Title: The Only One
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek, and I do not make any money from these fictions.
Rating: M
Summary: Five people who Jim didn't have sex with, everyone he did, and the only one who really mattered…Slash.


1. His stepfather

Despite what some people may speculate, Frank never laid a hand on him.

That way, at least.

The man was a bastard that liked to beat the snot out of him when his mother was off-planet, but he never tried to fuck him.

He probably knew that Jim would bite his cock off if he tried to stick it in his mouth. And in the 23rd century, it is very difficult to hide the signs of rape - especially in a child.

Frank preferred injuring him ways that wouldn't get the man into too much trouble. After all, bumps and bruises could be written off as badges of schoolyard fights.

But even at eleven, Jim wouldn't take rape lying down.

2. Nyota Uhura

He never did get Uhura to sleep with him.

Their first meeting, he was attracted to her instantly - even more when she refused to give him her first name and played hard to get.

Not knowing her first name became a running joke between them, and she never quite took him seriously before he became captain.

After he became captain, he respected her position too much to seriously hit on her anymore. He was not going to compromise their working relationship aboard the Enterprise by trying for anything more.

And honestly, he didn't want it - even after she and Spock broke up.

And Spock managed to rescue them before the aliens really made them do it…

3. Christopher Pike

Jim does not have daddy issues - at least not the kind that would make him lay down with Admiral Pike. Pike is his mentor - a type of father figure - and he won't screw that up with sex.

Even if the admiral isn't too hard on the eyes.

And even if it was dead sexy the way he phasered those Romulans even after being tortured...

And then the way Pike babbled about just how sexy he found Jim's lips…

But he was under of the influence of the Centaurian slug at the time, so Jim just blocked that from his memory.


4. Pavel Chekov

The kid is like - seventeen. He's sweet and innocent and friendly.

He's like the little brother Jim never had.

Besides, Sulu would run him through with his sword…



5. Ambassador Spock

Do you have any idea how fucking awkward that would be?

They certainly didn't do it on that fucking icy wasteland of a planet Starfleet liked to call Delta Vega.

Jim liked his bits without frostbite, thank you very much.

And afterwards, Jim and the younger Spock had started to become friends. It would have been weird and freaky and invasive to have sex with his alternate self.

Even if the ambassador's lust and attraction and affection did come through the mind meld loud and clear.

Emotional transference, Jim's ass.

Well, actually, it didn't get him Jim's ass.

He does have some standards, you know - and while normally Jim wouldn't really mind someone wanting to fuck him because of...well, another him..he does mind when that someone is another Spock.

1. Everyone Else

Sulu and Scotty and Bones and Cupcake and Admiral Archer and Admiral Archer's daughter and Christine Chapel and Gaila and...

But if he had to pick just one, Spock would be the one he'd pick.

He's the only one who really matters now, anyway.

Jim wakes up in his arms, and fall asleep in his arms, and the only place he ever lays anymore is in his arms.

It's also the only place Jim ever gets fucked anymore.

Who knew Vulcans were so damn possessive?