The minutes Jimmy and Cindy spent in that pod so far were in total silence. To Cindy it felt like an eternity. Turned so her back was facing Jimmy, her head resting on the wall, she just sat there and thought, blaming herself over and over in her head. To Jimmy, on the other hand, the drop wasn't nearly long enough. Pacing in what little space he had to pace, he mumbled to himself, calculating their trajectory and attempting to do the same for Libby and Sheen. He thought he knew about when their pod dropped, and he had a good idea about where to look for them, but he had no idea on just what exactly they would be landing on. The minutes ticked away, and Jimmy opened his mouth and cut the silence like a bread knife cuts, well, bread. "Uh oh."

Cindy slowly turned her head and looked at him. "What do you mean, 'Uh oh'?" Jimmy noticed her eyes were flushed red. He knew she had been crying, but there wasn't really anything he could do, she wouldn't listen to him.

"The thrusters should have started by now, without them we'll just keep falling until we smash into the ground."

Jimmy expected Cindy to argue, to yell at him for this, but instead she just stared, not at Jimmy, but through him. "How much time do we have?"

"At this rate, unless we manually activate the thrusters, we'll hit ground in ten minutes." Jimmy said solemnly. "I can't activate them by myself."

Cindy finally looked Jimmy in the eyes. She had never heard him admit that he needed help before. Yes, he did need their assistance at times, but this was different. "What should we do?"

Jimmy looked up. "Well, the only way to activate the rockets is to ignite them by hand. It's like a stove top, there is gas coming out , but there's no spark to light the fire. I could go out there myself and light it, but I don't have anything to light it with. All my equipment is in my lab, and I was going to add the final touches to the pods before we left..." Jimmy stopped talking. He didn't want to make her feel guilty. He didn't blame her for what happened, he actually blamed himself for not having everything done by now.

Cindy swallowed another pang of guilt. She wished there was something that she could do, but she couldn't think of anything. "Ten minutes." She thought, looking down at her watch. Something was tugging in the back of her head, but she couldn't tell what it was. She tried to ignore it, but it wouldn't go away. She looked over at Jimmy, staring out the window. She couldn't stand to see him like that, the spark in his eyes gone. She couldn't stand the nagging thought in her head as well. In a last ditch attempt to make it go away, she focused all of her awareness on it, clenching her fists together, attempting to push it out. All of a sudden she saw a bright light, the force of the thought causing her to stumble back. Jimmy turned and saw her.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Cindy said, rushed. "So that's what a brainblast feels like....." "Jimmy, what if we used my watch?" She pulled on the straps and handed it to him. "Maybe we could overload one of the gadets or something."

And just like that, a spark flew into Jimmys eyes. "Of course, Cindy you're a genius! If I can get your watch close enough to the engine and activate two of the gadgets at the same time, the resulting sparks should ignite the thruster before the watch itself starts to melt."

"You gave me a watch that melts?" Cindy asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"It's a slight design flaw that I haven't figured out yet. I warned you about it, didn't I?" Jimmy started to take off his belt. "Uhm, what are you doing?" Cindy asked.

"We're going to attatch our belts together to create a safety line, in case I fall off the side of the pod." Cindy felt a pit form in her stomach. "You're going outside the pod?"

"It's the only way to start the thrusters. Don't worry, I always wear my magnet shoes, for occasions like these." Jimmy lifted up his shoe, trying to show Cindy the magnet. "I'll need your belt."

"Alright, but you'd better not lose it. It's my favorite belt." Cindy pulled her belt off her waist. Jimmy gave it a weird look. It looked like any normal belt, except instead of it being brown or black, it had zebra stripes. He fastened the belts together, and tied one end to his wrist.

"Alright, make sure to stay away enough from the window, so you don't get sucked out. But if I activate the thrusters and get knocked off the pod, and I start to drag you out, let go." Cindy snapped her head up to face him. "What?" Jimmy looked her in the eyes. "If I fall, I don't want to take you with me. If you think you can pull me back in, do it, otherwise let go. Hopefully that won't be an issue though, my magnet shoes should hold me down." Jimmy handed her the other end of the belt and moved over to the window and popped in open. The pod instantly filled with rushing air and it screeched it their ears. "Be careful!" Cindy telled after Jimmy, as he started to crawl out the window. "Please come back...."

Jimmy inched his way along the outer side of the pod, thankful that it was small enough so he could reach the thrusters without making Cindy get too close to the window. Time was running out, and he tried to hurry as slow as he could, so he wouldn't get blown away. His shoes were magnetic, but otherwise he was powerless to the wind.

Cindy watched Jimmy crawl along the pod walls. She could hardly keep herself from crying, she didn't want him out there. She'd rather he be talking to Betty, in the safety of his backyard. She started to wonder how exactly she let herself fall for him, but she only wondered for a moment. She couldn't afford to lose focus, it could mean losing Jimmy. Besides, she knew already knew the answer to her question anyways. "Please be ok...."

Jimmy reached with each inching crawl he took, finally reaching the thruster. He stopped once he could feel the gas flow onto the palm of his hand. Carefully, he reached with the hand that was attatched to the belt, and started pressing buttons on the watch. "Whichever gadgets I use to do this will be destroyed in the process. Which two won't she mind missing?" Jimmy pulled out the thermometer. It was a cool item, but not the most important in hazardous situations. "Alright, one more. Now which one.... wait. Duh." Jimmy pressed more buttons until the barometer popped out. The device started to spark, and a few sparks landed on Jimmy, burning his arm. Finally, one of the wayward sparks reached the gas, and the thrusters roared to life. The force of the rockets blew Jimmy back into an upright position. Jimmy struggled against the wind, trying to get back down, when suddenly, he felt his feet slipping right out of his shoes.

Cindy watched in horror as Jimmy struggled againt the wind. All of a sudden, Jimmy flew away from the rocket, almost taking the belt with him if Cindy hadn't of fastened it to her own wrist while he was lighting the thruster. She reached for something to hold onto, but there wasn't anything she could really grab. Desperately trying to hold Jimmy back, she felt herself slide towards the window. "No! I'm not letting him go!" She screamed in her head as placed a foot out in front of her, trying to pull him back in. All of a sudden, she got pulled back with a jerk. No longer on the ground, she hurtled towards the window. Reaching for the pod, Cindy grabbed onto the window, praying that it wouldn't rip off. She snuck a peek up above her, sighing a sigh of relief when she saw Jimmy still attatched, holding himself to the side of the pod.

Now it was Jimmys turn to watch with horror as Cindy clung onto the window for both of their dear lives. He glanced at the watch, trying to figure out how much time they had. It took him six minutes to activate the rockets, and he didn't know how long they had spent in the pod before, but either way they should be hitting ground very shortly. Looking down, he saw that he was right. They were swiftly coming upon a beach, and it looked like they were going to be making a landing in the water. With the thrusters on, their descent should be slow enough for them to survive a fall, albiet a painful one. "Alright Neutron, you only have one chance for this, don't mess it up." Jimmy waited for the right moment, and suddenly he jerked on the belt, pulling Cindy off the window.

As Cindy felt herself fly from the window, her first reaction was to scream. Her second reaction was to look at Jimmy. She turned and saw him kick off from the pod, pushing it away from him and pulling her with him. Cindy couldn't even think as they fell towards the water. Suddenly she felt a tug on the belt, and her and Jimmy were right next to eachother. She was in to much in shock to try and speak to him, only scream. Jimmy pulled her close and shifted his body, forcing them into some sort of barrel roll, leaving Jimmy on the bottom of the two falling bodies. Cindy looked into his eyes briefly before forcing them shut, and Jimmy held her tight, absorbing their fall into the water.

Cindy opened her eyes and saw fish. She looked at her wrist and didn't see the belt. She looked around until she found Jimmy floating not to far away, unmoving. She swam over to him and dragged him up to the surface, swimming them both to shore. When they hit sand, Cindy kneeled over Jimmy, trying to see if he was breathing. Remembering back to her early swimming lessons, she started to push on his chest. She was about to lean down and breathe for him when he started to spit up water. "Jimmy!" She hugged him once he spat out all the water. "I thought you were a goner!"

"Hey Cindy." Jimmy said weakly, looking around. "Where are we?"

"I don't know, some beach somewhere. Oh, I'm so glad you're ok!" She tried to wrap him in another hug, but Jimmy started to stand up. "How did we get here?"

Cindy gave him a confused look. "You don't remember the escape pod?" Jimmy shook his head. "No, I guess not. All I can remember is...." He trailed off in thought. "All I can remember is your name. I don't even remember mine."

Cindy watched, stunned, as Jimmy looked around at their surroundings. "Oh my gosh, I broke Jimmy....."