Haruhi and Tamaki: What is this?!

Chapter 1

Haruhi sat on the dry sand watching the sun go down under the small plastic umbrella. Tamaki saw her and sat beside her.

"Hey, Tamaki-senpai. Why aren't you inside with the others?" He looked at her.

"I'd rather sit and watch the sun go down with you." She smiled.

"You're so weird." Tamaki scooted closer to her and wrapped his arm around. She tilted toward him and leaned in him, smiling and feeling warm.

"Do you think he'll pull it off?" Hikaru whispered. Kaoru shrugged while Kyoya pulled out his camera.

"By the looks of it, we'll hit high ratings in no time." Huni said quietly. Mori just nodded as they wait anxiously.

"Tamaki, what do you like about me?" she asked.

"Everything, Haruhi. You are perfect." She looked up at him as he looked down at her.

"Come on…" Kaoru thought.

Tamaki turned to her and held her back, while still keeping eye contact. Haruhi blushed and closed her eyes. He moved closer to her, his lips just centimeters away from hers. Kyoya took one photo and began to wait again for the next shot.

They kissed and Haruhi was then pinned to the ground by Tamaki. They continued the kiss as Kyoya began to take many photos of the couple.

"Finally!" Kaoru and Hikaru said. They stopped, slowly moved up and shifted away from each other. "We thought you'd never kiss her."

"I got some great photos too. Now we'll make more money, maybe enough for you to pay off your debt for breaking that vase. Haruhi thought about that blue African designed vase.

"Yeah…" Back at the mansion, they sat in their rooms and thought.

Tamaki thought, why did I kiss her? I felt something I've never felt before. Do I love her?

Haruhi thought, I don't understand. How could I feel this way for him. His idiotic ways, his way of thinking, his care for me… Why do I like that about him?

Hikaru thought, I can't do this. It's so painful. Seeing him and her kiss, it drives me mad. What do I do? Should I tell her? Should I do anything?

In the kitchen Kaoru, Kyoya, Huni, and Mori were thinking about food and stuff.

"So, I wonder what they're thinking. Hey, where's Hikaru?" Huni asked.

"He's probably in our room doing something, changing, thinking, dancing, who knows."

They looked at him and all thought, Why don't you go look? He looked at everyone.

"Okay, I'll go look." Huni smiled.

Kaoru creped by the room, keeping his ears open for anything. Then he heard Hikaru saying something.

"Haruhi, I love you. No, that won't work. How can I tell her? I don't know what to tell her. What do I do?"

"I know." Hikaru turned to him and there stood Kaoru, door opened and everyone else around him.

"You we're listening to what I was saying?! Kaoru how could you?!" Hikaru ran out the door and outside to the beach.

"Wow, we shouldn't have told you to do that, now he's really mad at you." Huni said. Mori shook his head in agreement.

Kyoya turned to face everyone. "I think we should all go outside and talk to him. It's the only thing we can do right now. I mean, it was our fault for him getting mad and all. And it's not Kaoru's fault. We told him to."

Hikaru was sad and he felt his heart was damaged. Kaoru sat next to him. "Hikaru, I'm sorry. It's wasn't my fault, they told me to go but I didn't want to. You needed privacy but they don't respect that." Hikaru just stuck his nose in the air and faced the other way. "Hikaru please. I'm really sorry…"

"He is sorry." The others said. Hikaru turned to them. "We made him go because we were being curious that's all." Huni said crying a little bit. "We didn't mean any harm." Hikaru calmed down and hugged Huni, making him feel better.

"I accept your apology." Everyone stood up and Hikaru then felt a strange awkwardness. "Wait, are you guys going to tell everyone else what I said?" Kaoru looked at Huni who looked at Mori who looked at Kyoya.

"Well, for now we'll pretend like you didn't say anything, but you'll have to tell her eventually. You can't just keep living your life without telling her how you feel." Hikaru looked down at the shimmering sand that glistened in the moonlight. I have to? I don't know what to tell her though, nor how to…

"If it helps, you can try to give her hints like sending her flowers to her house or candy or even put it on a billboard somewhere in town. She'll probably notice something and who it is from. Oh and you can give hints on who it is." Huni suggested. Hikaru thought about it.

"Yeah, that's not a bad idea. Thanks guys." Everyone headed back to the mansion unaware of what was happening.

In Tamaki's room, Haruhi had snuck in and he sat her down on the bed, wanting to continue the kiss from earlier that day. She kissed him and he placed her on the bed, letting her know it was all okay. The door was locked and no one had the key but him. She was red in the face by the time he kissed her neck and chest. The breathing of the 2 high school students became heavier and heavier until they went underneath the covers. They undressed and she felt him inside her like a doctor. He was feeling more and more comfortable with her and he felt as if nothing in the world meant anything to him but Haruhi. Then, after about 20 minutes of the heat, sweat dripping down their face and all the screams the escape from Haruhi's mouth, they finish and he came all over the bed.

"What is this?!" said someone from the door. Hikaru was at the door with a small rose and all he could do was drop it and run back to his room.

"Hikaru, wait!" Haruhi shouted pulling up her clothes back on and running out the door. I don't know what he was thinking. Does he like me? Why did we do that? Why did he walk in while we finished it? I don't know… I hope I didn't hurt him, that would mean hurting his heart and he'll break down. Once she got to the room and opened the door and she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Hikaru…" He turned to her with a razorblade in hand and blood slipping form his wrist and the blade. "You cut?!"

"Wait, Haruhi, what are you- Oh my god! Hikaru stop it!" Tamaki said running to him and pulling the blade from his hand. "I told you not to do this anymore, you'll kill yourself just from that. You have done this too long."

"I promise I'll stop just let me finish curing my pain! I can't stand to feel this way," Hikaru said curling up into a ball on the floor and cried. "You don't understand my pain and you never will. Seeing Haruhi with you and… Doing that… It's just so painful…" Suspense filled the room, which made it very, very silent.

-To Be Continued-

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