When Darkness Calls;


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A/N: This is a dark fiction about addictions to life, death, humanity, power, and above all - love. Or is it lust? I hope you thoroughly enjoy this fan-fiction, please review as it would be highly appreciated. Love, Mysty.


Terrified, dilated pupils stared up through glazed eyes at the figure hovering over him. He would consider this a man, knelt overtop of him, but now he knew better and could tell that the presence with him was any such thing. He was a monster.

Paniced, he tried to swallow the gulp in his throat to rasp out a cry for help but only incoherent murmurs touched his ears. Where did his voice goto? Why did his throat pain so much?!

Seering pain, like fire, raced suddenly from his throat where he briefly could sense blood trickling out of at a steady pace, and then pumped through his entire body. He tried to scream out in pain, but no sound came again besides small grunts that barely sounded like his own. Get a hold of yourself, calm down. Take a look at the situation, what do you know?

Trying to follow the soothing of his voice inside of his head, his eyes scanned the environmental scene before him. An unfamiliar landscape, he was laying against hard rocks and dirt as he heard water splashing against other surfaces in the distance. Where in the world was he? A night sky beckoned him above, stars gleamed down and in the distance he could see clouds of darkness rolling in with the slight breeze that blew across his shaking body.

He craned his neck upwards, trying his hardest to grasp a full view of what was happening. His attempts were noticed and a hard, cold hand pushed him back into the dirt beneath him, still damp from the rain earlier that day. "You do not want to move yet, my young prince," a thickly Irish accented voice spoke gently to him, he groaned in response and tried feebly to move against the hard hand placed on his chest.

"I know it hurts, but the pain will end soon," the voice assured and he found himself lost within the alluring sound of this person. Blinking against the darkness, he finally caught a full look at his kidnapper.

Shadows flooded a hard face, clean shaven with smooth skin that was unnaturally pale as prominent veins pulsed through the skin. Paper thin skin. The man looked to be not a day over 30, but his deep blue eyes spoke of hundreds of years of knowledge and his voice sounded unusual to the hurt boy on the ground beneath him.

"You will come to understand in time, my son," the Irish man spoke once more and then stood up, folding his arms around the back of his body.

He strained against the pain shooting electrically through-out his body, blood still pushed through his neck and he was losing awareness by the moment but he grasped on as tightly as he could.

Do not fall, don't goto sleep! But I'm so tired....no! Don't, you have no idea what will happen! You can't let go, you can't let go this easy! People need you, stay awake!

He groaned loudly and then pushed his head up to take a good look at his captor. He was pacing beneath the pale moonlight, he stood a little under six feet and was very muscular. The captors dress was that of an old cloak, fastened with a fancy clasp at the throat and black wear beneath it, his hands were held together at the small of his back and he wore many rings on slender fingers that had shining, long nails at the ends of them.

Another sound of pain came from the boy, squirming on the ground as the colour continued to drain from his body along with the blood. He didn't stop making noises of protest and pain as his captor began to speak in his smooth, firm voice.

"I have been watching you for sometime, wanting to taste you. Wanting to feel what you were inside of me, and now that I have known you I am not quite sure I want to have," he spoke with confusion now instead of surity. "You hold much darkness in your veins, more than I was willing to take in," he continued his pace across the forest floor.

"You are quite fascinating, and I am excited to understand what you are...almost as excited as you must be to understand who I am," the boy could hear amusement inside of his voice, he winced at it.

All of a sudden the small light of the environment around him was fading rapidly, he grasped at it but couldn't get it back. Soon he was enveloped in darkness but could still hear the man...no, the creature, approaching and kneeling beside and over him once more. Fear rose up in the back of his head which was soon soothed, he felt an influence he was not used to and knew wasn't his own sculpting his own emotions. He was calmed down.

The last thing he remembered was the pain disappearing along with the light. "Come, my son, let us finish this before the sun takes us to bed," the accented voice was full of admiration now as he scooped the frail, numb body into his strong arms and looked down at the opened yet blank eyes. "You shall feel pain no more,".

His entire world went black as he felt liquid warmth pouring down his throat. Ah, relief.