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Crimson eyes flickered open before quickly shutting against the all-too bright light that streamed in from the open windows. Automatically his hand reached out to the left, his fingers running across the empty bed sheets. It only took a second for the god of mischief to be fully awake and aware that his companion was not still asleep next to him, and in moments, he was out of bed and rushing downstairs towards the kitchen.

"Has anyone seen-"

"Mayura-san? She left in a hurry for school about a half hour ago, Loki-sama."

Loki's form immediately relaxed and he cautiously walked over to sit down at the island. "And is anyone keeping an e-"

"Onii-chan is watching her. Don't worry, Loki-sama, we'll make sure Odin won't touch her," Yamino said with a gentle smile before placing a steaming plate of eggs and bacon in front of him, along with a mug of coffee.

"You always have a way of taking care of things when I can't, Yamino. It's really quite amazing..." Loki muttered as he poked at his eggs slightly to see if the yolk was runny or not.

"Not really, Loki-sama. I just try my best to serve you and make you happy."

"...Why is that?" Loki said as he continued to stab at his food.

"Why is what?" Yamino asked, turning to go wash the dishes.

"Why is it that you try so hard to please me, even though your being in this house alongside me is already good enough to make me eternally happy?"

"To be honest, it's partly repayment for you saving me from those cold waters, but it's also because it brings me great joy to see my father smile. But, Loki-sama, that last statement is not true..."

"What isn't? The fact that all I need is you and Fenrir to make me happy for the rest of my immortal life? Of course it is-"

"But it's not. Loki-sama would be smiling right now if it were, would he not? He would not look so tired, anxious, and nervous, and he would actually eat the breakfast his son made for him instead of mashing it until it was inedible. If Father were happy, he would not have acted so distressed over Mayura-san as he did last night, or even this morning. You must realize what that means right, Loki-sama?"

Loki simply stared at his son, his eyes slowly going cold before they then glanced down at the mush of food in front of him. "I-I'm going out for a walk to clear my head, I'll be back in a couple of hours. " Without an answer to the green haired servant, he turned and slid off the stool, before walking out the front door and slamming the door after him.

With a sigh, Yamino proceeded to clear the table and wash off Loki's forgotten dishes, not bothering to turn around when the front door opened and closed once more. "Did you forget something, Loki-sama?" he called out as he attempted to scrub at some of the more difficult leftovers on the plate.

"I'm afraid Loki-sama's still out on his walk, Jumingard-san."

From the green-haired servant's mouth came a sudden hiss, his body pivoting to meet the unexpected intruder so quickly it seemed like he had simply twitched. "Odin." He snarled, his voice laced with venom.

"As hostile as ever I see, still upset about the whole impersonating-that-witch-called-your-mother thing?" he asked with a sneer spreading across his face.

Yamino gripped the wooden island for support, the material easily splintering under his immense strength. "What..." He took a deep breath. "Do you want, Odin? Loki-sama is, as you obviously know, out. What business do you have trespassing in his home?"

"Trespassing is an awfully nasty way to put it don't you think? Besides, I just came to have a nice friendly chat with you. And your brother of course... where is the mutt?" The god asked as he glanced around the household. "Out guarding that little pink haired love of Loki's I'm assuming? There's no reason, seeing how I have no intention of touching her... that, of course, is Loki's job," he said, chuckling.

Suddenly his voice fell flat, and his face returned to its solemn state. "Call Fenrir here. I have –surprisingly enough, a job for you."

"Job?" Yamino asked skeptically, while he mentally called Fenrir back to the mansion. "What sort of job...?"

"A messenger, of sorts." Odin replied as the sneer returned to his face, before he reached across the table to pick up Loki's forgotten coffee mug, quickly gulping it down.

"Messenger? What the hell are you talking about?" Yamino growled.

"You really are quite impatient, Yamino-san. Why do you think I was so afraid you'd speed up Ragnarok?" Odin asked with a dark laugh.

"What makes you think that Loki won't still make it happen?" Yamino challenged, a tiny glimmer in his eye.

Odin head snapped towards Yamino's direction and in a blink of an eye the green haired servant felt his neck constricted and his whole body thrown to the floor. "Ragnarok will never happen you piece of trash. Understand? Do you see this eye socket? Ages ago, before you were even born from your mother's foul womb, I gave up my eye for an infinite amount of wisdom. I'm the wisest living thing in all the land, and I will not have a scrawny little garden snake like you question me!"

"Shall I blind your other one then?" Yamino hissed between clenched teeth as he grabbed onto Odin's hands. A sudden sneer danced across his lips as he spit venom into the god's face, causing him to cry out and jump off Loki's son.

"I bet you didn't act that upset at the mention of Ragnarok in front of Loki, right Odin? Just what exactly are you planning? Why the sudden friendliness to the one god you despise enough to exile? And Mayura? Why even involve a mortal into the business of gods?" Yamino questioned. Just then the sound of running feet could be heard as Fenrir burst into the room, right in between Odin and Yamino.

"What'd I miss, four eyes?" Fenrir snarled, his teeth glinting as he looked Odin up and down.

"That answer, boys, is for my own personal knowledge. But now that the whole party is here, I believe our meeting is now in session?"

"Let's just hurry up, Father will be returning home soon."

"What's this old man want from us anyway?" Fenrir muttered to Yamino.

"He wants us to work as messengers..." Yamino replied.

"What do you mean messengers?"

"I mean, I need you to make sure every god that's on Midgard hears this message within a fortnight, and follows it.

They are to return to Asgard immediately, including you two. The gods have been walking among mortals for too long, and it is time for them to let go of the petty things that they have 'latched' onto. If they do not return willingly, I am sure we can arrange banishment to Jotunheim."

"And what about Loki?" Fenrir snapped at him, his fur on edge. Why would he and Yamino be able to go to Asgard out of all the people?

"He will remain here until he has retrieved his key to Bifrost. If he does not get it, he will remain banished here alone for the rest of his immortal life, as well as being stripped of his powers."

"Key to Bifrost? What are you talking about?" Fenrir snapped again, his mind swimming with the information.

"Oh, has your beloved and faithful father not informed you? I guess I'll let him tell you then." Odin said with a dark laugh. "You have thirteen more nights, I'm counting on you two." The god then turned around and headed for the main hallway, before pausing as his handed landed on the doorknob. "Oh," he spoke up. "Don't mention this to Loki until you have to. There will be consequences if you do. See you around," he said laughing, the door slamming behind him.

Immediately Fenrir spun around to face his younger brother. "What the hell was Odin talking about, Yamino?"

His brother simply stared down at him quietly, unable to say a word.

"Is that why Loki's been acting so off ever since yesterday? Why I've been watching Mayura for the past 5 hours?"

Yamino turned his head away, he couldn't say it.

"Yamino. Tell me."

"I- I can't."

"Why the hell not?"

"...You'll hate Father forever, depending on what he chooses..."

"What does he have to choose?"

Suddenly a voice spoke up that was not Yamino's.

"To kill Mayura and return to Asgard with my children; or to not kill her and suffer kami knows what; I'm sure Odin has a plan for me though."

The room went dead silent as the two sons turned their heads slowly to see a solemn looking god of mischief standing in the doorway.

It remained this way for about a whole minute as the words settled into Fenrir's confused mind, before he finally understood.

And he snapped.

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