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Summary: After the Prophecy, what else does Fate have to throw at him?

In our last installment:

Logan went back to his own room and wondered what the next day would bring, before falling asleep, waiting for the nightmares to come. He wasn't disappointed.

Chapter 8: Friends and Lovers

(Logan's POV)

Lily laughed at him. "James, you can be so silly sometimes… Of course Harry will be like you! He's your son, how can he not be?" Harry was playing on the floor, and his toy blocks were floating in some pattern only he could see. "Oh, look! His first magic! And at only a year old, too! Oh, James, he'll be extraordinary by the time he gets to Hogwarts!"

"Yeah, Lils, he's your son, too, isn't he? How could he not be extraordinary?" James scooped Harry up off of the floor and swung him around, delighting in his son's giggles. His son. Even after a year, he was still in slight shock. Shock that he of all people could have helped create this perfect little boy.

Time passed, and it was Harry's second Halloween, the first one he would remember. But he wouldn't be able to celebrate it, because they were in hiding. If it had just been James, he would have ignored Dumbledore's warning, like Frank and Alice had; they had the Longbottom Manor, which was Unplottable and had some of the strongest wards in the world. But Potter Manor was in disrepair, and it couldn't be finished by the time they needed to move in, so they had to make do with a Fidelius on the cottage.

Frank and Alice had offered to let them come to their Manor, but Dumbledore had vetoed it; if the wards were breached, both families would be in danger, and they couldn't have that. So they were going to have a small party with the boys, and hopefully Harry wouldn't resent them once he remembered everything, that he didn't get to act like a normal baby.

The party was over, and Harry was being put to bed, and then Voldemort came in, and-

He woke with a roar, claws out, as the memories assaulted him once again. Once he calmed down, he noticed someone leaning against the far wall, idly playing with a playing card.

"You alright, mon ami?" Remy asked casually, and Logan was almost grateful that he was acting like nothing much had happened. Logan sighed and fel back against the sheets, which were ruined. Again.

"Fine, rat. What are you doing here this early?" His internal clock said that it was only a few hours after he'd sent the kids to bed, and therefore Remy probably hadn't slept yet.

"Wanted to talk, Wolvie, 'sat a crime?" Logan motioned for the man to join him on the bed, and slid over to give him the room to do so.

"So talk."

"Harry is your son." It wasn't a question, and the fact that Remy hadn't used his normal thick accent meant he was serious.

"Yeah, he is. And no, you can't do anything to him." He meant it as a joke, but the hurt look on Remy's face made him realize that the other man was actually distressed about something. 13 years of being an unmitigated bastard made it so that he wasn't too clear on how to fix things, but he had to try, and at one point he'd been able to do quite well.

"Remy wasn't thinkin' 'bout dat," the Cajun said, and Logan noticed he didn't have his coat or armor on, a real rarity, especially nowadays.

"Then tell me what you were thinking about, Remy."

"Us." Logan sighed. This was something he'd been trying to avoid, but obviously, avoiding it wasn't working.

"Bobby said you were staring at Harry last night."

"Aesthetic value, mon cher. He's way too young for me." The wry grin on Remy's face made Logan snort.

"Kind of weird, staring at my son and then hitting on me," he commented, pulling the younger man to him.

"Remy neva' been normal, non?"

"True. So. What about us?" Remy settled his head on Logan's chest, and Logan noticed that he was carefully not looking at him.

"Logan know Remy been tryin' ta get you alone, oui? Remy try to leave it alone, but he can't."

"How about we take it one step at a time?" Logan said, feeling distinctly uncomfortable with the conversation. Neither his original culture nor this one looked down on same-sex relationships, and he knew he was far from straight, but it was hard, especially with the memories of Lily cropping up to bite him in the ass. And the fact that he needed to be a father to Harry, and he had no idea what Harry would say. "I can't say I'm gonna be what you need, Remy, and I won't always be able to."

The smile that Remy gave him was like the sun, though, and he found himself settling next to the younger man. "Dat's all Remy can ask, is dat you try." Logan tucked him under his chin and fell asleep, feeling the other man doing the same. Somehow he didn't think his nightmares would be returning.

~*~Harry's POV~*~

Harry blinked slowly as the sunlight washed across his face, and he stretched, completely missing the gasp of surprise from across the room. When he finally looked up, it was to see Bobby, a boy he'd seen the day before and his new roommate, staring at him.

"Good morning," he said around a yawn. "Am I late?" Bobby was fully dressed and putting books into a backpack. From what he'd heard from Scott, the summer classes were completely voluntary, unless you'd failed something over the school year, of course. From the books Bobby was putting in his bag, he was in the former category, not the latter.

"Nah, I'm usually up earlier than most of the students, if you want to sleep in, I can wake you in about half-an-hour. But if you want to get something good to eat, you might as well get up now." Harry nodded and got out of the bed, pulling his Shrunken belongings from his pocket and Unshrinking the trunk to get out some clothes for the day.

Unfortunately all he had was either Dudley's old clothes or the clothing he'd usually wear at Hogwarts, which was way too warm for even Northern New York at this time of year. Bobby, seeing his predicament, threw him a t-shirt which, while still too big, wasn't quite as big as Dudley's cast-offs. His jeans were thankfully the new ones he'd gotten in Hogsmeade at the end of the school year, so they fit fine.

"Ready," he said quietly, picking up the novel he'd gotten from someone for his birthday. Bobby led him down to the kitchen, where Hermione and a sleepy Jubilee sat at the table, waiting for the pancakes that Storm was making.

"Good morning, boys," she said. "Want pancakes?"

"Yes, please, Miss Munroe," Harry said politely, hugging Hermione in greeting before settling himself in the seat next to Jubilee, leaving a seat open next to his friend for Bobby. He'd been smelling the pheromones coming off of both of them since the night before, and it would do Hermione some good to have a little bit of a break from working so hard all the time.

Slowly people trickled in, most of them adults, only some of them students. Harry was surprised when Nightcrawler, or Kurt, as he liked to be called, sat down next to him and adroitly stole a piece of pancake with his fork.

"Good morning, little one," the man said with a grin, dodging the fork Harry attacked him with in retaliation.

"Good morning, Kurt," Harry answered, finally giving up on his retaliation. He felt strange around the blue mutant, like he was perpetually blushing, even though he knew he wasn't. There was just… something about the man, and he knew he shouldn't even be thinking about it; granted, wizards lived nearly twice as long as normal humans, but he had no idea how long the typical mutant lasted, and even if they were in the same generation, it would be weird. And he wasn't about to ask him how old he was.

"So what are you doing today?"

"Well, Bobby has classes, so he can't show me around, and I don't know anyone else around here." He did blush when a slow grin started on Kurt's face, and looked down at his pancakes quickly. He could feel Hermione looking at him and just shook his head silently and continued eating.

"I could show you the grounds," Kurt said, leaning over and stealing another piece of pancake.

"Get your own," Hermione said, touching his hand, and Harry looked up, grateful as he noticed her eyes bleeding back to brown. Kurt quickly made his own pancakes and resettled himself next to Harry, quite close to him. It made him feel good, that someone thought he was attractive, but he really wasn't used to it.

He barely felt Kurt's hand on his lower back before a growl erupted from the doorway. The hand fell away immediately, and Harry slowly turned to see his father and Remy entering the kitchen. Kurt got a look of abject horror on his face and teleported away, leaving a cloud of smoke that smelled strongly of sulfur. Once the smoke cleared, he noticed that Remy was backing away from his father rather quickly, and he sniffed discreetly. They smelled like each other, but not like sex. He decided not to jump to conclusions (and really, what right did he have to say anything anyway?), and simply turned back to his breakfast, and smiled when his father sat down next to him.

"Morning, Dad," he said cheerfully.

"You okay, Harry?"

"Kurt was offering to show me the grounds, since Bobby won't be able to show me today, and I didn't want to trouble you with it."

"You sure that's all he was offering?" Harry blushed again, ducking his head. "Harry. It's okay. He's only a few years older than you." Harry snapped his head up, surprised. His father was condoning a relationship between him and the demonic-looking mutant?


"With our abilities, we're practically immortal, and mutants usually have a longer life-span anyway. Plus, age of consent is 16, and Kurt's… well, he's not okay, but he'll do."

"Wow… I didn't expect you to be so… cool about this."

"Well, don't get used to it." Harry quickly finished his pancakes, and walked with Hermione and Bobby to their class; Jubilee had eaten and gone back to bed, since she wasn't taking any classes. Once he'd left them, he wandered the halls, getting himself thoroughly lost.

He had decided to jump out a window and go back in through the front doors of the mansion, or just walk around outside, when a soft 'bamf!' alerted him to someone else being present. Kurt was hanging upside down from the ceiling with a wide grin on his elfin face, and Harry smiled in relief.

"Hello, little one, are you ready for the tour?" Kurt asked, dropping to his toes. Harry nodded eagerly and followed the blue-furred mutant through the halls, listening avidly as the older man described everything they were passing, and he soon figured out where he was in relation to everything, since this mansion was nowhere near the size of Hogwarts, and the staircases didn't move arbitrarily.

"So, how long have you been here?" he finally asked, when they were both laying on wide branches of one of the large oaks outside of the mansion.

"I've been here for a few years," Kurt said evasively, and Harry knew better than to pry. Instead, he just stared up through the leaves of the tree, feeling more relaxed than he'd been in over a year, since before the Dark Lord had returned. Being around Kurt was soothing, and he felt like he didn't have to act, that he could be himself and wouldn't be judged. It was a heady feeling, since even Hermione had certain expectations of him, having known him since he was 11.

They both ended up falling asleep in the tree, and Harry yowled in surprise when something hit the tree, shaking him out of it. He twisted instinctively, landing on the balls of his feet on the ground, 40 ft. below him. A large teen had hit the tree, probably as a joke, but looked surprised to see him land. Kurt teleported down quickly, and they both glared.

"Piotr," Kurt said through gritted teeth. "What was that for?"

"Storm said to find you for lunch, Kurt. Who's this?"

"I'm Harry, and I don't appreciate being woken from a nap," Harry said, feeling like the cat he resembled. His fur was standing on end, he knew, and he felt like hissing at the larger teenager. Kurt put a hand on his arm and he calmed down, though he still glared. The large teen led them to the kitchen, where all of the students were crowded around the counter, waiting for their turn to make a sandwich. When they saw Kurt, many of them cheered and cleared the area. Apparently they wanted him to cook. At first Harry just watched, but when Hermione nudged him with a grin, he joined Kurt in preparations.

"What are you making?"

"Kartoffelpuffer," Kurt said, and laughed at the confused expression on his face. "Potato pancakes. Do you want to learn?" Harry nodded eagerly. He'd made something similar once, when a visiting worker from Eastern Europe had come for dinner, but this looked a bit more complicated. He followed Kurt's instructions to the letter, adding in spices when he thought the other wasn't looking. When they finished, Bobby claimed the first one, and Harry waited with bated breath.

"… Mmm, Kurt you should have thought of spicing it before!" Bobby said, grinning at them. Harry felt immense relief, and yelped when Hermione pulled him in for a surprise hug. Once he got away, the students gathered around, crowding him in order to get to the pancakes. Someone stepped on his bare foot and he yowled in pain, trying to get away, but unable to move.

"Stop!" Kurt yelled, and the room fell silent, and everyone froze. Harry slipped out from where he was being pushed into the counter and escaped the room; both of his feet hurt and he'd been hit in the ribs. His healing had already taken care of the actual injuries, but the psychological pain was still there, and he felt tears leaking out of his eyes, against his will.

"…Little one? Are you okay?" He smelled the scent of sulfur that seemed to cling to Kurt no matter where he went, and instead of being offensive, it was comforting. He didn't open his eyes, but leaned into the older mutant when the arms came around him. "Harry?"

"I'm okay. Not used to being crowded like that is all." He sighed as his heartrate slowly slowed down to normal , or at least normal for him. Once he'd fully calmed down, he curled up like the feline he resembled, and fallen asleep, nearly in Kurt's lap.

~*~Remy's POV~*~

He watched from the roof as Harry fell asleep on Kurt, and felt something shift; it really was better to be attracted to the older one than the younger. He turned his attention to the rest of the grounds, and squinted as he saw shadowy figures creeping on the edges of the forest, not quite close enough to the two mutants for either of them to sense.

He pulled his cards out and jumped off of the roof, getting closer to them before throwing four cards in quick succession, blinding the intruders and alerting everyone in that part of the mansion that something was wrong before he pulled out his staff and extended it, using it to vault over to the disoriented people, who were squalling in pain, but trying to regroup themselves. He had just engaged one of them when a furious roar reached him and a streak of black and silver blew past him and Harry attacked them, using his magic and his mutant powers indiscriminately.

Kurt tried his multiple teleportation attack on them, but it didn't work. Hermione joined them and remarked that most wizards were used to apparating, or moving from place to place instantaneously, so this was probably just nauseating from the smell. After that, Kurt moved on to physical attacks, and the fight was over pretty quickly.

Once it was over, Remy and the other X-Men who were involved in the fight looked at the frozen intruders (literally, since Bobby had gotten into the game as well), and then looked at Harry and Hermione, who were looking a bit confused and sheepish.

"What in the hell is going on?" Kurt asked finally. The two British teens exchanged glances and opened their mouths to speak.

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