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Author's Note: I finally got the energy to write this again, and realized that my prologue wasn't really a prologue, and some things could have been explained better. So I submit my new Prologue and reworked chapters for your perusal.

Summary: After the Prophecy, what else does Fate have to throw at him?

Prologue: How the Story Really Started

As the doorknob turned, James couldn't feel the latent magic of the wards, which usually let him know who was coming over – not that many people actually came to visit them, as the house was under Fidelus. He was suddenly glad that Lily was putting Harry to bed, as he pulled his wand out and waited. As the door opened he knew exactly who was coming in and yelled at Lily to get out of the house, to get Harry to safety. By the time Voldemort stepped through the door, James was in a very defensible position at the bottom of the stairs, still yelling at Lily. He was felled quickly by a minor curse from the other wizard, and was pushed into unconsciousness as green light filled his rapidly fading sight.

He woke hours later, rubble surrounding him, to see Lily's hand sticking out from a pile near him. Harry was nowhere to be found. He pulled the rubble from his wife, who stared up at him with sightless eyes. Thinking Harry was dead, he left the rubble, tears falling freely as he disaparated.

He traveled for a year until he ended up in America, putting himself forward for an experimental procedure that only he could survive. When he woke, he was Logan, and James Potter was lost to the storm of his mind, damaged by the pain caused by the experiment.

A/N2: Yeah, it's short, but some of the reviewers had been asking why James would leave Harry to the Dursleys. If this is not sufficient, I apologize.

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