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Bella and Emmett Swan were always bullied, in freshmen year of high school. And by none other than Edward Cullen and his posse. Fleeing from the torture, they moved in with there mom. And now senior year, there back… in the small town of Forks.

Leaving for the Best, and Retuning to Face the Reason You Left

Chapter 1


"Emmett were going to be late for our flight if you don't hurry up." I yell from the stairs, to Emmett, My big Brother. My name was Bella Swan. Right now we were going to catch a plane to Seattle, Washington, then meet our father, and drive to our hometown of Forks. We lived in Forks with our Father untill Freshmen year of high school. We left that year because of our little problem. Wanna know what that little problem was?


Me and Emmett were the geeks of our school. We terrorized by Edward Cullen, and his friends, which include; Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, and Rosalie Hale. The reason they bullied me was because I wore glasses, had braces, acne all over, and was very short. I had plain brown hair, and muddy brown eyes. Nothing special. Emmett was bullied because he also had acne, dark brown hair, small for his age, a little chubby, and no mucsle what-so-ever. I remember the day we left Forks as if it was yesterday.


Freshmen Year of Forks High

"Look at those losers." Edward said pointing at us. His crowd burst out laughing. It was Lunch right now, and me and Emmett were in the hall way, waiting for the bell to ring.

"Yeah, were the losers." Emmett said muttering sarcastically to himself.

"What was that Swan?"

"Nothing at all Captain Fuck off." Well Emmett was still Emmett, geeky or not. Edward then proceeded to push Emmett against the lockers. And stare him down.

"What did you call me?"

"Captain Fuck Off, didnt you hear me? Dude you should get your ears chec-" Emmett was interupted by Edward punching him square in the nose. Emmett fell to the ground holding his nose, trying to stop the newly found blood coming from his nose. Edward then kicked Emmett in the stomach. And stood back, looked at Emmy and laughed. He then turned to me with a smug look on his face. He pushed me up against the lockers next to Emmett, and stared at me.

"Give me your money Swan." he said.

" I don't have any money." I said a little scared of what he might do to me.

"Liar, I know you have money, now give it to me."

" I told you I dont have." I said again.

"Bitch!" He proceeded to punch me in the face, just as he had Emmett.

"Wusses!" He said kicking Emmett in the stomach again before leaving and laughing.

We got to the office together, and called Charlie, our Dad, telling him we were going to live with Mom.

He came to pick us up, and we left the next day. That was the last time I ever saw Forks, again.

*End FlashBack*

But we were different now. And we wouldnt stand for that crap. After we moved in with our Mom, Renee, and her new husband, Phil, things changed for the better. Phil helped Emmett lose all his fat, and changed that into massive muscle. Emmett had a huge growth spurt and doesnt have any acne anymore. Many girls drool over him. And he welcomes it.

As for me, well lets say I changed a whole lot more than Emmett. I used to be 5'1 and now im about 5'7. I no longer have glasses, contacts. Sometimes, I even wear colored ones. I got my braces taken off, and my hair was very long and had some blonde highlights. I had curves in all the right places, and most would say I was absolutley beautiful.

Well I guess you have to be, when your a Victoria Secret model. Yes, you heard me im a model. None the less a Victoria Secret model. I was known as The Silver Devil, or The Dark Angel. Either way the name both shows that there are two sides of me. I can be an angel but, still be dark and scary. I can be a Devil but, still pure. I never went by my real name because I didnt want any publicity.

I was also, a designer. My clothing line was called 'Izzy Is.' I designed teen clothing and have been for the past 2 years. I was very doubtfull that people would like it at first, but after the first week of sales, the rating of my desgins were off the charts. I made lots of money off this and modeling. Once I had tons of money I bought myself a black Porches, and a brand new silver Lotus Evora(Link in Profile.) I love fast cars. :)

Emmett also had a major breakthrough. He became pro athlete, Carthy Gray. (A/n:IDK where I got last name) He was offered many scholarships for football, baseball. He wasnt sure which he wanted more. He also made tons of money off this, and bought himself a jeep. Emmett did some male modeling for a few months before quitting, deciding modeling wasnt for him.

And lastly we were in a band. Me, lead singer, Emmett on drums and backup singer, Lucas (18) on Guitar, and Seth(17) on Guitar/Base with backup vocals. Our band was called 'The Anonymous.' And once again we went under fake names: Emmett was Max, and mine was Juliet we were twins. I wore green contacts and put on fake highlights to make sure no one recgonised band knew who we really were, and they never said anything. I usually wrote all the songs with Seths help. They were about various thing, such as break ups, fighting, abandonment, death, being abused, and getting over things. Me and Seth were dating. We started dating a little after our first concert. He new about our move and was Ok with it. We both decided to visit each other over breaks.

So yeah, I bet you can see just how much we have changed. And now for our Senior Year of High School instead of being home schooled, we will be finsihing our education where we left off. At Forks High. In the rainy town of Forks, Washington. Why, we were going back? 2 reasons. One I want a normal life for once. Two, so that I can get my revenge on Edward. He made my life a living hell. Now I just have to decide how to get back at him. Emmett also wanted revenge, but mostly wanted a to be little bit more normal than usual.

Emmett ran down the stairs carrying his bag and yelling "Lets get this show on the road."

He then hopped into the taxi that had just pulled up in front of our house. I got in after him, and put my earphones in my ears, and waited paitently to get to the airport.

Once we arrived, we grbbed our stuff and entered the airport. A hour later, we were on our plane to Seattle.

Somewhere along the line I fell asleep, and when I awoke Emmett was shaking my shoulder telling me to get up. There was announcment saying that we should be landing in 5 minutes.

Once we landed, Me and Emmett grabbed our things and exited the plane. After 10 minutes of looking for Charlie we decided to call him. I took out my phone and saw the message:

'One New Voicemail'

I went to my voicemail and listened to the call it was from Charlie,

"Hey Bells, I can't wait to see you tomorow, I will be there when you land. Tell Emmett I called. Bye." After I listen to the message again, I groan. Emmett looks at me wierd and I just show him the message. Once he heard it, he also groans.

"Now, What?" asks Emmett

"Call a Taxi?"

"Sure." He says as I start dialing the number for the taxi. We didnt have to worry about luggage because we sent our stuff over yesterday. The taxi pulled up 10 minutes later, and we both hopped in, and gave directions to Charlies house.

When we arrived at the house, we payed the driver and looked to see Charlies Police Crusier in the drive way. We walk up to the door, and Emmett rings the door bell. About 30 seconds later Charlie opens the door.

"Hello who is i-" he finally looks at us and he looks shocked. We smile at him and I pull him into a big hug. When I let him go Emmett hugs him.

"Hey, Dad!!!!!!" we both scream at him.

"Guys, What are you doing here? You arent supposed to be here till tomorow." he says while opening he door for us.

"Well, actually the mistake is on your part daddy-o. You were supposed to pick us up today, but sadly you werent there so we decided to call a taxi and surprise you!" Emmett said booming with laughter. See, Emmett will be the one to laugh about someone forgetting to pick us up.

"Oh, well I'm sorry about that. I've been very busy signing for all of your things. Oh, and Bells I got a call from Victoria. Telling me to tell you to call her when you got here."

"Ok Dad thanks. I'm going to check out my room. You know, Start unpacking and stuff." I started walking up the stairs, to my room. My room was fairly big. My closet was the size of Charlies room. Pretty big. After I got my big income of cash, I decided to buy Charlie a huge house, and have everything setup for me and Emmett. Even though we never had been back since we left in Freshmen year, I trusted my realtor.

"Oh, and Bella don't forget you have school tomorow." Charlie called from down stairs.

"Kay." I yell as I continue up the stairs and into my room. Once I get into my room I see its just how my realtor, Michelle, had described it. The pillows and comforter were a dark blue, with a square design. I walk over to my desk and drop my bag on the floor. I locate the bathroom, and when my eyes fall on my closet I feel a huge overwelming feeling overcome me. I have never seen my new closet yet. I run over to the double doors, and pull them open. I gasp.

Inside had aisles of clothing. Shoes, Purses, Jewlrey, Lingerie, Tops, Skirts, Pants, Dresses, Sun Glasses, and Make-up. Some of which were my 'Izzy is' clothing line and merchandise for 'The Anonymous', and there was even some for Carthy Gray.

I slowly walk through the aisles looking at all the clothings. Once I decide on an outfit for school tomorrow, I walk out of the closet and look at the clock. 7:00 pm, I decide to call Victoria.

"This is V."

"This is Dark Angel, Bella." I say mocking her proffesional voice.

"Oh! Hello, Bella! Im sorry I didnt look at the caller ID. I've been very busy."

"Dont worry about it V. So Charlie said you called?"

"Oh, yes I wanted to make sure that you had arrived safetly, and wanted to ask you to do me a favor."

"Well, I made it to Forks safetly, and what is this favor you wanted?"

"Well there is this REALLY BIG fashion show thats coming up and well, I wanted you to be main model?"

"Victoria, we talked about this already, I told you the whole point of me moving in with my dad was so that I could be normal." I said, leaving out the other reason why I moved here.

"Awww, please Bells, this is a personal favor! Please do it for me?" She said begging.

"Wait... what do I get if I do this?" I ask wondering what I could get from this.

"Anything!" she practically screamed into the phone.

"Okay... How about anything I buy from Victoria Secret is Free? And don't worry I wont empty your stores."

"Deal! The show is next month, the 18th, be there at 4 pm. I take it that your taking my jet? And Emmett is coming?"

"The jet would be nice, and Lemme go ask Emmett if he wants to come." I say starting to get up, and walking to Emmetts room.

"Hey, Emmett! Theres a fashion show next month you coming with?" I yell through the door.

"Definatly!" He yells back.

"Hey im back V. you hear that?"

"Yup. I will fax you the details later. And send you, your card for free stuff." she said mumbling the last part.

"Ok, V, Bye." I hear her say goodbye, then I hang up. I look at the clock again, now its 7:35 pm. Damn. I had'nt realized we talked so long.

I decide to take a shower but then I was then interrupted by the doorbell ringing. It had to be our cars. I run out of my room, and see Emmett right behind me, also running for the door. We both slide to a stop at the front door, then straighten ourselves out and open the door. We see a middle aged man standing there and he says:

"Ummmm... I have 3 car deliveries for Isabella and Emmett Swan. A black Porches, A silver Lotus Evora, and a black Jeep." he said while looking at his clipboard.

"That be us." Emmett said grinning widely.

"Oh well if you could sign here for the cars, then im off." he said while handing us a pen and clip board. We both signed and he gave us our keys and drove off.

Me and Emmett turn to eachother slowly, and grin even wider then before. Abuptly we both run over to our cars and inspect it, making sure there arent any scratches or dents.

After about 10 minutes of inspecting we drove our cars into the garage, and walked back into the house. It was almost time for dinner so Charlie said we could order Pizza.

About 2 hour later, we had eaten, showered, and unpacked. I was downstairs turning off the lights. I walked up the stairs and stopped at Emmetts door, and knocked.

"Hey, Emmy?" I called as I opened the door.

"Yeah, over here." Emmett called from the right corner.

"Hey I was wondering what were going to do tomorrow?"

"Umm, Well were taking seperate cars, then meeting up in th parking lot." he said looking confused.

"No, I mean what are we going to do about them?" I say hinting on THEM.

"Ohhh. We are going to strutt our stuff, and show them who the real beauty queens are." he said in a girly voice. I just look at him odd for a moment, then start laughing at him. Or should I say HER.

"Seriously Bells, it will be fine." he said reassuringly.

"Ok, Emmy. Night." I say and leave his room.

Once I get to my room, I fall on the bed and start thinking. What was going to happen tomorrow? What if they left like we did. Then what? I have no idea. But I fell asleep with one thought:

Show them who the real Beauty Queen is.