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Chapter 2: Choices

"What now? What do you think?" Jill said taking a long hit of her smoke "Can't very well just leave them here can we? We'll have to take them with us." she sighed as she once again took a hit. "First though…I think they deserve an explanation."

"Yeah. That would be a pretty good start I'd say." Makoto sighed "You can start by telling me why those crows decided to start dive-bombing us." her shaky voice concluded as she took the nearest counter top as a brace.

Leaning against the wall Jill looked to the tall brunette, Her eyes were of question, her face however, was masked fear just waiting to be let loose. Jill took one last hit of her cigarette before stomping it out on the floor. "Well, I could tell you the long ass way, or the short way. Seeing as I want to see the light of the next day, I'll tell you the short way. They wanted to eat you. Those crows weren't normal ones, they were infected and already dead. You don't need to know how or why just yet, however you do have a few choices to make."

"Choices?" Ami said as she stood in the corner behind a plant. To say she was more than a little confused would be a very large understatement. Seeing Jill reexamine her gun while Rebecca leaned in to whisper something made it all seem way to surreal.

"Yeah… Choices… you can either come with us, or stay here. Choice is yours. However if I were you I'd come with us. The birds are the least of my worries. I've see far worse." Jill said as she pointed her thumb backwards and then back to herself, "We both have, and let me tell you… it's not a pretty story."

"Why should we trust you? You looked like civilians since we met you! Now your gun slinging women in cop outfits! Tell me why I, or any of us, should believe a word of the crap you just spouted!" Minako interjected as she eyed down the much taller S.T.A.R.S. officer with clear distrust in her features.

"Look, I don't care what you do. You can trust me and Bec, or you can do as you like. However I'm telling you it's in your best interest to follow our lead. Either way all hell will break loose, I'll guarantee you that." As Jill finished her mini tirade she busied herself by rummaging through the papers and file cabinets. Looking for anything possible to be used for the sake of survival.

"Please, don't mind her. There's a lot more to all of this than meets the eye." Rebecca said as she pulled her gun out of her holster and ejected the magazine and replaced her gun back to the holster. She hated to carry around a loaded gun if she wasn't in direct danger at the time. Looking over at Rei she noticed a small bruise on the side of her face and went to get a closer look while in the process offering a better explanation.

"Sadly I don't think we could explain this even if we wanted too…not fully anyway. All we could really tell you is that this is a viral outbreak. The stages are too early for us to have any idea how far it has spread, but, I tend to think it's time to assume the worst. Jill and I have dealt with this befo-"

"WHOA! Hold it the hell up! What's all this about a viral outbreak!" Makoto once again found her voice as she completely lost her balance, crashing into the potted plant Ami was hiding behind. The smaller girl for her part came out of the ordeal unscathed, just more petrified. Usagi by this point had sought out a hiding spot under a small corner desk biting her bottom lip. Minako was still scowling, but had made no further comments.

"I was getting to that, please just calm down." Rebecca sighed as she turned her vision back to Rei's cheek. "Jill and I have dealt with this before and it's not exactly easy to describe. Our home city was overrun by the virus causing a lot of odd symptoms. The company responsible was named Umbrella. We took them down after a long drawn out series of cases. We thought we had handled the matter, but apparently not." Rebecca sighed again, this time in relief, as she confirmed that all Rei had was a bruise and not an open wound, or break in the skin.

"Are you sure it was of a viral nature? What kind of symptoms did people experience?" Certainly Ami would ask this, after all being certified in medicine did have it's advantages, even if she didn't actively practice it.

"Well it depends really. As a field medic I saw quite a lot of different things. Also, there were other viral outbreaks than just the basic one I spoke of. This stuff was to be used in a lot of ways. Some for medical advancement, and others to be used for warfare. Most commonly however you could see a steady decline within a person." Rebecca started to pace back and forth with her hand to her head thinking carefully.

Sure she could tell them, but it would cause panic. She could call it classified, but Makoto and Minako would debunk that easily enough. It was possible to simply brush it off has too hard to describe without seeing it first hand, but Ami would read through that lie in a minuet. Looking to Jill the woman was still fidgeting around in every nook and cranny possible.

On the desk to her left lay a letter opener and a very small utility knife. A chain of keys completed the pile. It reminded Rebecca of the horror they once faced. How they had to scrounge up every piece of usable equipment. In the long run it would take a lot of work to even make it out of the area let alone the city. Deciding better to get the panic over with she told them what one would expect.

"Well, it starts off as a fever, and dry skin, the feeling of being itchy has been reported by multiple people. Vomiting sets in soon after and anything other than meat will become unappealing. After awhile the flesh that at one point was itchy usually picks up a yellow tint as if the infection hit the skin." The field medic took a look to Ami who seemed unsurprised by the information given so far.

"Small changes in personality and the ability to be cognitive start to develop," Rebecca said as she started tallying with her fingers. "Things like depression, high amounts of aggression, inability to hold a conversation… Sometimes people could only say a few words to communicate. Most used broken two word sentences…" Rebecca sighed as she found it hard to continue to explain, seeing this Jill jumped off of the current chair she was standing on, showing rare affection within the public eye held Rebecca close. Bringing her to sit on the floor Jill lit another cigarette and took the liberty of finishing what Rebecca has started.

"Normally a person would slip into an unconscious state after that. From there it would only be a matter of time. We had thought at the time after the person hit that stage it would be too late. Little did we know that was a lie pulled out of an ass. The people did wake up, though not like before. They became cannibalistic, and thus we shot them down. What ever was in the virus exactly to cause it we still aren't sure, however, the more we shot at them, the less they fell. Parts of the virus could mutate, others could not. Also it affected some living things differently." As Jill paused to take a hit of her cigarette she looked around the room.

Most of the women surrounding them didn't seem to believe such a story. Ami's eyes were pensive, almost overly analytical as she stared to the floor. Minako resumed her pacing not really believing one way or the other, though she had to admit those crows were extremely messed up. Usagi had been unusually quiet, however it made sense that she wouldn't know what to say when dealing with such a disaster. Makoto and Rei seemed to be the ones to take the situation as the truth the most.

"Anyway, I could sit here and tell you every little detail, or, you can admit there is something ape shit going on and come along for the ride. Choice is yours. Take it or leave it." Jill said as she pulled Rebecca up with her. She picked up the items she had on the desk and quickly scanned the area around her.

"Well? What do you say.. You in, or out?" Jill Addressed Makoto handing her the letter opener. Out of all of them Jill could see she was the one that would prove most useful in combat. Her strength would be a major asset in all of this.

"There had better be some truth to your words Jill, or I won't be held responsible for my actions." Makoto said taking hold of the dull yet pointy object.

"Can we really trust what your saying?" Came the reply from Rei as she was given the utility knife eyeing it with a sense of uncertainty. She had never used a weapon, why should she start now. Never mind the fact that a utility knife wasn't exactly meant to be used as a weapon.

"I don't know.. Can you… I think the real question you have is: will you choose too? In the end take what I said as what you will. I honestly don't give a damn. Bec however, does. Believe it or not she's the one so dead set on you coming, not me. Remember that before asking me questions about your personal choices." Came the snide remark from the officer as she passed Minako her old pocket knife. With Jill carrying her gun she knew her knife would be best carried in the hands of someone currently unarmed. Knowing Usagi and Ami neither would be able to take on any kind of enemy.. Minako though had it in her, she had enough bite to survive in a pinch, and that was why she had been chosen.

"Why the hell are you giving me this! What do you want me to even do with it?" Minako spit out rudely as she eyed the sharp blade. It was surgical steel, and a high grade as well, it was sharp and it was clearly intended for combat.

"I want you to use it on anything that looks like it could kill you that's what! God what are you an idiot!" Jill grimaced at the fact that she was explaining what one would possibly use a knife for. In her mind this was simple logic, desperate times called for desperate measures. It was easy to forget not everyone had experienced what she had in the past.

"You two! Over here now!" Jill called out to Ami and Usagi. "I don't have weapons for you to carry, and I don't think you'd even have the ability to use them properly on a practice target, let alone someone who would do harm to you. I also see no point in trekking one massive female army through the halls of this music hall. Bec will take a few of you, I'll take the others. We'll scan this place from top to bottom for any signs of leaches or any other viral infections. After that well get out of here and choose our next plan."

"Wait up! We're splitting into different ways? Isn't that dangerous?" Usagi screeched almost a little too loudly for Jill's patience.

"Well duh.. Yes it's dangerous! It would be even more dangerous to have all of us trying to navigate an entire hallway. Now here's what I say we do." Jill said as she took charge amidst the silent havoc that ran amok in all of their minds. "Makoto and Rei will come with me, we will secure the building and find more suitable things to use as weapons. Anything of value we will bring back." Jill said as she gave her equipment one last look before tossing Rebecca her keys.

"The rest of you will go with Chambers. The keys I just gave her open an office door at the top of the hall. Inside there are no windows and there is only one way in. because it's on the top floor it makes it furthest away from and trouble you may find, also.. Michiru's desk is in there. I want to know if she knows anything of value." After barking her final order she opened the door that lead to a side corridor looking back to the team she assigned.

"Are Ya coming or not!" it was simply more of a statement than anything else and the other two followed closely behind. Rebecca closed the door behind them and locked it preventing anyone to follow them.

"So, Why exactly are we running around this place if we are trying to escape the city?" Rei asked as she saw Jill tense up monetarily. When the raven wasn't able to get a response she started to get annoyed. "Jill! Speak to us damn it! We know there's more to this then your letting on so at least be honest with us." She demanded as she continued to follow her down the side corridor.

"I don't know what's going on Rei. We came here to rid ourselves of this shit, not relive it. Looks like you'll have to put on your thinking caps. Try to think for yourselves a bit." Jill sighed as she opened the storage room she found the leach in. she examined the floor carefully and tossed her bottle to Makoto with strict instructions. "See this little bugger? See if you can find anything having to do with it. That one's not alive but if you do find a live one kill it before it bites anyone."

"This is what has you hyped up? It's just a common leach. I see these in the swampy areas all the time. Nothing but a harmless little lea- WHAT THE HELL!" Makoto said as she took a closer look only to screech and send the bottle flying in Rei's direction. "IT HAS FANGS! LOTS OF THEM!" The brunette panicked in utter fear as she tried to place herself as far away from the bottle as possible. This started a chain of events that left Jill highly amused, if not deaf.

"What do you mean has fan- WOAH!" shouted Rei "Don't give that thing to me! Take it back!" She yelled back passing the small bottle back to Makoto who screamed again before cowering in fear using Jill as a shield. With nothing being accomplished besides ruckus that should be avoided she took back the leach and pocketed it.

"Is it gone?" Asked Makoto with her eyes closed..."That's one little freak i never wanna see again..."

"Well no duh. That's why I want to make sure we know if it has friends. Chill out, if that thing is a cause for fear never mind what else we may have to come in contact with." Jill laughed a small bit, it was a sick joke no doubt, but the truth to her words needed something to soften them. "Anyway I don't really see anything in here of use. Not even a piece of paper, or a pipe, or anything. Let's head to the back elevator and go to the top floor. The others should be there by now." She said simply and walked through the door turned the corner and went down a short staircase, to a rusty elevator door.

They were about to enter when a loud sound came from the entrance hall and down the simple corridor followed by loud screaming. Not a moment sooner the small mob of women came running to Jill and her group, sounds of gunfire were close by. Jill didn't seem too worried even as an irrational Usagi came clinging to the ex S.T.A.R.S. member.

"JILL! Rebecca shot a mean man! And he didn't get hurt! Casing us! Where is she! Jill! Help her! He had freaky eyes!" the frantic blond screamed in terror. Jill rolled her eyes annoyed. If Rebecca couldn't handle what ever it was she was fighting she would have ran away too, not stay to face it down. It was that simple fact that made Jill drag the erratic blond behind her as she went to go see what the commotion was about. The others followed apprehensively.

"Yo Bec! Status report!" Jill yelled ahead of her once the gun fire stopped. When all she heard was silence and a few slow foot falls she picked up her pace into a run "Are you hurt!" She yelled again before getting a reply.

"I'm fine! Just took care of a stray zombie!" She yelled back and returned to examine the corps in front of her. The others had made it at her side in a matter of moments. "I'm not sure what type it is though, however it's wasn't intelligent so it's definably an experimental type. Probably a pre mutated 'T' type virus… however Type 'G' could also be a possibility." Rebecca reported as she looked carefully at the body. She was hopeful she would never have to deal with these viruses again, but looking at the infection before her it was all too clear that there was an outbreak about to occur.

"Anything dealing with that la plague thingy, or the strand that hit Africa? Or can we safely assume that this is just pure brain dead zombies." Jill sighed remembering what Leon had told her after he had left America. She sincerely hoped that this was a simple matter of blasting a few monsters and then getting back to normal life, however somehow she knew she was very wrong.

"First off, it would help if you actually paid attention to what this thing looks like. Secondly Leon would have told you if that type of thing was to get over here and spread like a wild fire. Thirdly if your going to recount an old mission, you can at the very least read off the strand of the virus correctly. I may not know what it was directly but I can assure you it was NOT 'la plague thingy' even if you do dislike the man, that's no reason to blow off important information we could be using." Rebecca scolded, as she stood and stomped down hard on the zombie's exposed neck to ensure it stayed down, last thing they wanted was a mutation on their hands.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. He just gets on my nerves with his idiotic theories." Jill waved off the reprimand knowing she was whipped and would lose the on coming argument. Abruptly she got back to her original point. "So anyway you said it was a type 'T' or 'G' virus. I thought we took out both strands. If it's not very smart then at least we know it's just a run of the mill zombie and not a mutation. By that logic I assume this is just going to be the same old methods?" She figured she knew the answer, it was always the same tactic. As she spoke she knelt down to get a closer look at the body and the small piece of paper that peeked out of his shirt pocket.

"Yes, I would assume this is the normal situation." Rebecca said as she looked to the others. "Jill and I both know how to deal with these guys, they are of little concern when there is only one or two. It's masses that are what make them strong. That's also why we want to stay away from open places that they can surround us in, meaning off city streets if possible." She explained as she noted Ami giving them a look of pure perplexity, and she moved to read what Jill was holding aloud for the others. Much of it was stained with the blood from the wounds, making it hard to read.

From Tomeo Industries:

You have been accepted by the Tomeo foundation to conduct our controlled research program. The first task you have received is to pass along the envelope containing the uncovered Umbrella research to none other than Dr. Tomeo himself. He will give you his next assignment in person. I'm sorry I was unable to do better for you, however I assure you, soon you'll be more than just a mere errand boy. The project will be in full swing soon, so please be there for the meeting.

"I remember reading about something like this. It was in a letter I received upon graduation asking me to join a team of new doctors in finding an aid to rebuild tissues in the body. America had been working with testing using a medical team of top notch grad students. There were also others involved in the project. I had momentarily thought about giving my help, but then I decided to just stick with pediatrics." Ami threw in offhandedly before getting a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach. Looking the scene before her, she momentarily hoped that this was not the cause of such testing. Rebecca and Jill made note of what the bluenette had said, but didn't press the matter. It would be highly unlikely that Ami would know enough to do anything of helpful use at this point.

Nodding Jill continued what Rebecca had not, "If you should ever need to take one of these things down there is only a few sure ways to know it'll stay down. One is direct damage to the spine or the brain. Two is cremation, and three would be removal of the head. If one of the three methods can not be carried out on a zombie like this, it is best to not harm it, but doge it instead. The longer they stay in a coma, the stronger they get, each time they reanimate they become stronger." Turning to the rest of the team it was clear she could not split them up, everyone was still too panicked. "Well? Are we gunna get a move on or not? Lets just hit up the elevators on this side and check Michiru's office. There's little more we can do just standing here."

With that she lead to where the other set of elevators were located only a short way down the hall. The ride up was uneventful, as was the short walk to the office itself. After Rebecca unlocked the room all of them headed inside, closing the door. The room was furnished simply with a wooden desk and a few chairs. A small safe sat near the back with a combination lock that no one had the code too. Not that it mattered to Jill, sure she could search high and low for the information, but that would take too much time.

Looking around a bit more she noted the objects that sat on the desk: an empty glass, a few books, a few notes of useless information, and photos of Michiru's various family and friends. Rebecca carefully tapped the wall at various area's looking for a hollow point. The others stood in quiet awe, as the two did their work. Ami, for her part, still had her mind on the note. What exactly was it she had turned down in the past, only time would tell. Meanwhile, Jill went through the desk, random paper work littered the drawers, with little in the way of anything useful. There was nothing, or so she thought until she found a back pack draped off the side of the chair and that gave her an idea. Emptying the contents they would not use she tossed it too Ami.

"Yo! Take this!" Jill shouted as she tossed the smaller girl the pack. "You'll be in charge of supplies. Both you and Usagi keep an eye out for anything anyplace we may be able to use. No one will be coming back here any time soon, so don't worry about stealing" With that she took a wooden chair and started beating the safe with it. This was a worthless effort, the safe was just too strong to be opened by force.

Ami wordlessly walked over to the object in question after Jill had given up and looked at it carefully. "I normally don't like to infringe on the personal matters of acquaintances. However, if you give me one good reason why I should break the code, I'll do it for you very simply." she spoke quietly, but it was clear she would keep her word, and Jill knew exactly what to say.

"Well, put it to you this way. We don't have infinite bullets here, and we can't exactly defend ourselves with a few makeshift knives. If this thing has anything of value to us in it, I'm sure Michiru would want us to keep it to save ourselves. I won't take any money or that type of thing, but if there's anything we can use, I would like to have it." Jill said, she also held a healthy respect for a friends belongings, however she knew that it would be impossible for anyone to reach what was in this safe ever again without one hell of an army.

Nodding the bluenette agreed and took the empty glass off the table, she was using it to magnify the sounds from the lock. The room was quiet as she worked quickly. She turned the dial very slowly listening for the clicking that signified a correct number. A few times she went past the number that was needed and had to reset the locking mechanism by spinning the dial a few times and starting over. Jill had never been good with combination locks, that was a skill her father had never taught her. This was why she studied in fascination while Ami worked. Though Jill was adept in theft, she was nowhere near this level of calm when working with a locked device that didn't require a key. On Ami's forth time she was able to crack the combination and opened the fire proof hatch. Inside was nothing of extreme value, however they did find a phone book with all the public listings with notes on a few pages.

"Why would Michiru put this in a safe, it's just a normal phone book." Jill said in exasperation and went back to sifting through the legal documents and deeds that were found inside still coming up short in the way of any information. "Well this is peachy keen. Nothing but crap we don't need."

"I wouldn't say that." Rebecca said pulling the note back out of Jill's pocket to read it again. "This apparently came from people at a place called Tomeo Industries. I don't know about you, but I've never heard of this place. She said as she looked up a possible address. "There's not a listing for any type of company, but… it looks like there is a Tomeo residence not too far from our location, about twenty miles from here if I'm not mistaken." Rebecca sighed as she thought of the prospect of having to run through a city infested with god only knew what.

"Oh you mean the old house by the elementary school." Minako piped up "It's been abandoned for a few years. Some one who lived there went crazy spouting insanity about some wacky super hero group. Sailor something I think, well whatever. The dude apparently ended up becoming institutionalized for very odd behavior, at least that was the rumor. No one really messes with the place. Only thing you'll find there are stray cats, or local children when they want to see who's brave enough to try to enter the house. From what I know, the door is always locked tight." The blond explained, some times it really was good to keep up on gossip.

"Leave it to the busy body to know that type of thing." Sighed Rei inwardly, she really wished she didn't have to deal with the antics that often resulted when Minako found out that type of information. "What she forgot to mention is it was all a bunch of crap. The old guy didn't go crazy, he moved away to the States. After that his younger son took over the property. He still lives there, but he is very aloof."

"Well, doesn't this sound like hell on earth part two? What do you think Bec? Want to go play with more lab experiments? It was hella fun last time!" Jill said excited, much to the dismay of Rebecca.

"For you perhaps, YOU weren't the one being chased by 3 B.O.W. type mutations and a friggin' monkey!" the shorter officer said recalling the accident. "It'll be a simple mission you say…won't be dangerous you say…and you were right. It wouldn't have been dangerous until you had the wonderful idea to drop the plant food in the damned bee hive!" Rebecca said still slightly pissed off that Jill would even think plant poison would kill off a hive of infected bees. It went down hill from there, ironically that was also the same day as the near death experience that lead to the paint tipped bullets.

"Well pardon me for thinking a hive could react the same as a plant." Jill retorted still amused by the entire event. What didn't kill you made you stronger in her mind. Even if she had been scared shitless at the moment it happened, far to many other things haunted her besides a few bees and a rabid monkey. Then again, she knew she had attained a twisted sense of humor over the years. "Anyway, can we go! Please!" Jill begged.

"What the hell happened to escape with our lives intact!" Rei asked still really freaked out by the leach, never minding the zombie and her inability to even think logically after seeing it first hand. She really wanted to leave as soon as possible. Makoto just shuttered by the thought.

"Umm, actually, I think we should look into this Rei, it could be important…" Ami said resulting in being dragged away in a heated whispering match by Makoto. Though the others could hear the whispers, they were unable to tell who was saying what exactly, and a lot of the conversation was missed.

"Are you crazy this is insane, we could get infected pulling this stunt."

"That letter… has me thinking…if possible… it would explain.."

"Does that really matter now though…I know you never let it go but…."

"YES!… but if he did...and that was the cause I want to know."

"And what?...we wouldn't..... Risk our lives… you can't want to see more of that shit…"

"What if there's a cure!…. It's not…the realm of possibility.."

The heated banter went on for only a few more minuets before Ami walked back to the team. "I want to go. I can not speak for every one here, but I have to know what's going on. I need to know for myself what this virus is, and what we can do to cure this. I also had received a letter requesting my help, though I didn't accept. It makes me wonder what they wanted my help for exactly. It is because of these facts I request you take me with you." Her voice was almost begging too much. It was clear she wanted answers.

"Well it's settled then. Who all is coming with us to figure this thing out?" Jill said in excitement. She really loved to get into trouble, and there was no doubt in Rebecca's mind that she would. It was almost a guaranteed fact. At the moment she was at least thankful no rocket launcher was in sight, and mentally prayed there would be no need for one, and that if there was one in the city, it stayed well away from Jill's eye sight.

"Not like we have a choice. We need to follow you. We are as good as dead without your guns, and if the biggest coward out of all of us wants to go… how bad could it be?" Minako said mockingly. She would be that last to admit that this was more than few little monsters under the bed. They all knew it was true though. Not much they could do without protection, and that meant that like it or not, they were being dragged along for the ride.

"HELL YEAH! The little shits better be ready!" Jill shouted in a sick excitement. When ever she came in contact with the virus she had a very bad reputation with walking on the wild side just a bit too much. This, unfortunately was one of those times. "Bec! Did you find a space in the wall we could break out of?"

"Yes it's right over- HEY WATCH IT!" Rebecca shouted since as soon as she pointed at the wall Jill had already put a hole in the dry wall, with a chair no less. It didn't do much, bit one of the Legs managed to break a small hole. "Now lets see… It looks like if we break this wall and shimmy ourselves up the pipe, we can get to the roof…if we do that I may be able too.. oh.. isn't that a hole I haven't patched.. Heh, woops." Jill said recalling the fact she was supposed to patch that roof two weeks ago. The roof was made partly of stained glass, thus easy to break, and since Jill hadn't added caking to the small gap yet it would prove to be an easy way out. "Yo! Makoto! Help me bash this wall through!" Jill invited on the fun of it all, Makoto had ample experience in this type of fun.

"Oh dear god." Ami said shaking her head. "This is going to be worse than when she redecorated with a sledge hammer. I just know it…" Recalling an event that also was havoc induced. Ami wasn't far off when the two would be Rambo incarnate picked up the desk to use as a battering ram.

"Yeah, I can see we are going too have to keep our eyes on these two.." Rebecca said rolling her eyes and covering her ears. She knew that this would happen, Jill was right though, even if her methods were crass. Crows were easier to doge than a horde of zombies. At least on the roof they could see what they were going to have to deal with before actually walking into it first hand.

As they watched the wall fall away and become easily dismantled, it was very clear that this was just the start of the nightmare. Who knew what lay waiting on the roof or, even more unnerving yet, what would be on the ground underneath. Ammo was low, and they had little to fill their bag with. In theory all they would need to do was get to the car, and go to the house in question. It was still possible the virus hadn't spread too far yet, and if that were the case they hoped it could be stopped easily, before more mutated creatures started to arise.


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