A Frail Girl and Her Protector

Chapter 6: School Mates

"Sigh. Mom wouldn't let me have Yutaka over last night, since it was a school night. But I get to see her today at school, so that's good. I still can't believe it, we're really dating each other. I love Yutaka so much, I'm so happy I'm with her now. This really is the one thing I could ever want." Minami thought, silently riding the train headed towards her school.

"I'm going to have to thank Hiyori, she really helped me a lot, and so did Patty. I really have supportive friends. I wonder if we should tell them... Hiyori would probably like it: she might not realize it but I know she draws me and Yutaka all the time. I'm really not sure if I'm offended that she thinks of us like that or if I'm flattered. I've seen some of her other works, and it looks like she always draws it to look like us on accident, kind of funny. She must think of us as inspiration, so she would be over joyed if she found out we actually dated. Would Yutaka be okay with it, if we told them? We should talk it over but I would like to tell them, they are really supportive of us after all." The train screeched to a halt, and the passengers began preparations to get off, others slumbering peacefully, who either missed their stop, or had a longer ride.

"Minami-chan!" a voice yelled, Minami quickly turned around to see Yutaka, trying her best to catch up with Minami. Her short legs didn't quiet take her the same speed Minami's did.

"Yutaka?" Minami asked herself as the pink haired girl neared her. It was actually really adorable, seeing her try her best to catch up with her. She looked really cute running like that.

"Wait up, Minami! I-Ahh!" Yutaka yelped as her foot glanced across a knot in the sidewalk, causing her to trip forward. Minami quickly sprinted forward a few steps, catching Yutaka in her arms just before she hit the ground.

"Are you okay?" Minami quickly asked, Yutaka landed directly into Minami's chest, Minami had her arms around Yutaka's shoulders, so her arms were around her back, Yutaka, with hers around Minami around Yutaka's waist, they were both sitting on the ground as well

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine, thank you." Yutaka said, as she looked up, staring directly into Minami's eyes.

"Don't worry about it, I will always be there for you, but you still need to be careful." Minami said, sounding like a protective mother.

"I know, I just wanted to catch up to you. I missed you last night."

"Ah, that's so sweet, I really missed you too." Minami replied, both of them were still sitting on the ground, both holding each other still. Minami quickly leaned her head down, pressing her lips into Yutaka, who happily kissed her back. They separated after a few seconds. "I love you, Yutaka."

"Me too, Minami."

"Uh, I think we should get up, although it is nice holding you like this, we should go to school." Minami said blushing slightly, realizing she and Yutaka were still sitting on the ground cuddling, near their school.

"Y-Yeah, I forgot we were going there." Yutaka shyly said back, as they slowly stood back up, however Minami tightly gripped Yutaka's hand.

"You don't m-mind do you? I kind of want to hold your hand." Minami asked, in a rather cute way, of course Yutaka would not turn her down.

"No, I like it, we never have really done that before, I like it a lot!" Yutaka replied, as they walked towards the school.

"Yutaka, I was thinking, should we tell anyone? I mean I think our friends would be okay with it, Hiyori-san and Patty-san seem like they would be okay with it."

"Yeah, I would like them to know, since they are such nice friends, but I'm not sure if we should tell everyone. I actually wanted to talk to Onee-chan about it. What about our parents? I mean, I think Sojiro Oji-san won't mind, he can be kind of creepy but he's really nice too."

"My dad already knows, I told him that day I stayed home. I couldn't stop crying and he was really worried, and he wouldn't let me tell him it was just nothing. He is really supportive."

"Ohh, I'm so sorry I made you cry. I'm sorry, Minami." Yutaka said, feeling sad she caused her to cry.

"It's not your fault, it's that stupid kid's fault. I couldn't stand seeing that: I thought you were actually going to go out with him, because of my letter, or that you wouldn't know how I felt. It made me feel horrible." Minami said, a few tears rolled down, when she remembered how she felt that day.

"I'm so sorry, Minami." Yutaka said stopping and looking up at Minami, when she saw the few tears she raised her hand up, brushing them off her cheek, she then, stood up, on her tip toes, and kissed Minami again. "You know how I feel now, I love you, Minami."

"I know, Yutaka, I love you too. Thank you so much."

"Minami, can you come over my house today? I want to tell Onee-chan and Oji-san with you."

"Yeah, I want to be there with you when you do." Minami said as they finally walked on. If they stood there any longer, they would likely never stop gazing at each other.

"So, finally happened, eh? I'm really happy for you guys. Minami seemed so sad, and besides…" a dark haired girl said to herself, capturing the scene on her pad of paper. "Now I have some good material." She said looking down at her pad, a perfect scene of Minami holding Yutaka on the pavement. Yutaka was leaning her head up kissing Minami, a speech bubble above Yutaka saying 'I'm sorry I made you cry.' The only thing that tarnished this perfect sketch was a few drops of blood that drizzled out of her nose upon witnessing this romantic moment.

Finally they reached the gates to their school, the place they first met, and the same place they return to everyday.

"Um, Minami-chan." Yutaka nervously said, gripping Minami's hand tighter, as they reached the school grounds, unsure of if she should let go, or what to do about it.

"Yeah? What's wrong?" Minami asked, unsure of what could be troubling Yutaka, not even really paying much thought to the fact she was still holding Yutaka's hand, and that they were in public. However she did not want to let go and didn't mind if everyone found out, she would be perfectly happy telling everyone she was dating Yutaka, since it was something that meant so much to her. Yutaka was really the first person she ever even showed care for, and she didn't want to let her go.

"Should we? I-I mean our hands. I don't want to, but should we let go?" Yutaka asked, unsure of how people would react, if everyone didn't already suspect things between them.

"Oh, I-I don't want to. But I think... I'm not sure. I finally have you Yutaka, I don't want to let go." Minami said, one of the most romantic things Yutaka ever heard.

"Minami, you are so sweet. That's so romantic, I don't know what to say, and you really do love me a lot, don't you?"

"I do Yutaka. I'm not afraid of people knowing that, in fact I want to tell everyone I'm dating you. I want everyone to know that I love Yutaka Kobayakawa, and that she's my girlfriend…but is that really a good idea? I mean obviously it would be embarrassing, but I wouldn't mind, as long as I'm with you." Minami admitted, neither of them had thought about what to do publicly, other than slight embarrassment. But neither of them had thought of the fact some may resent, or even hate them for it.

"M-Minami-chan, you're too romantic, something like that is just way too loving, but-but I would like that. Though I think we should wait on that, I'm not sure if we are totally ready letting everyone know. I mean, are we?" Yutaka replied, still not really sure of what to do, but thinking they should hold off slightly.

"Yeah, I guess your right. But it is okay if we tell our friends, right? I still want to tell them like we said earlier." Minami replied, depressively to her, letting go of Yutaka's hand.

"Yeah, I still want to tell them. I'm really going to miss holding your hand during class, and kissing you as often." Yutaka admitted, her face turning a slight rosy tint.

"Me too. I just let go, but I want to hold you again, Yutaka. I'm sorry, I'm selfish, I want to be with you all the time. I know we are going to have to part sometimes and we can't be together all the time, but that's not what I want. I want to always have you with me. I'm so selfish, if anything I'm the burden." Minami said, wishing with all her being that she could just grab hold of Yutaka and kiss her in front of everyone, not caring what they thought.

"Don't say that, Minami, you're not a burden, and you're not selfish at all. You just love me so much, you just want to be with me, and there isn't anything wrong with that at all. It just shows me how serious you are, which I knew as soon as I opened the box. But I know now more than ever you care for me, Minami, and I'm really happy for that." Yutaka said in response, they were still right next to each other, practically touching so only they could hear themselves. Even though they weren't holding hands they still looked like a couple, as many people already thought they were.

"Thank you, Yutaka. I almost forgot how kind you were, you probably want to be with me just as much as I do, and you're really sweet,"

"Minami, you're the one who's sweet. You care almost too much for me, and that makes me happy."

"Well, I'm just glad I can make you happy."

"You always will Minami, cause I'm happy, knowing how much you care about me, and I know that you always will." Yutaka replied, which left nothing really else for Minami to say, so they just walked together towards their class, happy that they could be together. Even though they couldn't hold hands, or kiss, they could still enjoy each other's presence.

"Barely even showing restraint at their school, eh? Not that we did either. I'll have to have a little talk with her, won't I?" A girl said to herself, watching their whole entrance, and within seconds she sprinted off, leaving only a flash of blue in her wake.

"Heya, Minami-chan, Yutaka-chan, Watcha doin'?" an overly energetic blonde yelled, running up to greet them as they entered. Only her, Hiyori and one other kid had entered so far, since they were nearly 10 minutes early.

"What are you doing here so early, Patty-san; you usually walk in the last minute." Minami asked

"Yeah, well Hiyorin over here was going to show me some of her more recent work, so I wanted to come early. But on other news, you two sure seem close, now don't you?" Patty replied, joking but playing with them. They were like that often, but now seemed much closer.

"Yeah, you guys are practically touching, not to mention that rosy tint. Come on, spill it." Hiyori replied, knowing exactly what it was.

"I suppose we can't hide it, even if we wanted to, but we were going to tell you guys regardless." Minami started.

"Yeah, we did want to tell you guys."

"We are together now, I'm really dating Yutaka!" Minami quickly and happily said, hugging her slightly, her happiness could not be contained at a reasonably hidden level at all, luckily though there was only one other person in the room, and he was asleep.

"Minami…" Yutaka worded out looking up at her.

"Wow, Minami, you look so happy, I mean this is the first time since I've met you I can really see happiness! That sounded mean, what I meant was that Yutaka really makes you smile- Not that you hadn't, it's just…" Hiyori said, slipping up her words, not meaning to offend.

"It's okay, Hiyori, I know what you mean. And you're right, I am really happy. I'm finally dating Yutaka, and I could not be happier."


"I always figured you two would admit it someday, there was no way you thought me and Hiyori didn't know, did you?" Patty replied.

"Yeah, we actually thought you guys were already dating, so it's really no surprise to us, but we are really happy for you. I can tell how happy you are." Hiyori replied.

"Was it really that obvious?" Yutaka asked, unaware how unhidden their love was, or how oblivious she actually was.

"Oh, please, a blind and deaf person could tell that you two were in love with each other at first, well, glance." Patty replied, noticing the impossibility of what she'd said.

"Oh? Well, even so, we wanted to tell you guys, we really are a couple now." Minami said, grabbing Yutaka's hand again.

"Well, how about a kiss?" Hiyori asked, pulling out a sketchpad, and preparing a small piece of tissue for her inevitable nosebleed

"Yeah, that is if you're really a couple." Patty agreed, smiling widely.

"I-I don't know, I mean, we're in class." Yutaka nervously responded, blushing brightly.

"Yeah, it's embarrassing too. What if the teacher walks in, or a student?" Minami asked.

"Well I suppose that's fine, if you don't really love her." Patty said jokingly, a bit too far, but she knew it would spark a response.

"What?! I do! I do love her." Minami quickly said, defending her feelings, as if she thought if she did not say that, that Yutaka would think it's true, and leave her. Which caused her to immediately lean down and passionately kiss Yutaka, although after a few seconds they separated, only to push in again kissing multiple times, finally after almost a full minute, of practically making out, in front of their friends they separated remembering where they were.

"I…Im sorry Yutaka, I just, she said I didn't love you, and…" Minami stammered thinking she did something wrong.

"Don't apologize, that was incredible, thank you Minami, and I love you too." Yutaka quickly said, blushing more, after seeing Hiyori, and Patty's smile.

"Awesome." They both said smiling, Hiyori's hands moved with blazing speed, trying to capture it.

"That was some kiss; I always knew you two were dating." A voice behind them said, when they turned around they saw one of their male classmates, smiling.

"I-We-You saw..?" Minami struggled to say, blushing as bright as Yutaka, knowing a classmate saw that.

"I sure did, but I'm happy for you guys, I always figured you two were going out. Well, it sure was obvious that you at least liked each other, everyone could tell that. You two are really bad at hiding that."He responded.

"So, you're not against it?" Yutaka asked, remembering some people had issues with that kind of love.

"Not at all! You two seem happy, why would I be against that? I mean it's really not my business, but I'm glad you two finally got together. I could always tell Iwasaki-san in particular really cared for you." He replied, taking his seat.

"Minami, how did I never realize it?" Yutaka asked herself.

"It's okay, Yutaka. Like I said, I have you now. But, I don't think we should do that in class again." She said looking away embarrassed.

"Y-Yeah." Yutaka agreed, her face was still a bright red.

"Ha-ha! I'm glad I got such a response from that, I didn't think Minami would react that strongly to that." Patty said, practically patting herself on the back.

"Yeah, nice job." Hiyori replied, giving her thumbs up.

"Ah...Let's just take our seats." Minami suggested, as they separated and sat in the seat they were assigned, just Minami diagonal from Yutaka. After a few minutes students started shuffling in as class was about to begin.

Every few minutes or so Minami would look back at Yutaka and they would smile and look away, or blush slightly. They looked like little kids, happily and embarrassedly looking at each other.

"Wow, they look just like teenagers, don't they? It's really cute how they keep looking back at each other isn't it." Patty said turning back to Hiyori, who sat behind her.

"Yeah, you can really tell how much in love they are, they look just like a new nervous couple in middle school, don't they? It's kinda adorable."

"Minami!" Yutaka said quietly leaning forward slightly. Minami just barely heard her, and turned around to see Yutaka, just looking back at her shyly, Yutaka then did a happy wave gesture, and Minami responded by smiling back at her.

"…Wow, that is just too much. I guess they are like that because, well, Yutaka at heart is still just a little kid, and this is probably her first relationship so she is all cutesy like that. And Minami, I think she is like that just because of how infatuated she is with Yutaka. I mean look at those two, they really aren't good at trying to hide it." Patty said, watching their exchanges..

"Yeah, but it's so adorable, I almost have too many things to draw, now." Hiyori replied, with 5 half done sketches sprawled out on her desk.

"I don't know how they can be like that. Yesterday they were normal, but now they are so bubbly, that must have been some love confession ehh?"

"I know, it is kind of weird seeing Minami like that, she is usually so distant, and she used to seem like she barely cared, but that is so different from her now, I can't believe just being with Yutaka really made her this happy." Hiyori admitted, unsure of how to handle this new, rather cheery Minami. Not that it was bad she was happy, just they weren't used to it.

"I know, but I'm really happy for them. I'm glad they finally got together."

"Yeah, it really is about time."

The school bell finally announced the end of the day, which everyone was thankful for as they ran out. Minami and Yutaka left comfortably, at their own pace, glad that the bell meant they could spend time together again.

"So, will you come back to my house with me Minami? I want to talk to Onee-chan and Oji-san with you." Yutaka asked, even though she already knew her reply.

"Of course. I think it is important that they know, and you said you are sure they will both support us, and I would definitely like to be there with you when you tell them." Minami said, happy Yutaka wanted her there too.

"Yeah, I'm sure they will." Yutaka replied as they left the school grounds headed for her house.

"Here you go." Minami said, as she grabbed Yutaka's hand and assisted her onto the train, regardless of how unnecessary it was.

"You don't need to do that, you know." Yutaka shyly replied, although she likes how she helped her like that.

"I know, I just want to help you. I like doing stuff like that, is it okay with you?" She asked as they both sat down.

"No, I like it too. I guess I'm just so used to feeling that I'm a bother, but I know you do it because you like it, so it's okay."

"Yeah. Do you want to lie against me?" Minami asked her, which was more her asking Yutaka to.

"Yeah." She cuddled herself against Minami and laid her head against her shoulder. Minami put her arm around her and pulled her in slightly more.

"Minami, you were so amazing today at school. I mean everything you did today, like holding my hand, and the stuff you said, and that kiss, everything you do is so loving. Every moment I'm with you I realize how much more you care about me than I thought at first. It must have been so painful for you not to tell me for so long." Yutaka said looking up at her.

"It was. But I have you now so I'm okay. It was really hard, I always wanted to tell you how I felt, but I never could, I was always afraid. I really liked you a lot Yutaka, and I was always scared you would reject me, even though I knew you would not do that, since you are so nice. It still scared me a lot."

"I never knew how obvious it was though. You must have cared for me a lot, since everyone already thought we dated, and that one guy, in particular, said he could tell how you felt about me, and I still don't know why I never realized it." Yutaka replied, feeling guilty for never noticing her feelings.

"You were probably scared like I was, thinking I was just a friend who took care of you, and as you said, you didn't even know it was okay for us to date. It's kind of cute how innocent you are like that."

"I didn't know that. You think it's cute?"

"Yeah because it's like you're this pure, innocent little girl, and I find that really adorable. I, didn't mean to make that insulting, I just mean it's cute." Minami replied, gazing down at the adorable puff lying against her. Perhaps pure may not have been the right word, but Yutaka had a certain innocent demeanour to her that at times made her unaware of what was being talked about, but Minami always found that cute. That her little Yutaka was so pure.

"I-I see." Yutaka shyly replied, blushing slightly. Minami thought her even more adorable.

"You're so cute." Minami said before leaning over kissing her. Yutaka responded by leaning up kissing her again once Minami moved away. After that neither said anything else, they just rode happily together until they got to their stop about 4 minutes later.

"Are you ready?" Minami asked, prepared for anything that may happen, since she already had this moment with her own dad.

"Yeah." Yutaka replied, as the neared her home, Minami clutching Yutaka's hand tightly.

"I wonder what Izumi-senpai will think."

"She has said a lot about it actually, she used to tease me a lot about us, so I'm sure she will be okay with it. Really to tell you the truth, I think her and Kagami-senpai are dating. She goes over there a lot, and this one time I walked into Konata's room, and saw Kagami holding Konata, while she was asleep."

"Yeah, I thought that too, they always did seem a bit close." Minami replied, thinking back to all the times she saw them together.

"Really, I don't think either will have any problem at all, Sojiro-ojisan, is really nice, even though he is a little weird too. He and Konata play those same games all the time, so I think he will be okay with it."

"Yeah, he seems nice." Minami replied, the times she met, him, which were quite often over the past year, he always seemed really nice, even though a tad perverted when she knew what he as talking about.

"…Okay." Yutaka said, as they opened the door.

"Hey there, Yu-chan, what's up?" Konata greeted, eating a choco coronet

"Ohh, um, nothing much. Is Sojiro-ojisan home?" She nervously asked

"Nah, he will be in about an hour. He went out to the store a few minutes ago. Why?" she wondered.

"Nothing. Ah…" She stammered, nervously, even though she knew the person she looked at as a sister would be happy for her. Minami reassured her, gripping her hand harder. Yutaka looked up at her, Minami gave her a gentle nod.

"Um, Konata? Can I talk to you about something?" Yutaka asked, Minami's support helping her through nervousness.

"Sure, do you want to go into your room?" Konata asked, as though she could not see them holding hands.

"Uh, yeah." Yutaka replied, nodding her head, as they wandered into her room.

"So, what is it you needed to talk to me about?" Konata asked, despite knowing what it was about, she figured she could see a moe moment: Yutaka struggling to admit to her Onee-chan she was dating another girl, if she didn't call them out, and instead made her say it.

"I-, I mean me and Minami…We're dating." She stumbled around and blushed slightly, but then abruptly blurted it out.

"Heh, about time, eh? I'm happy for you guys, but do you really think that's a surprise to me?" Konata happily replied.

"Well, I-I guess not." Yutaka replied, nervously

"Trust me, Yu-chan I knew this was coming. You might not admit it but I could see you guys' feelings long ago. Especially you, Minami, I always knew you loved her. So really, I'm not surprised at all, but I'm happy you guys are finally together."

"Minami's loved me for a long time and I never really realized it, but last night I found out and we're really happy. Minami really does love me a whole lot." Yutaka admitted, glad she could tell her sister this stuff.

"Yutaka, I…" Minami began

"Yeah, I understand that scenario… A bit too well." Konata replied, her mind not really on their conversation anymore.

"Konata-san?" Minami asked, wondering what she meant.

"Nothing, let's just say, I know a lot about what Minami felt." Konata said rubbing her head, thinking she may have said too much.

"Konata? You can tell me… It's about Kagami-senpai, right?" Yutaka asked.

"W-What about Kagami?" Konata replied, trying to be nonchalant but completely failing.

"Its fine, Konata. You love Kagami, don't you?" Minami asked.

"…Yeah. Me and Kagami have been dating for half a year now, but I promised her I would not tell anyone. I was just like Minami though, I was in love with Kagami for years and she never realized it." Konata admitted, which is something Yutaka thought for a while.

"I thought so, you and Kagami always seemed close, and I thought, with the way you always messed with her, and poked her, and tried to hug her, you must have liked her. That must have been really hard for you, I've liked Yutaka since the school entrance exams and it was painful for me. But you say you've liked her for 3 whole years, you must have felt horrible, not being able to tell her." Minami replied, knowing full well what Konata had felt.

"Y-Yeah, I wanted to tell Kagami I liked her since our first year in high school but I never could. I even tried once but she thought I was joking, it hurt really bad. I can tell you know just what I mean Minami. I actually saw you, last week, when you ran away from school, you looked just like I did that day. I almost immediately guessed what happened."Konata thought back to how she felt that day, a small tear escaped her eye.

"You saw me?"

"Yeah, you looked so sad, Minami. That was just how I bet I looked when I told her. She thought I was just joking and told me to leave her alone. It hurt me so much, I couldn't stop crying all day. Dad heard me, but I couldn't make myself quiet, and if I tried to it hurt, but he walked in my room and hugged me. I told him and he said he was proud of me, that he was happy I liked Kagami, and he'd support me no matter what. A few months after that I did it again. She thought I was joking again, and got mad, but she didn't leave, and she actually saw me crying. That was the only two times I have since I was little, and she knew that I meant it after that. She felt so bad that she made me cry. She apologized like 100 times that day, and she told me she felt the same, and since then we've been dating." Konata finished, telling them the whole story of her and Kagami.

"Wow, Konata. That is so sad, you really must have felt horrible." Minami replied, knowing her pain, but she realized Konata must have felt much worse, since Kagami had actually said no to her.

"Onee-chan, I'm sorry, you really must have felt bad, was I gone that day?"

"Yeah, you spent the night at Minami's. I'm glad you weren't there though; I wouldn't want you to see me like that." Konata admitted, she liked to keep her big sister persona.

"I think I actually remember now, I came home, and you looked really sad, for like that whole week, you didn't even leave your room, I thought you looked depressed, but you kept saying to not worry about it, so I figured you were fine. I'm so sorry, Konata." Yutaka replied, feeling bad that she wasn't there to comfort her.

"It's okay, besides, we're dating now so it is all okay, but how are you guys? I mean you've only been dating a day right? But you look so happy together, and holding hands too." Konata asked, changing the subject.

"Good! Really good, Minami cares for me a lot, she is really sweet too."

"I can tell too, since she's been holding you since you guys came in." Konata replied, they hadn't even realized how they were sitting, both were on Yutaka's bed, Yutaka, in front, and Minami was off to the side, slightly to the back, but holding on her, Yutaka was leaning back slightly resting herself against her.

"Oh, I didn't notice I was holding her..." Minami shyly admitted.

"I bet Yutaka is the type who wants to cuddle with you all the time, she seems like that." Konata said, wanting to embarrass her slightly.

"I…" Yutaka began, however Minami beat her to it.

"Actually, that's me. Well, I just like holding her, but it's usually me who asks before her." Minami admitted, blushing a bit.

"Y-Yeah, but I really like it too. We actually slept together in the same bed last night, and feeling her hold me while we were sleeping was really relaxing. I like cuddling a lot actually." Yutaka admitted, blushing too

"So do I." Konata admitted, which surprised both of them.

"I wouldn't have pictured you for that." Minami replied.

"Yeah, I really love it when my Kagami is holding me, we sleep together all the time, and I have trouble now, without her."

"Aww, that's cute." Yutaka replied, imagining her big sis all cuddly.

"What are you and Kagami doing after school ends?" Minami asked, remembering it was only a few weeks away.

"We are both going to Kyoto University. We already decided we didn't want to go to separate schools, and we plan on living together in a dorm room. She said she didn't want to go to a school far away from me."

"That sounds really nice." Minami replied.

"It's going to be great!" Konata agreed.

"So they are having girl talk... Aww, all my little girls are yuri: that's so adorable! I suppose I will just have a chat with Yutaka later, it sounds like they are having fun now." Sojiro said to himself, happily smiling as he walked away from the door.

Author's Notes- I am so, so, so sorry, everybody. I've been gone for way too long. There is really no reasonable excuse why, but I'm trying my best to write regularly. Right now I have to wake up every day at like either 6:00 or 7:00, I get home at around 1:00, then I usually go work for about 5-7 hours, and when I come home I'm usually too tired to write, but I'm getting adjusted now, so I'm going to try to get into a groove where I can write more regularly. After all, my writing is just as important to me as my college is, so just forgive me for not updating in so long, and I will try to make it up to you