E/O Challenge: Birthday Edition: Prompt Word: Feel; Prompt Scenario: One of the brothers in the hospital for abdominal pain with the other being protective for CiZiwejes birthday, and Hurt!Dean for Deangirl1's birthday. 100 words. Happy Birthday!

AN: Eh, not really happy with this, but it's late, I've got a test tomorrow, a sick kid, and a double shift. Might come up with something better over the weekend. Just in case I don't, this should at least keep me in the game.


Dean curled up on his side as another wave of the excruciating pain rolled over him. Words from the doctors swam in and out of focus as taking each breath became a priority. But one voice rang clear.

"It's okay, Dean. I know you don't feel so great right now, but we're gonna get you better," Sam reassured. "But you need to tell them where the pain is."


Sam glared at the hovering doctors and nurses, without words suggesting they should be moving now that they had their clue.

"Fix him."

Failure wouldn't be tolerated.