The sound of two angry voices carried throughout the Candy Bar. Those angry voices belonged to angry people. It's funny how something brought up in *cough* everyday conversation can spark such an exsplosive argument, but then again, it's also funny how neither one of the two verbal combatants were actually mad at each other.


"I'm telling you Nerdtron, black is not a color!"

"It is too a color, Cin...uh...dork!"

"Oh, so you're resorting to name calling? That means I'm right!"

"You are so wrong! Have you ever mixed all the colors together? It comes out black!"

"Uh, no it doesn't, it comes out all yucky and brown!"

"Oh my lord, they have got to stop!" A voice went unnoticed to the two bickering.

You mean 'Oh my UltraLord!' Libby?" Sheen replied charasmatically.

Libby sighed out exsasperatedly from the next booth over. She was sitting with Sheen and Carl, and they had been listening to those two go back and forth for a good fifteen minutes solid.

"I don't get it, why are they always arguing?" Carl asked, "It makes my scapula hurt." Sheen looked over at him.

"Because Carl, if they didn't the martians would come and enslave the human race!" Libby rolled her eyes.

"Or they're just to stubborn to admit that they both like each other"

"Yeah, what she said."

"Sheen, how was that anything like what you said?"

Sheen thought for a second. "Well, there's the enslaving part."

"How much you want to bet that black isnt a color?" Cindys voice shouted from the next booth.

"Fine, if I win, you have to call me "Jimmy" instead of "Nerdtron" for the rest of our lives."

"Well then, if I win, uhh, you have to let me in your lab whenever I want!"

"Deal." Upon saying that, they shook hands. Jimmy was to caught up in finding a dictionary that he didn't notice Cindys reluctance ending the handshake. Cindy ran up over to Jimmy as he left the Candy Bar.

"Wait up, Nerdtron!" Cindy yanked open the doors.

"You'd better enjoy that while you can, becase it's going to be that last time you'll ever get to say it."

Carl looked over at Sheen. "Is black really a color?"

"Of course, that's why they have black crayons!"

"I never liked the black crayons. They tasted bad." Carl said, mostly to himself.

Sheen and Libby gave Carl a weird look. "What?"