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Leaving for the Best, Returning to Face Why You Left

Chapter 2: Scars

"BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEE-" The noise to my alarm clock shuts off as I slam my hand into it. I look at the clock,


I groan, as I pull myself out of bed. I take a quick shower, and when I finish I throw on my outfit that I chose yesterday. A White tank-top, with a black vest. I put on a black mini-skirt, and my heels. I apply my make-up, and grab my school bag, and my keys. I walk out of the room and down the stairs, and see Emmett eating some cereal. I decide to just eat a granola bar, and sit down with Emmett.

"Hey Bro. You ready for school?" I ask him as he puts his bowl in the sink, and grabs his bag and keys.

"OF COURSE!" he yells booming with laughter for some reason. I chuckle a bit and walk out to the garage with him.

"See ya at school." We both yell at the same time. Emmett gets into his car and is about to exit the garage when I stop him and ask:

"Wait! Which car should I take?"

"The porches!" He yells then waits for me to get in, then drives away. And I follow right after him. We arrive at school about 5 minutes later, and see that there are many old vans, trucks, and cars. When I pull into the spot next to Emmett, I see another flashy, expensive car across the lot. It was a silver Volvo. I might get one. I get out of the car and walk over to Emmett who had just gotten out of his car also. Once I lean against his car I notice that practically everyone was staring at us and our cars.

"Hey Em... Is it just me or is everyone staring at us?" I whisper to him not removing my gaze on everyone.

"Oh its not just you." He replies back a grin appearing on his face.

"Soooo... You wanna go get our schedules?" I ask uncertain.

"Absolutely!" He says wrapping his arm around my neck, in a protective way. I then notice that he was glaring at any guy who looked at me with the slightest hint of lust. I sigh.

Emmett will be Emmett, protective brother of the year. You should have seen him when he found out that Seth and I were dating. He totally went berserk. But I should say that he found Seth straddling me and we were making out in my dressing room after our show so... I guess he deserved the right to go berserk. But now what he shouldn't have done was pick seth up then punch him in the face multiple times causing Seth to go unconscious.

Jeez it took Lucas, Me, and several other security guards just to get Emmett off Seth. Then about half an Hour of me and Lucas trying to calm him down while some of the paramedics that were working that night, helping Seth. After Emmett told us he wanted to be alone Lucas and I left his dressing room and started walking back to mine. Lucas said to me "You and Seth?" I knew he always had a thing for me and now that I was dating Seth that kinda crushed his chances. Awkward. Well Seth was alright and forgave Emmett, not pressing charges. Eventually Emmy got over the fact that we were dating. And he just glared at most boys who liked me or even stared at me.

When we got over to the front office, Em let his arm fall and we entered the office, to find an elderly women reading a book. She didn't even notice that we came in here! I cleared my throat which caused her to look up surprised.

"I'm Bella Swan and this is my brother Emmett."

"SUP home dawg!" Emmett said in his best gangster voice, which was actually pretty good. I look up at him increduosly then shake my head in silent laughter.

"So yeah Hommie we come ta get our Schedules for ya know da class thing you have goin on here." Emmett said. I decide to play along.

"Oh Emmy don't be rude. You have to show her your guns first. Then you can tell her to do anything!" I giggle a little in my best princess, girly voice. Did I mention that me and Emmett are natural actors? We probably could be actors if we wanted to.

I look back at her and she looks terrified. I laugh inside my head then say "Cmon Emmy! Show her!" I turn to him then turn back to her.

"G-guns !?" She stutters out.

"Yeah! Guns! The ones that are so powerful and strong!" I nudge Emmett in the chest while she wasn't looking hoping he understood what I meant.

"Okay fine. But only for you Bells." I giggle again. He then pushes up his sleeves and pumps his 'guns' for the elderly women to see. She looks at us like were crazy then... she faints. Greeaattttt...

"Oh shit." I mutter under my breath. I look at Emmett and see that he didn't even notice that she had fainted, he was to mesmerized by his own muscles. I sigh and say,

"Emmett stop ogling your arm muscles and look at what we did!" I huff and point to where the old lady had fainted. Then I hear him mutter, 'Fuck not again!'

"I knew I shouldn't have played along! Last time we did this the man almost fainted then was about to call the cops when we said that our gang was coming here to 'play' around with the kids!"

"Oh but you have to admit that was HILARIOUS!" He said booming out in laughter.

"Shut up! what are we going to do with her? Should we just leave her here and get our schedules or should we tell someone?"

"I think we should tell someone... Just to make sure shes alright... But lets get our stories straight first."

"Okay, We were just our normal selves asking for our schedules and then she fainted. And when she wakes up IF she remembers what really happened deny it." I then compose myself and walk outside and look for the nearest adult, who just happens to be another elderly women that was just entering the school, she didn't seem like a teacher though. I walk over to her and say,

"Me and my brother are new here, and we went to get our schedules but the women at the desk FAINTED!!" I said urgently. I look at her eyes and see the hint of recognition when I say 'women at the desk' then her eyes did this flashing thing when I said 'Fainted. I watched as her small elderly form took off in a sprint to the front office. I was right behind her. Once we reach the office, after the bell signaling school has started rang, she immediately went to see where the front desk lady was, now currently laying down next to Emmett who had elevated her head using a pillow, amusingly found somewhere in the office.

"You kids get to class, I'll take care of this." She said scurrying to take care of the lady who I still didn't know the name of.

"Ummm, I already told you, were new here, we didn't get our schedules yet."

"Oh yes, what are your names?"

"Isabella and Emmett Swan." I say getting a little impatient, for we were already late for our first class, and if we went in late it would draw much more unneeded attention to myself, I already get enough from modeling, singing, and designing, on the other hand Emmett was probably going to soak up all the attention he can get even if hes wanted for many colleges, and he gets even more attention from the ladies because of the band. She hands us our schedules, and slips that need to be signed by each teacher and tells us to return it to the office at the end of school, while more staff are coming to help the fainted women.

We exit the office to find a barren hall. We both exchange schedules to see that we both have all classes together except, I have Biology while he has German. So we walk off to our first class which was English. It takes us only a few minutes to locate the class then another minute to actually get there.

When we get there Emmett holds open the door for me then follows right after me, and I see that the teacher is in the middle of his lesson. All eyes turn to me and Emmett. When he turns around he looks a little pissed off. Then he looks me up and down, and his frown turns into a smug smile. Ewww... He must be at least 50 years old. He then asks,

"You two are, the new students I presume, Isabella and Emmett?"

"Yes." I say shyly. Not wanting the extra attention.

"Could you introduce yourself to the class? Tell us a few things about yourself." Emmett probably noticing that I didn't want to talk in front of the class took the lead and said,

"I'm Emmett and this is my Sister, Isabella or as she likes to be called, Bella."

"We moved from Phoenix, Arizona, and came here to live with our father for senior year." He said a little smug. Probably wondering if anyone recognized us.

"Thank you, now Emmett please take a seat next to Jessica, second row. And Isabella... sit next to Jasper row...three." My heart jumps a little when he says Jasper. I realize that its entirely possible that this is the same Jasper who used to torment me.

"Its Bella" I mumble under my breath. Then I look up to see, something that makes my emotions go hay wire with happiness, excitement, confidence. It was really Jasper who used to torment me with Edward. Now was a perfect chance to get back at him. But I wont do anything drastic now, just wait for the rest of the group, then get them all at once. I walk over to the empty seat next to him, and sit down.

"Hi there, I'm Jasper Hale."

"Bella." Not saying my last name not wanting to give anything away, remembering that Emmett never did say our last name. I then turn and look at the board where ... Mr. Mason was continuing his lecture that we interrupted. I could feel his eyes on me along with everyone else. About another 45 minutes later the bell rang and I grabbed my bag and went to see Emmett who was waiting for me at the front of class. I walk up to him because we still had the same class next.

*Skip to Lunch*

I was currently walking with Emmett to lunch, when a girl that was sitting next to Emmett in English, Jessica, came up to us and asked,

"Hi there! I'm Jessica. I was in your English class. Would you like to eat lunch with me and my friends?" I struggled to find an excuse to not sit with her, so that I could talk to Emmett about the Cullens and Hales. Lie.

"Sorry, but me and my brother already agreed to sit with someone else, maybe tomorrow?" I said pretending to be cheerful. I just lied through my teeth.

"So who are we sitting with again? Cause I don't remember agreeing to sit with someone." Emmett asked me while we entered the lunch line.

"Oh... Well I just didn't want to sit with her, I want to talk to you about the Cullens and Hales as long as we aren't interrupted." I grab a sandwich, and a bottle of water, pay for it then find a empty table to sit at. Me and Emmett sit down and begin eating. Emmett had taken 4 sandwiches, a bottle of water, Chips, and an apple. Jeez he can eat. And just when I was about to say something 2 boys, one was Asian with a bad complexion, while another was a boy who had also been in my English class, I think his name was Mike. They didn't hesitate to take a seat. What happened to manners? Couldn't they at least ask to sit down with us?

"Hey, Im Eric. And this is Mike." The boy with the bad complexion said. Then they started asking me and Emmett questions. It was annoying as hell. I probably would've banged my head on the table at this point. I stopped listening to them a little while after, until I heard them say something about a talent contest. I started listening.

"Talent Contest?" I ask truly curious. When Eric noticed that I was finally responding his eyes flashed, probably with joy.

"Oh yeah, You can still enter if you want. And basically you can do whatever you like. It's in a week."

I look over at Emmett, my eyes pleading him.

"Groups? What about people outside of school?" I ask. Then when I think about it a little more, I realize that if I was entering then I would be singing. What if someone recognized me?

"Oh sure, you can have as many people as you like in your group. And you just have to get the school to clear the person outside of school."

"Where do we have to sign up?" I ask a little impatiently.

"I... Um... Actually am the one who is in charge of the list so do you want me to put your names down?"

"Sure sign me and Emmett up, and a out of school kid, Seth Williams."

"Oh, OK. Did you know that there is a Guy named Seth Williams, he the guitarist in the band The Anonymous." He said. Boy was he going to be surprised at the Talent Contest. That's when Mike jumped into the conversation.

"Oh, I love that band. My favorite. Dude, Juliet is HOT." Mike said forgetting that I was right here and now rambling about how hot girls are. I saw Emmett trying to block out Mikes voice, he didn't need to know how hot his sister was. And I, I thought this was funny. Mike complementing me without even knowing it, Emmett not being able to shut Mike up without violence and blowing our cover, and now I could show everyone how talented I really was. This was great.

Finally the bell rang and Me and Emmett walked off to our next class. P.E. I really hated this class. Not because of I couldn't do anything without tripping and falling, cause I could do pretty much anything athletic as long as it didn't involve something simple like... Walking, the real reason why I didn't want to do it was because all the girls got jealous of me when they saw all the guys drool over me. Well I pretty much assume that's going to happen, i mean cmon it happened everyday at my old school.

I walk over to the gym teacher and get him to sign my slip then he tells me that if I didn't have anything to change into then I would be sitting out today and gave me a locker number. But thankfully i'm prepared and I have something to change into. So just when I turn around I hit something. I look up and realize that its a boy. He had bronze hair, Pale skin, (A/n: No NOT VAMPY) and his hair was messy but he pulled the look off. He had these dazzling green eyes. But when I look him up and down it reminded me of something. He had a lanky figure, but still somewhat muscular. He reminded me of an older version of Edward. This god couldn't possibly be the one who bullied me in freshman year. It impossible, but yet so... possible. Bella! What are you thinking? God? You have a boyfriend! Keep it together!!He grabbed my arm to steady me to make sure I wouldn't fall down again, He stared into my eyes for what seemed like years until I realized that I had to change, so unwillingly I removed my arm from his grip then mumbled a sorry and practically ran to the girls locker room. I saw his face flash with hurt when I removed his arm, I really wanted to know who that was. But when I looked at him, I was pretty sure that it was Edward Cullen.

When I entered the locker room I saw many girls changing and talking. They had various things to change into, sports bras, T-Shirts, Tight Athletic tanks. But For those who were wearing sports bras they didn't have much. If you know what I mean. So I went to my locker through my bag in, then started changing into my pink and black sports bra, and some black running pants. Suddenly I felt like there were eyes on my back so I turned around to see everyone staring at me... well my body. I smirk as I turn my back from everyone. Then I hear the frantic whispers from the girls in the room. They said stuff like 'Are those real?' 'OMG she is going to be a problem.' My old school did this to. But if you think this is bad, just wait until I leave the locker room. Scary.

I stuff my old clothes back into my locker then, feighning ignorance I walk outside of the girls changing room, leaving a stuned girl population. When I exit I realize that there were only a couple girls who had finished changing, while practically all the guys were on the bleachers waiting for everyone else. I know that alot of guys are staring at me now, but all I do is ignore it then search through the crowd for Emmett. I find him quickly, not missing his gigantic frame. He was with a small group of boys talking about... Hell why do I care what they are talking about. I decide to leave him be and make his own friends, just when I turn around I hear Emmett call my name several times loud enough to get everyone in the gym looking either his or my direction.

I sigh, then begin walking over to him. Slowly everyone goes back to their socializing tearing their eyes away from us. When I reach him, he pulls me to the side and whispers,

"All of the Cullens and Hales are in this period." He nods his head in the direction of the other side of the gym, where you could see 4 students sitting on the bleachers, Jasper (In my English Class) , Edward (The God) staring at me, while the blond,Rosalie, is switching between glaring at me and staring at Emmett, And the short one, Alice, smiling at me. That's different. When me and Edwards eyes meet I smile and wink at him then turning to Emmett.

Just then the teacher, Mr. Parsons, comes in and tells us we will be doing short one-on-one racing. I smile at this. I can run hella fast. I just can't walk without falling down. There is a difference. He says he will be pairing us off by speed and gender. So he splits me off into a girls group then tells us to begin, when we finish the winner reports to him. Of course I won, and he split me into another girls group, which again I dominated. I continued this course until I was just getting bored because I couldn't go full speed. Finally I was done beating all the girls and asked if I could face the boys overall winner. I expected it to be Emmett, but expectantly it was Edward. Who knew he could run. I then overheard him saying something.

He was telling his friends that he would go easy since I'm a girl. I could change that. I walk over to him grab his arm the say,

"Don't you dare go easy on me just because I'm a girl. Who knows maybe I might just beat you."

"Alright." He said. I noticed that he was still hesitating. We took our stating positions, and waited for Mr. Parsons to tell us to go. He blew his whistle. I sprinted as fast as I could to the finish, trying to prove that I didn't need to have him slow down just because I was I girl. And when I finished Edward was right behind me. He looked quite upset. So I decided just to leave him alone. I could care less if he was fucking upset. I was tormented for years because of him. So with that I walk away to the changing room knowing that the bell is going to ring soon and Mr. Parsons was telling everyone to go change. I change back into my other clothes then grab my bags and walk out of the locker room.

By the time I finished changing the bell had rang signalling that class was over. I walked to my last class of the day knowing that Emmett wasn't in this class.

When I arrived at my advanced biology class, I noticed that there was only one seat that was still empty. And it just happened to be sitting next to the god that looks like Edward. BELLA! Stop That! I tear my eyes away from him then walk up to the teacher, Mr. Banner, get him to sign my slip, and wait for him to give me more instruction while he was quieting the class. When everyone was quiet, I realized that everyone was staring at me. i blushed and ducked my head slightly. Just then Mr. Banner said,

"Well Isabella why don't you introduce yourself." I smirk at this. This was the perfect time to release the fact that I was Bella Swan from Freshman year, the one who always got bullied on, especially when the source of the bullying was sitting right in front of me. I keep my smirk, still blushing a little and say,

"My name is Isabella Swan, but I go by Bella, I lived here all my life with my father, Chief Swan, then moved away freshman year due to... circumstances. My brother Emmett, and I just moved from Phoenix, Arizona. We came here for personal reasons, so don't bother to ask." I said promptly looking at Edwards mouth drop to the floor. I smile a breathtaking smile at him then send his a glare, and turn back to

"Well that was interesting , now why don't you sit next to Edward, over here Isabella." He said, but I already knew that was where I was sitting, I mean Cmon there were no other seats in the class. And over my shoulder I said,

"It's Bella." I take my seat next to Edward still aware that his mouth was still open. I look up at him from my eye lashes, smile a small smile and say, in a flirtatious way,

"Hey Edward. Did you miss me?" (A/n: I was going to leave it there but since I haven't updated in soooo long I decided to make the chapter longer.) Then changed my look to a very murderous glare, and a wicked smile. I turn away from him looking at who was now going on about something that I had already learned while I was being home schooled. I realized that since I was in the front of the room everyone could stare at me 'without me knowing', but it was quite obvious that they were staring at me, I could feel their eyes on me. But the gaze that was the most intense was Edwards, he was looking at me with knowing, guilt, Sorrow, and even lust.

When the bell rang I quickly walked out of there, but then something grabbed my arm. I looked up to see Edward had grabbed my arm and was now holding me in place, I couldn't move, his grip was to tight.

"Bella look, I'm sor-" He began but I cut him off,

"Oh just Shut the hell up. I don't need your apologies anymore. I needed them years ago when it actually bothered me, not that you ever gave any." I stated trying to pull my arm from his grip.

"Look I was an Ass back then, but I'm different now."

"Oh, really? Well back then I was a stupid young girl who let you bully her every single day without doing anything about it. But I'm different now. Physically and Emotionally." I tried to take my arm away again, but failed. But just then I heard a familiar warm voice that sounded unfamiliarly violent. Emmett.

"Cullen." He said voice sounding agitated.

"Let go of my sister."

"No, not until she forgives me." Boy did this guy have guts, saying something like that to Emmett. And a plus was that Edward used to bully him, so another reason to beat the shit out of him.

"I said let go of her."

"And I said No-" but he was cut off by Emmett slamming him into the lockers, holding Edward up by the collar of his shirt.

"Don't fuck with me or my sister Cullen, or there will be hell to pay." But just then I heard 3 other voices yelling for Emmett to put Edward down. I guessed that it was Alice, Rosalie, and Jasper. So I turned around, telling Emmett I would handle it. I was now aware that Emmett was whispering somethings into Edwards ear, me not being able to hear.

So I stood in front of Emmett arms folded across my chest.

"Don't just stand there, stop your brother." Alice yelled. Trying to get passed me. But I just stood there staring into her eyes. Making my eyes look sad when I say,

" 'Stop your brother', why didn't I tell you that Freshman year?" I told Alice.

"What are you talking about?!" She yelled still trying to get to Edward.

"Remember those two nerds Edward picked on, the fat one and shrimpy nerdy girl, in Freshman year?" I asked pretending to look extremely sad. She didn't respond but a hint of recognition was in her eyes, as well as Jasper and Rosalie's.

"So let me ask you something, why didn't you stop YOUR brother?"

"I don't know what your talking about." She said avoiding my gaze.

"Of course you don't. Who would remember someone who in your perspective, deserves to be treated like carp everyday? Who would remember... me?" She looks up at me in shock along with Jasper and Rosalie's. But before they could say anything I continue.

"Even if you don't remember me, I defiantly remember you. I can recall every single time you, your brother and friends stole things from me. I remember each time you teased me. I remember the scars you've all given me. I remember these thing everyday." I point to me forehead, lift up my bangs and point to a scar, where Edward had pushed me against the lockers just how Emmett had done with Edward and my head had hitten the locker, causing me to get a scar.

"This. This right here. This reminds me everyday. Every time I see this, When I go to bed at night, when I wake up in the morning, It reminds me of what I tried to leave behind."

"So Alice Cullen. I ask you again, why didn't you stop your brother?" I pause, thinking of the right words to say.

"Did you ever think about stopping him? Did you think for one second to help me and Emmett? Or did you not care at all about our well being, on the inside and out?" She doesn't answer so I continue.

"Just like how I don't give a shit if Emmett punches Edward in the face right now." Emmett hearing me lifts his right arm about to punch Edward, but me knowing him he wouldn't do it. We didn't come here to be bullies. We just came here to get a point through to them, and to get some revenge. (A/n sorry slight plot change :p)

"But... we didn't come here to become bullies. Just to get some point through to you." And with that Emmett lets Edward go and he grabs his bag, and me and Emmett walk away from them. But when I really think about it, I realize that they had given me more scars then I had realized. Some that I probably didn't even know about yet. And with our move here, there were probably a lot more to come.

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