She left me. It's been a few hour since she had walked out that door. So many very long and excruciatingly painful hours.

I wander around the house aimlessly. In my dazed walk, I occasionally stumble and walk into a few objects.

After a half hour of that, I decided to save my toes and myself the pain. So, I sit down in the living room couch. I grabbed the stereo remote on the end table by my side and pressed the 'ON' button.

I miss you like crazy

Even more than words can say...

I grunt and switched to the next song on the burned CD.

No, I can't forget this evening

Nor your face as you were leaving

But I guess that's just how the story goes...

Next song.

I never felt nothing in the world like this before

Now I'm missing you and

I'm wishing that you would come back through my door...

I let out an exasperated shout and shut the stereo off.

Then, suddenly, as if by miraculous chance, I heard the door unlock. 'Thank you, Elliot.' I thought as I leapt to my feet.

I tackle her to the ground. Whatever she was holding before was laid out on the floor. Thankfully, she had put them down by the side of the door to turn around and lock said door.

"You're back!!!" I cry in glee as I hold her tightly, never wanting to let go.

"Geez, Pumpkin. I just went out to buy some groceries."


'Miss you like crazy' – The Moffatts

'Can't Live If Living Is Without You' – Mariah Carey

'Wait For You' – Elliot Yamin

Kim Possible and Shego – Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle

This fic is meant to be silly. Hope you guys had a good laugh. Or even understand this. That would've been good enough. .;;