Itachi's Ghost

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does. I am just borrowing some of his awesome characters for a while.

Short Summary: Hinata finds herself able to see a ghost after she is knocked out by Pein's attack. This very attractive ghost wants her to do something for him…find Sasuke and help bring him out of darkness.

Timeline: After Chapter 437 Hinata's confession to Naruto.

Hinata was standing like a shield between Naruto and Pein. She looked back at Naruto as she continued to explain why she was helping him.

"I'm not afraid to die protecting you..." she admitted bravely and it took even more courage for her to say the next few words. "Because-I Love You!" For a fraction of a moment her eyes shone with love for him, just before she blindly rushed forward to attack Pein.

"Juho Soshiken!" She yelled as she formed two large, lion-like shrouds of chakra around her hands, spun in circles and thrust them with deadly accuracy at the Akatsuki leader.

Barely disrupted, Pein only moved back slightly from the attack as he slowly lifted his hand toward the foolish girl.

"Shinra Tensei," he said without emotion and his jutsu blew Hinata back with a stunning force that knocked her out, while the dirt and dust flew all around her. Soon a darker, more malevolent chakra picked her up high in the air, and slammed her hard into the ground, turning it to rubble underneath her.

Dazed with pain and feeling blood seep out of her many wounds, Hinata felt herself floating in a state of consciousness above her body. It was almost as if it was happening to someone else, as she watched in abject horror as the Akatsuki member began to walk steadily towards her inert body as it lay there helpless and broken in the rubble. And then he stabbed it with a sharp chakra spear, while Naruto shouted desperately in the background.

Hinata was still floating far above the ground, when she saw Naruto's chakra explode and six tails appear on his orange colored, Kyuubi-fied body.

In a disembodied and fragmented sort of way, Hinata felt herself halfway between life and death as she felt the explosion of sinister orange chakra through her natural body.

"N-Naruto…k-kun," she stuttered out in a raw voice, just before everything faded to black.

Cracking open her eyes, Hinata closed them just as quickly, as the room was way too bright for her.

Where am I? She wondered feeling very peculiar. Her body felt light and airy as a feather, but oddly enough, she felt no pain at all. That's strange, I was just in a fight; shouldn't I at least feel like it? She thought to herself beginning to feel a little nervous at not knowing where she was.

Outweighing all of that, she was beginning to remember what had taken place just before she was knocked out. Her eyes tightened in pure embarrassed misery when she remembered her confession to Naruto. Oh no, what was I thinking to tell him I loved him? Blushing in shame, her cheeks began to turn bright red.

"I'm a fool," she muttered to herself.

Then she remembered her inept attack against Pein. My attack was worthless, I didn't even slow Naruto's attacker down. Hinata then remembered Naruto's emotional explosion, and began to feel even worse than she did before. I probably made things worse by getting involved. Her eyes deepened in anguish as she remembered the look on Naruto face and his scream as he watched Pein stab her nearly lifeless body.

An odd prickling sensation like she was being watched caused Hinata to sit up, and begin investigating her current situation. Scanning around quickly she observed she was all alone in a large white room, which was so bright she had to squint for a moment until her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the environment. It was strange to her, but as far as she could tell, there were no lamps illuminating the room, or even windows. It appeared to be full of light, all on its own.

Hinata was further shocked when she looked at the state of her clothing and saw she was no longer wearing her usual ninja clothes. Instead, she was dressed beautifully in a long, shimmering, white robe that was perfectly clean, and it was so soft and comfortable, it was like wearing a whisper.

She sucked in her breath as it dawned on her where she probably was.

"Am I dead?" She asked herself out loud in a panicky voice.

Her heart nearly stopped when a monotone voice answered her.

"No, you are just foolish. Or brave, I haven't decided which one you are yet."

Hinata eyes darted around, and didn't see anyone with her in the room. She quickly activated her Byakugan, and saw a raven-haired man dressed in dark ninja clothing standing behind her. He appeared to be without matter or definition, almost like a projection.

Hinata deactivated her eyes and couldn't see him at all, and her heart began to race in fear. Who is this man and why can't I see him without my Byakugan activated?

Suddenly the man appeared in the flesh, in front of her, and she could see him clearly now without her Byakugan, and as she began to examine him more closely, she took in his dark hair and onyx eyes. Hinata frowned a little as she realized who the person in front of her reminded her of...Sasuke Uchiha? She looked at his features in more detail and realized he was older than Sasuke and had ridges along the side of his nose. Her breath sucked in as a growing sense of panic began to swell within her because the last thing she had heard about him... was that... he was...dead.

"Uchiha?" She said with her Hyuuga eyes wide open in shock.

"Itachi," he finished for her in a calm voice.

Hinata felt the room begin to grow dark even before her body slid down to the floor.

Author's Note: I just updated today and I am in the process of cleaning up errors on most of the older chapters. This story is a few years old so a few things have probably occurred in the manga storyline since then, so please bear with any inconsistencies you might see. Thanks for reading.

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