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Reliving a Memory chapter 1: Attempting to Move on

It has been quite a few years since the bazaar murders in raccoon city. Most people who had witnessed the event first hand were gone. No longer able to tell the tale of the virus that could have ended the race humankind as we know it. My name? Jill Valentine, former S.T.A.R.S member and one of the few who actually remembers the string of incidents with any clarity. Many of our comrades, friends, and families were killed due to Umbrella, and, it took us all a long time before those that remained went on with our lives. When we all finally chose to part ways, a few of our members chose a simple life away from the gunfire, and carnage, that our past job chose to provide on a daily occurrence. Others still chose the life of honor, wishing to stop any more viral warfare from ever happening again.

Along side me is Rebecca Chambers, also a former stars member, and a field medic. Though she is younger than me by quite a few years, she and I are very close. Few are able to know what exactly we went through, or the things that hunt our minds. I guess that's why in the end of it all when she asked to accompany me, I agreed almost too willingly. She is a simple woman, as am I. we do not command what we know we can trust. We do not need to feel as if we hold secrets since we both know we do. Simple in complexity. No playing pretend, no happy little home with a mask. What we are, we are. How we live is, how live. Life to us means more now than before the fall of Umbrella.

Currently we are seeking residence in an apartment complex in Japan. Though I do not feel safe to disclose our location, I can honestly say I am happy we moved here. No longer are we officers in service to the law force. We both decided to take on jobs that we enjoy rather than to fight for a cause. I sought work as an usher at nearby concert hall and Rebecca found herself acquiring a job as a florist for a new flower shop owner. It was a little store, offering baked goods, flowers, and other little knickknacks. It happens to be run by five friends, all women and all with their own unique flair. All in all they are closer to Rebbecca in age, so she gets along well with them..

I can not say what the future will hold, but from what I hear from the big wigs at the old HQ all has been taken care of, Umbrella now finally no more. Aside from the stray leach or random encounter, very little has happened to make me think that we will ever have to relive the events again. Even so, we still have to see it within the depth of sleep. As I finish my final report before locking my past away forever I leave a few words of advice to whom may find this. If a virus ever begins to break out once again contact all the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members and eliminate the cause immediately. I bid the people I lived this nightmare with farewell, and, I hope you all find peace in the new lives we may lead. Once a family always a family. We hope we can one day see everyone face to face with smiles as we were once able too long ago. Good luck to you all!

Jill sighed as she closed down her laptop for what she thought would be the final time. Often she wrote letters to sent to her old team members, a few she still kept in contact with constantly. However even if that's what it was like in the inside core of the group, the ex officer knew better than to leave traces of the truth that remained. All the files dealing with umbrella had been eradicated from any hard disks or paper files, all that was left were blind paper trails, and broken memories. The new lives of the surviving members showed far grater promise, and hope, and they intended to keep it that way.

Looking at the clock she hollered for her significant other. "Bec, hurry up! Michiru will get pissed if we're late!" Tonight was the night that Hotaru performed on her own for the first time, and with the aqua haired woman not only being Jill's employer, but now a good friend as well it was an important event.

"I'm trying! Who knew it would be so hard to dress for a concert!" The ex Bravo member retorted as she ran downstairs donned in her Sunday best. "You better get moving as well! Your still in your work uniform!" Rebecca gawked as she flung her arms to make a point.

"I know I am." Jill said as she grabbed her car keys, "I told Michiru I would act as a body guard for the kid. Now come on and lets go!" Jill continued as she practically pushed the smaller woman out of the door and into the car.

The hall was packed with people, and it continued to get even more full as time progressed. Rebecca found her seat with her friends and waited for the show to start. Amongst them were very different personalities and it showed.

Usagi was forever the giggly woman. Out of the five friends she was the most likely to get into harmless trouble. She was extremely innocent, just as Rebecca herself had been at one time. Her long blond hair and blue eyes made for quite the attraction, and it was easy to see why her husband loved her so very much. He often worked late hours, or went away on business, so Rebecca didn't know him very well.

Minako was a lot like Usagi in personality on the outside, however on the inside held quite the little vixen. Rebecca laughed as she saw the woman hit another friend of theirs when she tried to light a cigarette. "Rei if you try to light damn that thing one more time I swear I'll kick your ass into next week!"

"What? It's not like this will kill me." the raven haired girl commented offhandedly as she lit it up paying no heed from the previous warning. "That THING may not, but I will! I can't believe Jill got you involved into such a screwed up habit!" This started a fight that the tallest had to break up.

"Ok that's quite enough now! Minako let go of her before you really do some damage, and Rei… she's right put the cigarette away until your alone, I hate that smell." Makoto said as she stepped between the two combatants. Makoto kind of reminded the young Bravo member of Berry. She was built like a house and could be very aggressive, yet anyone who knew the tall woman well knew she was very kind under all of that brawn.

Ami was the last of the core to make her options known, and out of all of the friends, the one Rebecca related to most. The girl with blue hair was mousy and small. She also had an interest in medicine and apparently had a degree as a doctor. In the end of it all though as much as she wanted to help people, Ami was just too soft to loose anyone who she treated. After she lost a child in pediatrics to an illness, she questioned her ability and decided to work along side Makoto in the flower shop.

"Guys, please sit down your making a scene." She whispered behind her readers digest magazine waiting for the show to start. All of them heard her despite the ruckus they were creating and sat down just as the lights dimmed and the curtain opened.

On the stage was a Slender teenager in her formal gown as she prepared her cello to be played. Hotaru came from a family dedicated to the arts and because of that she had learned many instruments like the violin, piano, and clarinet to name a few. She sat upon a stool and with her eyes closed she played as the deep music came from her mind and into the ears of the listeners. Rebecca remembered how Jill at one time also held a deep love for such types of music. Often at the precinct she played music on the piano before Chris totaled the thing.

The performance lasted for quite a while and at the end all were cheerful as they exited the music hall. Jill and Rebecca went home after the event while the others went for coffee. Hotaru and her family were to leave on some sort of tour trip later that night so everyone was wishing them well. Something must have gotten on Jill's nerves because she was very quick to want to leave the vicinity. The car ride was tense as Jill drove curtly through the streets as if she had seen a ghost.

"Jill.." When no replay came Rebecca tried again, "Jill… Jill!… JILL!"

"Yeah Bec?" The older woman replied as she her hand remained clasped to the steering wheel as if she was clinging on to dear life, stress clear in her voice.

"What's up? You seem tense, even for you. Did something happen at the hall?"

"No. It's not any of our concern…. Yet." Jill said in an attempt to brush off the topic of why she had been on edge tonight.

"Ok, I know that tone… What's going on…" Rebecca prodded carefully as she placed her hand on Jill's thigh in hopes to ease her tension.

"I can't speak about it, you'll see it when we get home." the response came with a look of utter fear in her eyes. One look Rebecca had seen only once before, and it was the only look that she feared seeing again to this day. The drive remained quiet as she awaited what ever it was Jill was going to tell her.

Once inside of their home they took a seat on the sofa as Jill rummaged through her pocket to find a small bottle with the cap screwed on tight. "Tell me what this looks like too you?" Jill whispered quietly as if she had in her hand some important item. In all reality it wasn't far from the truth.

"IS THAT WHAT IT LOOKS LIK-" She was quickly silenced by Jill's hand.

"Shh. Don't yell about it, but yes. Didn't you deal with these things in the woods back in Raccoon?" Jill's asked, her voiced laced in a dangerous tone.

"Yeah. It's a Leach from Umbrella.. But.. What exactly is it doing here? The virus we dealt with wasn't airborne, and from what I know these little buggers can't swim.." Rebecca said in an attempt to disprove any and all call outs that suggested this thing could be from Umbrella.

"It's true that they can't swim. Berry and I tested that, and I know they have a short lifespan so any long distance travel without the right accommodations is impossible. Also.. It was alone." Jill said as she looked at the bottle. The leach was dead when she found it and its body was withered into what looked like a sun dried raisin.

"Then how the hell did it get here?" Rebecca whispered frantically as if the walls had ears. It was common knowledge that Leaches traveled in large packs, never alone.

"No Idea, but one things for damn sure, where there's one, there are more…and I'll be damned to hell if those little bastards ruin our lives again." Jill said as she rushed to the attic running around tossing things haphazardly in a frantic rage.

"What do you intend we do?" Rebecca said as she leaned herself on the door wall.

"Suit up Chambers!" Jill said with a cocky air to her. Rebecca knew that look anywhere, and with that look it always mean trouble.

"Only if you promise to keep your tight little ass in line this time Valentine." Rebecca said as she found her old S.T.A.R.S uniform. Within the creases and wrinkles held old memories. And the way it fit was still like a glove. In their old uniforms they has seen and went through so much.

Looking into the mirror they saw themselves as who they used to be. they were to old team members of S.T.A.R.S. ready to kick some face in. Neither knew what they were going to be facing in this new round. It could be just a little thing like a few stray leaches, or a massive viral war zone like Raccoon. In a flash both remembered the fighting that had to be done, the families they lost. Jill had hardened herself from most emotional attachment, Rebecca however, had not.

"Jill…Wait.. What about the girls? We can't leave them to fend for themselves. Please!" Rebecca cried out as if begging for the unthinkable.

"Honey, we can't take them with us. I don't think they can fire a gun let alone deal with what we did. We don't even know what we are dealing with!" Jill said to try and curb the not so wonderful idea of taking a bunch of women with them.

"What if it is like before! IT'S LIKE YOU SAID! THEY CAN'T DEFEND THEMSELVES! PLEASE! We just made a home here.. Please.." Again the smaller girl begged.

Jill sighed deject to the facts. It was true, for two years after everyone split apart there was constant movement. No place to call home, and very few to call family. It was life on the street for the most part and it was ok, because that's the life they knew best. Now though, Rebecca had a place to call home, and very dear friends she was once again afraid to loose. Jill couldn't refuse a chance to salvage what she knew would be irreplaceable, the lives of their friends.

"Alright Bec, alright. Don't get ballistic just yet. Lets go check up on them and hope to god everything is normal." Jill said as she went into the kitchen to pick up a lock box key. As she reentered the living room she pulled out the large steel container and undid the clasp.

"I never thought we would have to use these damn things again." Jill said as she pulled out what were at one point relics of their pasts. Memories at best, keepsakes at worse, there was a lot of things in here that no matter how long they were locked away still felt as heavy as they day they were received.

"Billy… It's been so long since I've had to use it." Rebecca sighed as she looked at the standard issue military gun. He had given it to her as a gift when all was said and done and never did she really think she would have to wield it at undead once again.

---------------FLASHBACK Raccoon City-------------

"So your really leaving? What will you do now?" Rebecca cried in the arms of the man who was innocent despite the fingers that pointed so accusingly of him.

"I don't know. I have to get out of here and so do you. I'll be damned to live in this city anymore. I'll be damned to see the fall of another city. I told you I'd see you again, and I have done that. Now you need to go and live your life. You don't belong in the streets and that's where my life is." Billy said as he loaded his gun and placed it into her palm.

"I don't care where we live or what you choose to do but don't leave me. Not here, not this way." Rebecca cried as she held the gun in her hands.

"You were intent to arrest and kill me when we first met. Then out of survival we teamed up. However that's exactly what it was, survival. I can not love a person out of survival and the things we have both seen will torment us. There are others who fight for a cause as well. I intend to kick the ass of every single person responsible for this nightmarish bullshit. You deserve better than that offer. Your young enough and still hold innocence, so please understand." Billy said as he placed the gun she held to his head.

"Billy.. What are you doing?" her eyes wide still in tears as he looked into his eyes.

"See these eyes becca? They are eyes that do not fear death. The eyes of a solider. If this very gun was in my hands and pointed at you, the fear would still be there. I know you are not cruel enough to shoot me, nor am I enough to do that to you. However that doesn't mean you won't come across someone who is. As a soldier I was trained to know no fear, in raccoon you learned to survive. There is a difference, and I never want you to know exactly what that one difference is." As he finished his round about way of explanation he removed the gun from his head.

Looking into her eyes he knew she felt deeply for him, as he did her. As he walked away he knew she would find a better life away from him and his street life attitude. He turned to look back at the woman who still stood in shock. It was like she was unable to comprehend the words he had spoken, and that's how he wanted it. Should there be a time when she would need to know…then, and only then, would it click into place.

"Rebecca!" he yelled back "If there is ever a time you square off with eyes like mine, even if they are mine… do not hesitate to shoot! Understand?" He didn't leave time for her answer as he ran as fast as his legs would carry him. Speeding into the woods where they had first met.

--------End Flashback----

"I agree," Jill said holstering her S.T.A.R.S. issued handgun and picking up an old lighter and placing it in her pocket. It had belonged to Chris and when he had given it to her back when she joined up at the start. She never saw a real use to carry it around, but he always had his no matter what.

She also picked up a lock pick from when she was a little girl.. It was old and made of simple paperclips, she also had one her father had given her before he was arrested. Looking at it a tear came to her eye. So many break-in's she had caused. So many times had both of those little picks saved her life. Perhaps not the picks themselves but the lesson behind them.

Shaking her head from any idle memory or though that could haze her judgment she closed the locker and refastened the lock, giving Rebecca the key. "Listen…I'm not sure what we are going to have to do to survive…and I'm not sure we have any real way to treat the wounds if we do get infected… so if you do…" Jill was unable to finish the question, however the answer was simple.

"You have the lighter…" Rebecca said while she held up a flask "I have the oil.. You know what to do." in her eyes there were no remorse, no fear of anything that could come.

"It's decided then," Jill said as she gave Rebecca one bullet tipped in blue paint, while Rebecca gave her one tipped in green…"back to hell we go.." Both of them wore cocky grins. The bullets had never been used before and were a staple of memory more than anything else.

"Well then Valentine…what do you think we should do first.." Rebecca asked looking to her lover while keeping the mode of professionalism that they used when they suspected something big to happen.

"First we are going to do some nighttime investigations.. I want to know if this little bastard has a family some place near here. Then after that, we can check up on our friends. If we need too we can take them with us.. But…god do I hope we don't have too.." Jill said holding the bottle, giving a violent shake as if to retaliate for it even showing up in the first place before pocketing it.

As they drove the car back to the music hall, both minds raced trying to piece together what had transpired. Many things could go wrong in many different ways. The best they could hope for now would be the music hall being clear of any civilians and all of this being just a freak occurrence with no attachment to umbrella.

The outside seemed normal so they wasted no time entering the building. When they got to the front entrance the lights were off and Jill had to pick the doors lock to get in. Normalcy in appearance gave a small bit of relief and they scanned the buildings entrance hall. Nothing was amiss at all. The entire building was the same as they had left it. When they were about to enter a different set of doors someone screeched from outside.

"Who the hell was that?!" Rebecca half yelled.

"I don't know, but we better find out. Cover me…" Jill said as she went to the door and flung it open to find five women running in various areas of the parking lot… still screeching, and chasing them were a small flock or crows.

"Aw crap! Chambers get the idiots inside! I'll take out the birds!" Jill shouted as she fired three rounds from her gun, causing the Crows to attack her instead.

"Right!" Shouted Rebecca as she ran to grab Usagi and Minako since they were near the entrance. As the two blonds ran quickly Rebecca shot two rounds and an oncoming Crow hoping to slow it down. When the both blonds were safely inside she ran to grab Ami who was currently hiding in a small bush on the side. "Come-on! You can't stay there! It's not safe!" Rebecca yelled as a crow was about to swoop down, Jill clipped it's wing with a bullet sending it after her.

"DAMN IT AMI! IF YOU LIKE LIFE YOU BETTER LISTEN!" Jill shouted as she ducked behind a tree sending two more shots at the incoming crow downing it for good. Running towards the other line of bushes she grabbed the panicked bluenette by the shirt collar and ran into the building pushing her in full force while Rebecca shot down another crow.

Makoto by this point had gathered it was not safe to stay outside and had a passed out Rei on her back running head on into the building. After both Rebecca and Jill shot down the nearest crow to the door they slammed it closed and started to barricade it, Makoto quickly jumping in to help. No words were spoken as they frantically found things to shove onto any opening, locking themselves in. once everything was sealed to the best of everyone's ability they sat on the floor trying to fully grasp what had happened.

"damn crows… I though I had seen the last of them… guess not." Jill said as she lit up a smoke Rei bumming one soon after.

"Rei! Put out that cigarette! It's not a healthy habit!" Minako said about to remove it from it's owner personally, that is before Jill intervened.

"Listen here Missy." Jill said grabbing the blonds hand stopping her from going to Rei "If you think her smoking a cigarette will kill her, I'd hate to see what would have happened had we left you out there with the birds, and if you think that's the worst you'll see, your poorly mistaken."

"Well Jill what now?" Rebecca said simply, sure she was on high edge but it was like her partner said, crows were the least of their problems.

"What now? What do you think?" Jill said taking a long hit of her smoke "Can't very well just leave them here can we? We'll have to take them with us." she sighed as she once again took a hit. "First though…I think they deserve an explanation."

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