Hi guys! Here is my first Loki fanfic, this is the prologue but it starts off at the end of the last episode, so if you haven't seen it...well it'll be a spoiler -that's your warning :P- hope you all enjoy!

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Loki allowed her to wrap her arms around him, his own lying limp at his sides. As she cried a smile crept onto his face, although he was puzzled as to why he would be happy at all. "Thank God!" the girl sobbed, her arms tightening around him.

"Mayura..." he breathed, a smile still playing on his features. "I'm sorry..." he thought quietly, hesitantly raising his arms and softly hugging the pink-haired girl back, as she herself thanked Kami-sama that he had brought her important person back to her.

Fenrir wagged his tail eyeing the sight of his father and Mayura's reunion. "Daddy seems happy, right onii-san?"

Yamino smiled lightly and nodded. "Hai or at least Mayura does..."

Fenrir nodded in return. "The mystery girl affects Daddy a lot, even if he doesn't see it himse-" Suddenly Fenrir's ears pricked up, a low growl forming in the back of his throat. "You feel that...?" he growled quietly, turning around and staring down the street.

Yamino stared at Loki and Mayura, then turned his head towards the direction Fenrir was facing. "Hai..." he
muttered his eyes flashing red and he hissed quietly, as they saw a figure disappear. "Odin..."

Hehe it's short but it's a prologue! I have about 5 chapters all ready to go so I'll release them at a steady pace. Please review and leave comments, they're always helpful, and most of the time I follow the advice! See you next time!

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