in HIS eyes). Slowly as the verses and chorus began her gaze became an intense glare. It intensified steadily as she listened to the words of his song, then became pure unadulterated hatred as she turned to see Sasuke's expression when she noticed Naru was looking at him. She turned her look on the oblivious blonde as the music ended.

Sasuke's eyes were unfocused as he leaned back, the band having already exited the stage. Sakura super glued herself to the arm of her unnoticing boyfriend. She leaned toward him and said something that he apparently didn't hear, but I did.

"Sasuke, remember our little deal. You go near her, or break up with me I will make her wish she was never born." She cooed in his ear.

I felt my eyes squint into a glare, that most definitely qualified in my mind as a threat. Naru and I didn't talk much but Hinata was my best friend and cousin and she cared for Naru, as did my, as odd as it may seem, best friend Lee. They would both be hurt if Naru was. Sakura would pay for making Naru suffer... I could feel an evil smirk spreading across my face as I watched Sakura drag Sasuke away.

"Hinata, its Neji, can we meet up today?" I was surprised by Neji's sudden call the morning after the talent show.

"Su-re where do y-ou want to me-et up?" it was rare for Neji to randomly want to meet up so I knew it had to be something important.

"The park down the street."

"Al-right. S-ee you in ten minutes." I hung up the phone and went to tell my father I was going out to meet Neji. He nodded indifferently and I walked upstairs to get my lavender jacket. The Hyuga family owned our own gated community and at the center was a children's park. It came into view as I walked down the street. I could see Neji sitting on one of the benches that lay on the edge of the park. I made my way quickly to where he was and sat down next to him.

He gave me a small smile he rarely gave anyone and it had me blushing as usual. "H-hey Ne-neji. Wh-at D-did you w-want t-to talk a-about?"

"There's something I want you to tell Gaara and Kiba for me." He waited for an answer and I nodded it to him, "Tell them that the reason Sasuke is avoiding Naru was because she threatened her. I heard her say so myself in the theatre last night. And tell them if they want help, I'm in." with that he left. He was always directly to the point. It was probably a good thing he left because I could feel the anger boiling inside of me.


I pressed the send button on my cell phone with a shaking hand.

"Hey Hinata" came Kiba's excited voice on the other end.

"Kiba, my house, bring EVERYONE except Naru! NOW" I gave the order before snapping my phone shut violently.

I stared indifferently out the window. I had no idea what had Kiba so riled up that he had to interrupt my Saturday so rudely. Shikamaru was grumbling under his breath about it all being troublesome. Another one of Kiba's friends, Shino sat in the front seat, also silent. How the three quietest people in our class had ended up from class had ended up being best friends with Kiba and Naruto, I had no idea, myself included in that of course.

"Gaara, don't glare at my window so much, you're going to shatter it." Kiba jokingly said to me. I rolled my eyes as we continued our drive toward the Hyuga family neighborhood. We pulled up in front of Kiba's stuttering girlfriends house. We all piled out and walked toward the door, Kiba leading the way as usual. Before he could lift his hand to knock, however, the door was jerked open and he was jerked violently inside. Hinata stuck her hand out to wave at the three of us left outside to hurry up as she literally drug Kiba through her house. I could feel the murderous intent rolling off of her and felt sorry for whoever it was directed at.

"Sit," the normally quiet girl ordered authoritatively. I noted that Neji was already seated on a couch, looking slightly frightened, but like Hinata, there was a pissed off edge to his eyes. Now I was curious.

Hinata paced the room as the five of us sat on our own respective couches. She nodded angrily to Neji who sighed before speaking up.

"Last night at the talent show I heard Sakura threaten to hurt Naru if Sasuke ever went near her."

It took only moments for the words to sink in for my bloodlust kicked in. "She will die." I was the first to speak, and as the others looked at me I saw them scoot away, but I could care less at the moment. I already wanted to kill the bitch who treated Naru badly, but to THREATEN Naru, there was no forgiving that. Naruto was my first friend, I had the right to be savagely protective. And if anyone stood in my way, I would personally murder them.

Hinata however, did not back away and met my murderous glare with one just as violent. "My thoughts exactly"(who thought Hinata could be as scary as Gaara)

"But how?" I mused Hinata and I both looked to Shikamaru and Kiba, aka the genius and the prankster.

Shikamaru didn't look lazy what so ever right now, he looked as livid as I felt. Kiba had his evil smirk that said he was up to no good on his face. Shino even had an eyebrow raised and was leaning forward, his way of showing he was interested.

"Now, to planning." Shikamaru put his hands in a concentrating position and froze.

"Dobe! Get up!" a loud knocking came from my bedroom door. I looked up from my piano. It was early Monday morning. And I mean early, I hadn't been able to sleep the night before and the was where I went when I couldn't. I laughed and stood up, grabbing my old notebook from the keyboard and shoving it in my backpack. I was already dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and my hair was pulled back into the usual pony tail.

I jogged to my door and opened it. "You talking to me? I'm already up." I crossed my arms across my chest.

Sasuke blinked at me in surprise before smirking. "Jeez dobe, since when have you been an early riser?"

I shrugged, "This morning."

He grinned as I stepped out of my room. He walked beside me, linking his arm around my waist. I couldn't help but smile at his touchy feely side.

"Food time for you." he said in my ear. I rolled my eyes as he drug me toward the kitchen.

Jiraiya was already there with his laptop, typing, and drinking a cup of coffee. He didn't look surprised as Sasuke half drug me into the kitchen.

"Morning." I greeted my guardian.

He simply chuckled and nodded my way. I pulled away from an unwilling Sasuke and grabbed two bowls. I guessed correctly that Sasuke had come over here without eating. I poured two bowls of cereal, putting one in front of Sasuke before sitting down with my own.

We ate in silence and he took the dishes to the sink, before returning for me and promptly dragging me and my backpack out of the house.

"What are you in such a hurry for Teme?"

He smirked, then paused, thinking, "No idea..."

I rolled my eyes, "Teme, we still have another hour before we even have to leave. Come on." I grabbed hold of his hand and tugged him back into the house. I left my backpack at the door and pulled him upstairs with me. I led him to my bedroom. I opened the door to my studio and led the way inside. He stared at the room with wide eyes, it was his first time seeing it.

"How have I never been in here before?" he asked quietly. I laughed and pointed toward a couch, indicating for him to sit.

"You wanted to hear a few right. There are some that are only with a guitar and piano part anyway." I sat on the piano bench turning and closing my eyes as I began to play.

I shoved my hands in the pockets of my jackets as I walked into school. The plan was in motion. I couldn't help my smirk, but no one could see that anyway over my high collar. It was probably a good thing.

"Did you bring it?" Gaara fell into step beside me.

"Of course" I answered cooly. I held out my hand for him to see that it was teaming with my insect collection.

"I'll never know how you do that." he mumbled before parting with me.

I felt an evil laugh bubble in my throat. This was going to be fun.

"Shino!" came the loud voice from behind me. I turned back to see Kiba running up to me.

"You got it ready?" I asked him.

"You bet!" he gave me a large thumbs up. He laughed and pointed to a pair walking through the doors that were causing a huge commotion.

Gossip erupted through the hallways as Naru and Sasuke walked in. Sasuke had his arm securely and protectively around Naru's waist.

Kiba grinned from ear to ear and I couldn't help but to smirk beneath my collar. It was my first time seeing them since they were a couple, like most of the school. But they really did make a great couple. And I wasn't about to let them get hurt by that ...girl.

"I can't fucking believe it Ino! First I put up with him hanging out with whore and I even tried to be nice to her, and then he dumps me for her?" I ranted, screeching to my best friend.

"Uh-huh." was all she said, rolling her eyes. "Sakura, I got to go, bye" she stood and left.

'That bitch! She should have sympathy for me! Here I was talking to her about my problems and she got up and left! No wonder I was letting her boyfriend make love to me.' I thought the last part smugly. I took another bite of my salad and tried to look as pathetic as possible, I was after all, the victim of the cruel cold-heartedness of Sasuke Uchiha.

I caught sight of them from the corner of my eye. Sasuke was sitting in her harem! The rest of her boy sat around her, the only other girl was the timid nobody who sat next to the mutt boy. I sent them all a glare before returning to my broken hearted act that had my table filled with football players attempting to comfort me.

Suddenly something was crawling on my arm. I looked down to see a bug. Annoyed, I flicked the pesky thing off, but when I looked up all the people at my table were staring at me wide eyed. I lifted a hand to my head to feel...NOTHING? Instead of meeting perfectly straight pink hair my hands touched my scalp...but wait! It was moving. I screamed, leaping from my seat to run out of the room. I closed my eyes in fear of the bugs, but in my frantic sprint toward the door something caught my foot, sending me flying headlong into a garbage can, knocking it down and sending me into whatever its contents were. It was filled with something squishy and extremely smelly. What's worse, my perfect mouth was open, giving me a mouth full of whatever it was. I pulled my head out of the gooey stuff and realized what it smelled like...dog poop. I gagged as it fell out of my mouth. Everyone in the room was staring at me in shock. I took off as fast as I could.

I held in my laughter as i video taped the entire thing. Once she had left I carefully hid my camera back in my backpack.

Embarrassing moments live forever on you tube. My plan had gone off without a hitch, however, I didn't even want to know why Shino had hair eating bugs, I mean of course with how huge Akamaru is, Kiba would have to clean up the yard and that meant alot of poop, but hair eating bugs? I shuddered at the thought of the things possible with that kind of thing. I turned my eyes to Naru who currently had a hand over her mouth, I don't know if it was from shock or trying to hold in laughter, or both. Sasuke was openly beaming at the fate of Sakura. I smirked satisfied by the result, before taking up my usual posture with my head on the table. Hey I needed my sleep for how late I would be up editing the video to put up on you tube. Not to mention adding in the picture at the end that I took after accidentally finding dirt on Sakura. Honestly if you are going to make out with your friend's boyfriend, don't do it where people can easily walk in on you. Though I highly doubt she'll be making out with anyone any time soon. It would take a year atleast to get her breath so she was halfway kissable.

Naru might have missed the proud gleam in her friend's eyes, but I didn't. I also didn't miss the fact that Shikamaru had filmed the entire event. I would have to pay these guys back later. I felt my face crack into a smile. It truly did serve her right for threatening my Dobe. I snaked both my arms around the waist of said dobe, happy that I finally could any time I wanted to.

"Shika, that was your work wasn't it?" I heard the dobe ask in a low voice so not to be overheard.

"Why do you say that troublesome girl?" he countered without lifting his head.

"Because I recognize your handiwork anywhere." she stated bluntly.

"Hm" was all he answered and I saw Naru roll her eyes before leaning back contentedly into my chest. I caught Shikamaru peeking up at us and took the opportunity to mouth 'thank you' to him. He simply gave a slight nod and went back to sleep.

I pulled the orange ponytail from Naru's hair, sliding it onto my wrist for safe keeping. She glared her protest at me, which I ignored and placed the side of my face into her hair, closing my eyes completely content.

*Just for Hikory*

I smashed my laptop shut. I was at Sakura's house, but Sakura was currently in the shower so I had decided to entertain myself by going online. I checked my e-mail and found a link to a video. It was a video of exactly what I was comforting Sakura for, but at the end of it there had been a picture and from what Sakura was wearing, it had been taken earlier that day. And what was the picture of? Sakura with MY boyfriend. I pulled out my phone and typed in Sai's number to send him a text.

'We're through, don't call don't text, don't talk to me. Hope you had fun screwing my best friend. You two deserve each other.' I pressed the send button ferociously.

It wasn't that I dint' know what kind of person Sakura was, but I never thought that she would actually turn it on me! Her best friend. I heard the door open as I shoved my computer into my purse. This meant war.


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