Chad's POV

The scene opens. Bella is standing there looking all dramatic. More dramatic than ME! Sonny is quietly whispering Bella's lines along with her. I probably could too. I've seen this movie 33 times. This is magic number 34. It was all worth it to see her face though. That epicly amazing, combination of happy and excited. It grows bigger as her favorite movie unfolds. I wish I could make her smile like that. The only time she does is when she knows there's going to be a happy ending. Not even her jerk of a boyfriend can do that. Because with him, you never know.

Right now her cat sits in between us. His name is Clover, and usually I like him pretty well since he seems to be a good judge of character. He likes me and hates him. Smart cat. Today, I loathe him because he's between Sonny and Me. As if I wasn't far enough away. Not that it would matter though. She has a boyfriend, and he means everything to her.

"Thanks so much for watching it AGAIN with me Chad." She says completely out of the blue.

The she speaks again, quieter this time.

"Taylor refuses."

"Anytime." I reply, hoping it sounds casual.

She grins at me before quickly turning back to the screen. Her boyfriend's intro is coming up.

She's dating the amazing (according to himself), talented (maybe…but I'm still a much better actor!), according to every girl on the planet (including Sonny) super-mega-hottie Taylor Launter.

That guy drives me crazy. He'll treat her like crap, make her cry, worry all night long and then as soon as he whips out some roses he's forgiven.

I wonder when he'll figure out that daisies are her favorite. I mean COME ON! Her dog is named Daisy! She wears the daisy necklace I gave her every single day. That really drives him crazy, but it's the one thing she refuses to budge on. She loves that necklace. It's her all time favorite.

I look over at her. She's to engrossed in the movie to notice me staring. She's completely awesome and amazing and…I'm just her guy friend. Chad Dylan Cooper. Her best friend.

Sure, at first we acted like we hated each other and then I could have sworn she fell for me as hard as I fell for her. I fell hard. I dunno, maybe she did. It didn't matter when she met him. Instantly I became the guy friend who helped her get her guy. Tawni even pitched in. We hoped he could make her extremely happy after the James disaster.

It took that idiot four months to ask her out. Its been just a little over a week since and I'm already suck of hearing his stupid name. I want her to say MY name.

The whole mellowed me a little. Not much, I just sounds smarter now. Long story short I found out Sonny liked smart guys, I started trying to learn stuff….and you know where this is going.

Then I whispered quietly (she wouldn't hear me anyway, she's too busy staring at her freak flirt with Bella) the truth.

"You belong with me…."